Cell phone on Giants sideline didn’t violate the rules

Twelve days ago, the Giants committed a brazen and blatant violation of the in-game communications rules when coach Ben McAdoo used a walkie-talkie to relay plays to quarterback Eli Manning. On Thursday night, the Giants appeared to commit a separate violation of the rules.

They didn’t. In response to a photo making the rounds of someone in Giants gear holding a cell phone during the loss at Philadelphia, the NFL tells PFT that the use of the device was permitted.

It was permitted because the person using it was Ronnie Barnes, the team’s Senior Vice President, Medical Services and Head Athletic trainer.

Here’s the rule: “Team doctors and members of the athletic training staff are permitted to use tablet devices, cell phones, smart phones, or similar devices within the bench area and locker room to communicate player injury information, but may not communicate competitive or strategic information.”

Bottom line? There will be no further involuntary contributions to the Human Fund from the Giants. At least not for Barnes having and using his phone.

23 responses to “Cell phone on Giants sideline didn’t violate the rules

  1. I used to have one of those brick phones in the early 90’s, you were carrying a weapon too along with a phone. 🙂

  2. Senior VP and Head Athletic Trainer? How convenient.

    Looks like the Giants found a way to skirt the rules once again.

  3. So the league just assumed he was talking about injury info and not competitive strategy.

    It must be nice to be the Giants and just receive the benefit of the doubt less than a week from being caught blatantly cheating.

  4. Had a player just been injured? If not then I’m sure Goofdell will insist on having the phone in the interests of integrity…

  5. When seen handing off his phone to Ben McAdoo it was explained that McAdoo has recently attained his MD and that Eli had a “pain” that had to be discussed.

  6. If you take how the NFL treats teams like the Giants, Steelers, etc and compare it to how the NFL treats outcasts like the Lions, Bengals, Raiders, etc, I think you’ll find the answer om why so many are not watching anymore. The officiating is biased and the way they cover controversies is extremely biased. If Burfict were a Steeler, he’d just be a gritty hard nosed football player…like Mike Mitchell, Shazier, Pouncey, Wallace etc all are. Heck, they won’t even mention – let alone fine – the Steeler player that stomped on Burfict last week. Guess he just had it coming, eh. Nevermind fairness.

  7. Cell phone on Giants sideline didn’t violate the rules
    It wouldn’t matter to NFL HQ if it did. “Nothing to see here, folks.”

  8. It is amazing how quickly the NFL jumps to defend the Giants on any potential controversy… Needles on the sidelines to check opponents football – no worries, walkie talkies red-handed caught on TV (we’ll just move your non-important 4th pick a couple slots (we’ll all just say it was a big misunderstanding…), cell phones on sidelines (uh, they’re only being used for medical reasons…), wife beating kicker – he gets a game off, etc etc etc…

    integrity of the league shamefully compromised at the highest levels…

  9. “In response to a photo making the rounds of someone in Giants gear holding a cell phone during the loss at Philadelphia,”


    I didn’t know Mark-Paul Gosselaar played for the Giants!!

  10. Still can’t believe the Mara and the Giants got such a slap on the wrist for using walkie talkies

    The Cowboys simply couldn’t communicate and scored 3 points

    The Giants decided to break the rules and use walkie talkies and scored a pretty pathetic 16

    Who knows if the Cowboys could have put up more points by being able to communicate.

    The Giants knew full well that if the com system goes down for one team it’s completely unfair for another team to be able to communicate – but gave the middle finger to all NFL fans who expect this sport is “fair” and not a new WWE

    If the NFL is going to be blatantly fixed like this can we at least fire Goodell and get Vince McMahon in as Commissioner?

  11. Do we know for certain that the MD was not involved in relaying plays from the HC to the OC to the QB?
    Just saying any team that would use a Walki -Talki ,test the PSI and try and bury a bad guy under the noses of Park ave is not above reproach .After all do we not need to see the text and call log .
    Not that we know anything concrete -just saying .

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