Jaguars job is drawing a lot more interest than the last time around

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The last time the Jaguars were looking for a head coach, multiple candidates declined to be interviewed. This time around, that’s not expected to happen.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, initial interest in the job is “overwhelming.”

The Jaguars aren’t expected to do anything unexpected or unconventional in the search. The names expected to emerge for interviews once the season ends include former Jaguars and Giants coach Tom Coughlin, former Falcons coach and current Buccaneers defensive coordinator Mike Smith, former Chiefs coach and current Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, former Broncos coach and current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, former Rams coach and current Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Lineham, and Bills offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn.

Former Bills coach and current Jaguars interim head coach Doug Marrone also could earn consideration, based on what he does over the next two weeks.

Ultimately, whoever gets the job will need to have a plan for getting the most out of quarterback Blake Bortles — or for replacing him. With former coach Gus Bradley being a defensive coordinator before getting the Jacksonville job, it’s possible the Jaguars simply haven’t had the infrastructure to get the most out of Bortles.

Beyond the quarterback position, the team has a solid young defense, a load of cap space, an owner who has shown patience, and a location in a state that has no income tax.

43 responses to “Jaguars job is drawing a lot more interest than the last time around

  1. As a longtime Jag fan … I would be thrilled to see Tom Coughlin back on our sidelines.

    He’s one of ours here in Jax.

    Sure I understand nothing is guaranteed with any coach … but I think most Jag fans would be floored for him to be back.

  2. I personally think the jags have the pieces in place….. They have quality defensive players to build around, a possible franchise corner in Ramsey, great skill players on O, and say what you will about Bortles but how many guys throw 35 TDs in a season? Garbage time or not that is still impressive….. I mean how many Browns qbs (Their games are garbage from start to finish) have thrown for 35 TDs in the last 20 years? From what I have seen they take terrible penalties at the most inopportune times and their line has been horrendous. Get an offensive minded coach in there with a solid D coordinator and I think they can make a quick turn around.

  3. Hopefully the salary cap goes crazy in the next few years. This is a team destined for cap hell.

    They went full —— and they will pay the price.

  4. Forget about the glitz of LA. This would be a better job. Whoever the coach ends up being needs to have a solid OFFENSIVE coordinator and DEFENSIVE coordinator. In addition to Mike’s benefits keep in mind that they have all their draft choices including one in the top five. Good or bad, in Bortles you know what you have. In LA you have only potential (maybe Ryan Leaf, Matt Lindhert, etc)

  5. Whoever gets that job can be coach of the year next year. There is more than enough there if you can figure out the QB and the offensive line problems. That defense is legit on every level.

  6. New hc openings are always interesting because you know the right hire and your team can turn right around like the Dolphins OR the wrong hire and you could end up like the Browns…

    Blake Bortles is not the worst QB to inherit… At least he is not Kapernick, RGIII or Goff…

  7. It’s unbelievable that Jag fans want Tom Coughlin back. Give me a break, that ship sailed years ago.

    And Bortles? Take away his garbage time stats and see how pathetic he really has been. The guy has a long windup, can’t throw a spiral and is an interception machine. #bust

  8. Nice weather, a good defense, an owner that will let you have the worst record in NFL history, and a QB situation that looks like it could take a few years to sort out before any blame would go to the coach.

    Looks like a good gig.

  9. liquidzoo
    Dec 23, 2016, 3:29 PM CST
    So…is Lynn going to be their Rooney Rule interview?
    I always get a kick out of comments on articles about coaching searches. There’s always a white dude (or 30) complaining about the Rooney Rule. They’re furious that a single minority gets an interview, even though they’re unlikely to get the job.

    But on the other hand, they’re apparently fine with a bunch of retread candidates who happen to be white (Coughlin, Smith, Haley, McDaniels, Linehan). Coughlin is the only one that had real success with 2 SB’s, when his team wasn’t grossly underachieving every other year.

    God forbid the team is required to interview a no name assistant who’s a minority. That’s such an awful thing to impose on these great decision makers who keep having to fire bad (mostly white) coaches.

    The NFL is a good-ol’-boys network. Jeff Fisher is a great example of that…until his terribleness caught up with the demands of a flashy new market.

  10. No way the guy who mortgaged his team’s future for Tim Tebow should ever be more than an assistant coach. #NeverJosh

  11. So tell me which guy on the list wasn’t fired as a head coach? How about finding someone that is up and coming? Stop looking for a great coordinator, but poor head coach.

  12. I would like to add the future former head coach of the Chargers, Mike McCoy’s name into consideration please.

  13. Well, Bradley never one more than 5 games in any of his four seasons so it makes sense for the Jags to upgrade by hiring Jeff Fisher to guarantee a few 7-9 seasons before they fire him.

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