Report: No Jim Harbaugh return to the NFL in 2017

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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh already has declared, in colorful fashion, that he won’t be returning to the NFL in 2017. But given the whole “not going to be the Alabama coach” thing, it’s still risky to take anything he says at face value.

In this case, the denial is the truth, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. Rapoport says that Harbaugh won’t be returning to the NFL in 2017, but that he eventually could be back.

Keep this fact in mind when pondering the former 49ers coach’s future: He has never stayed more than four years in any of his coaching stops.

Rapoport suggests that the job to watch is in Chicago. In 1987, the Bears made Harbaugh a first-round draft choice. He spent seven seasons with the Bears, four with the Colts, one with the Ravens, and two with the Chargers.

Some league insiders have speculated to PFT that Harbaugh could eventually coach the Colts, which would put him back in the organization he nearly took to the Super Bowl in 1995 — and reunite him with former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

Wherever he goes, it’s safe to assume Harbaugh will make huge money when he returns to the NFL.

28 responses to “Report: No Jim Harbaugh return to the NFL in 2017

  1. To be honest, and my honest opinion, if Bruce Arians has the same type of season next year… I guarantee Harbaugh will be the Arizona Cardinals Head Coach

  2. Why not stay at the collegiate level, no GM or the like to deal with. Plus you’re the most important person in campus…..

  3. You want a coach with “good antics”, take Pagano or Todd Bowles. You want a coach that knows how to win and turn a team around, take Harbaugh. What he did in Stanford, plus the turn around of a sorry SF and Mich team in 1 year is all I would need to see.

  4. the fact that Harbaugh hasn’t stayed anywhere he has been for more than 4 years isn’t nearly as notable as people hyping that point suggest. Every coach on the planet would have made the moves from the university of San Diego to Stanford to San Fran. And under the circumstances, almost all coaches would have made the move to Michigan. This isn’t Larry Brown style job hopping in the least. Now, will Harbaugh leave Michigan? That remains to be seen, but I don’t think that move happens for quite a while if it does.

  5. No Jim Harbaugh return to the NFL in 2017.

    Or 2018.
    Or 2019.
    Or 2020
    Or 2021.
    Or ever. He has a job that fits him perfectly, one where he can be himself and write his own ticket.

  6. Ah when he was QB for the Colts those were the good old days. They were still in the AFCE and even though a lot foofthe Pats teams from those years were not very good, we were always certain to have 2 wins a year against the Colts who were even more consistently awful in that period.

  7. Eventually he could be back in the NFL What a revelation by Rapaport. Prior to this breaking news I really thought it was an impossibility that he would ever return to the league.

  8. And the “American Association of Tucked-In Sweatshirts” is deeply saddened by this news……..

  9. Or he could decide that he just likes the college game better and becomes bigger than life in Michigan.

  10. it’s still risky to take anything he says at face value.


    Is this A fact? I don’t recall Jim ever lying about anything unlike Saban. Jim has done exactly as he has said

  11. With very few exceptions, any fan that says they wouldn’t want Harbaugh coaching their team is crazy.

    What do all of you people have against winning?

  12. hello3987 says:
    Dec 24, 2016 11:36 AM

    49ers made a franchise low move in letting this guy go

    It was the worst personnel move in history.

  13. You guys thumbs down me when I said the Dolphins will go 10-6 after they lost to the Titans 2 months ago, I live in Miami I know my team
    You guys thumbs down me when I said he will be the coach of the Cardinals… Mark my words I’m going to screenshot this

  14. flaccojumpball says:
    Dec 24, 2016 1:17 PM
    As it should be. Jim should stay in college where he can be the best Harbaugh in the college game. I’m glad he realized that John rules the NFL.

    Word of what happens when you play Madden is unlikely to influence his decision

  15. I don’t see Harbaugh leaving UoM any time soon. He’s coaching the team he was literally raised in. He’s making a base of about 9million per year (with a bonus structure that can increase that to like 15million) while enjoy complete institutional control and autonomy. He lives a couple of blocks from his parents (and his childhood home) and his children attend the same elementary school he did as a child.

    Oh…..and he’s treated like a living God on that campus (I.e. Bo Schembecler)

    Now tell me again about his nostalgia for Chicago and Indy again?

  16. I want to see Harbaugh at Michigan for the next 20 years, but he’d go undefeated with the Colts. He’s even said that if he could have one QB to start a team it would be Andrew Luck.

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