Rex Ryan: Whatever happens, I stand by my reputation

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The Bills set a franchise record for offensive yards on Saturday afternoon, but a coach who was hired for his defensive acumen still wound up losing to the Dolphins in overtime.

Rex Ryan’s defense was shredded by Jay Ajayi to the tune of 206 yards, which marked the second time he put up two bills against Buffalo this season and the third time they’ve seen a back cross 200 rushing yards this year. Ajayi’s exploits included a 57-yard run to set up Andrew Franks’ game-winning field goal in the 34-31 Miami win and came with just 10 players on defense for the Bills.

Ryan’s job security was believed to be quite tenuous heading into the game and the loss won’t help that. In addition to the defensive failings, Ryan opted to punt on fourth-and-two with 4:09 left in overtime when a loss or tie would mean playoff elimination for the Bills. Ryan said after the game that “every coach in America” would do the same thing and stood by his pedigree as a good defensive coach.

“Whatever happens, happens, but I’ll stand by my reputation,” Ryan said, via Mike Rodak of

Ryan explained that there were 10 players on defense because cornerback Stephon Gilmore was being evaluated for a concussion, although it’s unclear as to why no one thought to replace him in the lineup. We’ll find out soon if the Bills find the answer for that and other questions lacking and opt to make a change after two seasons with Ryan.

63 responses to “Rex Ryan: Whatever happens, I stand by my reputation

  1. What reputation? Embarrassing the 2 teams he has been HC of? Lot of fans want Rex to stay in the league…..except the ones of the team he coaches lol

  2. The Bill defensive personnel is overrated, but Rex has frankly done a horrible job his 2 years there with that unit. He deserves to get fired. Sometimes things that make sense on paper just don’t work out. Reminds me of that one year Schottenheimer had with Washington with all of those veteran stars, even though that team did look better toward the end of that year.

  3. Though I’d like to pile on – I won’t. Buffalo didn’t play like they have a coach in trouble – In most minds , he’s JUST a Great Coordinator. Just as a HC he’s shown that his teams regress under his Head Coaching style. Rex will land on feet somewhere – hopefully as DC & NOT as the HC!
    Still knowing this : Had Buffalo pulled off today’s win – we’d
    have to endure his gloating about his superior play-calling,
    not how they beat a back-up QB – in the cold AND at home!

  4. I hear Army is looking for a new head coach! Enjoy DI college football or FS1 or ESPN13 or whatever tv gig you land! If he could bury his ego, he could go back to being a d coordinator and be successful but he won’t.. Good luck! FOOT OUT!

  5. Rex’s days have been numbered since blowing lead against Oakland. Buffalo is out of it, no reason to drop the hammer until after last game, avoiding drama.
    Bye bye Rob too.

  6. Given nobody in Bills management has given Rex a vote of confidence, I would be pretty concerned about his job security.

    The Bills were not a rebuilding project when he came in–they had a lot of talent and a really good defense. They needed to move the ball on offense to be competitive.

    The offense was better but the defense was awful most of the time. So many players were openly complaining about the defensive game plan.

    In year two, the defense might even be worse–3 times they have given up over 200 yards rushing to a running back. And Jay Ajayi for 2 of those games!

    Throw in tons of penalties, poor timeout/clock management, and generally undisciplined play. And as the article noted…Rex didn’t seem to understand he needed to play for a win to still have a shot at the playoffs, and he punted/didn’t go for it in OT.

    and yes the Bills should bring him back. Or the Jets will snap him right up again.

    Some coaches really thrive in their 2nd act. Others are like a George Seifert, an Eric Mangini, Ray Rhoades, or even Jeff Fisher. At least Fisher lasted a while, but Mangini burned out fast.

    I guess the Bill Belichick or Bill Parcells are the exceptions to the rule. I guess given 2 SB wins, Tom Coughlin also had a good 2nd act.

    I don’t think Rex has had a good 2nd act. Its up to the owners to decide what to do next, but I’d be shocked if he wasn’t fired.

  7. Rex, your current reputation is complete garbage. You saw to that yourself. First time I ever saw an HC choke when trying to ice the opposing kicker.

    And everyone needs to stop saying he’s still a good DC. He inherited a Top 5 defense in Buffalo and proceeded to send it rocketing down a sewer.

  8. “Whatever happens, happens, but I’ll stand by my reputation,” Ryan said

    He did a brutal job of coaching today and he makes a statement like that, typical Wrecks.

  9. Rex Ryan: Whatever happens, I stand by my reputation…Said another way: “don’t confuse me with the facts; of course I should keep my job with the Bills…”

    …hopefully the Buffoon is in Buffalo for only one more game at the most…

  10. joetoronto says:
    Dec 24, 2016 5:38 PM
    “Whatever happens, happens, but I’ll stand by my reputation,” Ryan said

    He did a brutal job of coaching today and he makes a statement like that, typical Wrecks.

    Happy Holidays, you would make your family happy if you took a leap off the Peace Bridge. You are a 4 ID troll.

  11. The last time the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs i don’t believe they were COLOR TELEVISIONS, Where Rex Ryan as we see here is making sure they continue that tradition.

  12. If he’s standing by his reputation, he better be sitting down!

    When anyone utters the word “buffoon” in any situation, football fans immediately think of Wrecks.

    Twice now, he’s taken elite defenses (NYJ and Bills) and turned them into Swiss cheese!

  13. WOW!

    Why would anyone stand by a losing reputation as a head coach. It’s not easy for a franchise to put up with the Ryan personality without making making the playoffs.

  14. Red your he needs lreputation is that you’re a below average headcoach . You were an above average position coach on a Super a bowl winning team other than that nothing special

  15. exinsidetrader says:
    Dec 24, 2016 5:12 PM

    Rex is just not an elite coach.

    Uhhh ok, I didn’t think anyone referred to him as an “elite” coach. Most people wouldn’t consider him a “good” or even “decent” coach.

  16. The only reputation he has is he’s the son of a loud mouthed buffoon. Also, rode the coat tails of a a few hall of fame defenders with Baltimore. The ravens knew him, and didn’t hire him. It’s what the Smart teams do. Buffalow and New Jersey are not smart teams.

  17. Two teams and Rex has clearly shown he’s not a good head coach.

    In each case, his best seasons were when he just came in and had the previous coach’s team. Once the personnel and system he wants gets in, the team goes downhill fast.

    He needs to go back to being a D Coord for a couple seasons and re-evaluate his coaching and strategy before giving it another go.

  18. I don’t see him getting fired unless they lay a complete egg vs. the Jets. Defense is not great but at least play hard for him. Do we see that in the Jets? The players have quit on Bowles.

  19. By reading these comments it’s pretty evident he’s not coming back. GOOD! What a pathetic and arrogant hc. If you owned a business and had a man in charge speaking with such arrogance, you would call him right away and tell him he’s fired. Jim Schwartz had this defense in the top 5 in a 4-3 scheme that was dominating the league. Rex comes in with his “hybrid” defense and f’s things up. Not only that, but it’s evident his players aren’t too fond of him as no one has come out to show support. He’s done but what’s worst is he leaves bills fans with a bitter taste in their mouths – while he’s gonna collect a nice check and be laughing his ass off on some beach.

  20. His reputation is that he is a clown, has non-disciplined losing teams, and is a loud mouth buffoon. By all means, stand by your reputation.

  21. Wow what a game Harkens back to the 1980s shootout games between Kelly and Marino and also have to agree with Rex Ryan his reputation does speak for itself although not very good

  22. Great defensive coordinator…average head coach…poor game manager. His routine gets old quickly.

  23. Typical Ryan team lack of discipline to lose the game.

    Player puled out for concussion protocol and nobody thinks to replace him? Really?

    No attention to detail.

  24. I just worry about the comment about Marty Schottenheimer in Washington. That may have been one of his best coaching years ever in his career he dealt with a lot of instability. He also did not deserve to get fired by the Redskins.

    I’m actually in the middle want to comes to Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. Although we didn’t do a very good job of calling that time out at the end of the game today, it really doesn’t have the optimal personnel and hasn’t and the time that he has been with the bills. He’s not the best coach in the world but is not the worst, either. i’ve said it before that it’s his mouth that gets in the way. I think the Bill should keep them and of next year doesn’t pan out well then they should probably release him. The real issue with Buffalo is personnel and in that sense the bills auto seriously think about retorted that personnel department, and in doing so the first order of business would be to get a competent football experienced general manager.

  25. Can’t judge Rex by what happened with the Jets. Nobody has had success there since 1969 and 2 years in Buffalo or anywhere is not enough time to judge. One more year…. then decide.

  26. Another great win, how we have done it again is unbelievable. Another game we had control over but we imploded, which just proves we are a long way from a finished article. Nfl teams have got talent and they are allowed to make plays so I am greatful at the end we had one or two more than the Bills. I have always looked around at the good teams and saw that they had good players missing because of injuries etc but still won a lot of games and I feel this years Dolphins have to be regarded as a good team. Another offseason under this regime and some young hungry new players that fit the system Miami might be trending upwards and sustaining it. I have watched many years of all sports to see a successful season with many close wins to be followed up by a lot of close losses the following year. But thats next year. This year has been a lot of fun up till now, just hope we can get into those playoffs and take it from there. Who knows what’s going to happen ?
    As for Rex, big mistake bringing his brother in, I might be wrong, but wasn’t he a disaster in his last couple of jobs. Most coaches except for a very very few have a shelf life and I think Rex’s has expired. To many bad descions, hires and calls spaning too many years.

  27. Of course you do, Rex. That’s because it takes a special kind of stupid to take such pride in being a loser. The sad part is, Ryan could be tearing up the league as a defensive coordinator, his true calling.

  28. Stand by your reputation? That’s the problem with Wrecks. He thinks he has a good one. Eight years as a HC. Two winning seasons. Under .500 for his career. But forever a blowhard buffoon.

  29. Rex is a great defensive mind. He’s just not a good HC. He’s no Harbaugh that’s for sure. I mean Harbaugh is the best coach in the league but he’s probably not on Tomlin or Belicheats level either. I’d put him on the McCarthy level to be honest

  30. Remember the aphorism: “When somone shows you what they are, believe them,” Despite that, someone will still probably give Rex another chance to coach, although it may not be a head coaching spot. But I have to think even they would draw the line at hiring Rob as part of the package.

  31. That’s right, no matter what he is a blowhard who talks big and comes up small. He will be on a TV show I won’t be watching next year.

  32. Please fire him Mr. And Mrs. Pegula.

    Dan Carpenter should be fired before the next game. Glad we drafted Hopkins to kick for Washington.

    Last but not least, the foot jokes are old and even weaker than before.

  33. If you stand by it, Rex, nobody can see it, which doesn’t matter much, because nobody can see it anyway.

    I wonder what he’s going to do with that butt-ugly truck.

  34. La La land should grab him, he would fit in with the look at me crowd. Rex and the Rams sounds right. Miami is not in let, however back when Tenn took then to the wood shed who would think that now they would be one game from making the wild card. Bill

  35. If there is a coach that doesnt deserve a second or third or ever another coaching job – It is Rex. And he should take his never do well brother with him. Fire his butt and if somebody wants to take a chance on him – that owner/GM needs a Psyche exam. All bluster with little results. Definitely not the old man.

  36. They had 10 men on the field on defense. T-E-N men.

    How does that happen without anyone on the coaching staff or on the field or in the booth noticing and getting a TO called? It’s a Keystone Cops play and exactly the kind of thing that only a Rex Ryan coached team is capable of.

    To say nothing of the endless stupid penalties, wasted timeouts, and inability to call a TO to ice a kicker before the ball is snapped.

  37. Can’t excuse the punt decision or the constant substition issues on defense. Rex’s game management has always been questionable. His teams do play very hard. Players do love him. It’s a shame because they are pretty close on offense. Just missing a weapon or two. Anthony Lynn is one of the best assistants in the league. Shame to lose him. The Bills defense has let the team down. Far cry from his Jets and Raven defense, whch were top 5 units.

  38. What reputation? That of a loudmouth blowhard or the fellow lucky enough to take someone elses team to the AFC Championship game and loosening them. That’s the only rep he has.

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