No contact between Raiders, Mike Vick

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The Raiders have lost quarterback Derek Carr for the season. They apparently will be standing pat with the player they have.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders have made no contact with veteran free agent Mike Vick. Arguably the biggest name in a limited group of available quarterbacks, Vick (who appeared in five games with three starts for the Steelers in 2015) had wanted to play this year. He drew no interest.

The move likely means that the Raiders will stick with Matt McGloin and Connor Cook for the duration of the season. On one hand, they know the offense. On the other hand, they are Matt McGloin and Connor Cook. With all due respect.

Vick doesn’t know the Oakland offense at all, which would be an obvious impediment. That said, Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave was the quarterbacks coach in Atlanta for Vick’s final season there in 2006.

47 responses to “No contact between Raiders, Mike Vick

  1. There’s also no contact between the Raiders and Christian Ponder. So what?
    Why not just post another Kaepernick article if you’re going to waste space?

  2. The only reason Vick’s name would come up would be someone in the media raised it. No NFL team would consider him. Jarmarcus Russell is also available and is younger too, LOL!

  3. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders have made no contact with veteran free agent Mike Vick. Arguably the biggest name in a limited group of available quarterbacks”

    Tebow and Manziel are furious!

  4. Where’s thar guy who everyone coveted at one point and who ended up on everyone’s roster at one point or another. You know who I’m talking about. He started out with the Packers.

  5. Sounds like Ron Mexico is needy for money and is trying to stir up non-existent ‘interest’. Aside from one flukey season in Philly, Vick has never looked good as a QB. I don’t think the Raiders will advance too far with McGloin taking over for Carr, but he is infinitely better than this felon.

  6. There would be nothing more disheartening for Raider fans than seeing their playoff hopes end with a guy who’s way past being any good and last few games played looked clueless on the field. Go with who is inside your building…..’We all we got…..We all we need!’

  7. Hell no! I like Mike Vic but not with my Raiders. I am cool with Matt McGloin at the helm. To even bring in an QB outsider in the beginning of a playoff run is stupid. Florio needs to be penalize for non-journalistic conduct for this puff-piece of an article.

  8. bencoates57 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 3:15 PM
    Where’s thar guy who everyone coveted at one point…..

    You mean the guy who started out with the Falcons?

  9. Laughable to think that anyone would consider Vick at this point.

    He could barely read defenses when he was involved in the game every day.

    And do you really think he’s in football shape after a season of not playing? He’d get killed out there, wouldn’t last a single quarter.

    The Raiders are better off with McGloin who knows the system.

  10. I don’t know a thing about Connor cook, but I am a big fan of McGloin. Maybe he will do great, maybe not. But I am not throwing in the towel in this season just yet. Mcgloin did not do great his rookie season, but remember that he was an undrafted rookie on a bad team. Now he has three more years of NFL experience and a good offensive supporting cast. Plus, he is playing for his next pay day. No offense taken.

  11. Mike Vick? Really? Must be a slow day at the office. Turn on the Warriors and Cavs and stay off the site with this stuff please.

  12. Raider Jon says:
    Dec 25, 2016 3:58 PM

    I am a big fan of McGloin. Maybe he will do great, maybe not. But I am not throwing in the towel in this season just yet.
    What would “throwing in the towel” mean for a fan? Turning off the TV and sulking in your bedroom?

    Maybe you should just continue to watch the games and see what happens.

  13. Enough with the ridiculous speculation.

    Carr went down and McGloin is the number two.

    Nothing fancy, no panic.

    Can not replace Carr, but it’s an opportunity for the defense and special teams to make an impact.

    The Raiders had a tough road with Carr.

    Now, it’s much tougher.

    No choice but to tuck the chin, put the hands up and move forward.

    We shall see the character of this football team in the weeks to come.

    All eyes will be on the Raiders, it’s up to them to perform.

    Carry on.

    Go Raiders

    Go McGloin

  14. Conner Cook was the number one QB coming out in this years draft. Everyone missed on him, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everyone missed on Dak Prescott too. Cook is better than Prescott, and he’s better than Derek Carr. The guy is an absolute beast. But just like Prescott, Tom Brady and Kurt Warner, we often don’t realize how good a QB is until an injury happens and they get on the field.

  15. Although, I was a fan of Vick when he was young, he is far too old now to improve the Raiders situation along with anyone else bringing brought in including Tony Romo . Therefore, stick with what you have and whatever happens…..happens.

  16. Vick? Seriously, that’s been talked about now? If we’re bringing anyone in off the streets it has to be, wait for it….Johnny Football! I’d take him over Vick any day of the week. But first, we need to see what McGloin has next week. We know he’s got heart, and now he has weapons unlike before Carr got here. If McGloin goes out and throws 5 picks, then hit the panic button, until then let’s see what the kid has got.

  17. Next week is not an issue. The Raiders will win with either replacement. The Broncos offense cannot break 10 points. The Raiders can score 20 points with either replacement. The playoffs are another story however. Carr will be hard to replace.

  18. 2 or 3 years ago the Cardinals lost Palmer and his backup. Did Arians and Kiam try to go find the best possible solution, no and they sputtered, fizzled in their next playoff game.
    Do what is necessary to advance your team.

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