Packers-Lions should move to prime time in Week 17


Although the NFL has not officially announced which Week 17 game will be flexed into Sunday night, the only game that makes sense for the prime time slot is Green Bay at Detroit.

The Packers-Lions winner will win the NFC North regardless of anything else that happens the rest of the way. No other game is guaranteed to have playoff implications for both teams.

Four Week 17 games match teams that are already eliminated from playoff contention: Jaguars-Colts, Bears-Vikings, Bills-Jets and Cardinals-Rams. Those can obviously be ruled out of the prime time slot.

The 12 other games currently have playoff implications for at least one team, but all of them except Packers-Lions could lose their playoff implications before prime time next Sunday night. For example, Patriots-Dolphins looks like a good game right now because the Patriots are playing for home-field advantage and the Dolphins are playing for a wild card berth. But if the Raiders lose during the day on Sunday, the Patriots will have nothing to play for because that would clinch home-field advantage for New England. And the Dolphins could clinch a wild card either today or next Sunday based on the results of the Broncos’ and Chiefs’ games. It’s entirely possible that by prime time next Sunday, Patriots-Dolphins will be meaningless to both teams.

The last thing the NFL wants is a meaningless game in prime time to end the regular season. Which means Packers-Lions is the only game that makes sense for the season finale.

50 responses to “Packers-Lions should move to prime time in Week 17

  1. This is catching me off-guard. I’ve been hearing from Viking trolls since Week 2 that we were witnessing firsthand the unmistakable decline of Aaron Rodgers.

    Please give us an update will you Viking fans? We all know a division title means more to a Viking fan than anything else. Anything.

  2. I wonder what Rodger got his parents for Christmas. Oh, yeah, nothing……………………..
    Merry Christmas to everyone that loves their families

  3. Bears – Vikings to prime time!

    One more opportunity for the nation to see the Vikings humiliate themselves.

    Bear! Down! Bears!

  4. To me, the Bears/Vikings make the most sense. Its a snooze-fest and will help everybody catch up on their sleep after a busy holiday season. For sure the Eagles fans will tune in to see how high their first round draft pick will be after the Vikings lose.

  5. cafetero1075 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 8:40 AM

    What about the fans that made plans for the game. What if someone flew in from elsewhere. No consideration for the fans.
    Fans will buy anything we sell them, buy into anything we tell them and jump through any hoops we put in front of them.
    -Roger Goodell

  6. No consideration at all. No thinking by that fan either. They have to know that the NFL seriously tweaks the schedule in Week 17. Ignorance on their end is not an excuse here.

  7. I like noon games best and I know players around the league do as well, but this seems to make sense. It would also give the Lions an extra 7 or 8 hours of rest after playing tonight’s game. It wouldn’t be the same as a normal week’s rest but at least its something.

  8. Ok , hold on . I ‘m confused.
    Since last January. Almost a year now . Viking trolls have told us that their dynasty has begin , a decade of Super Bowl Championships and that the Packers will be a dumpster fire , along with Rogers in a major decline.
    Can a Viking’s fan explain to me what is going on here

  9. As a Packers fan, I want to congratulate the Lions. They showed a lot of heart this year and Matthew Stafford has played very well all year.
    It should be a good game this Sunday, and I’d actually like to see the Giants beat the Redskins so both the Packers and Lions make the playoffs.
    That would really tick off the Vikings fans!

  10. These two always play a very entertaining game and should be in prime time.last year at Ford Field Rodgers threw the 67 yars hail mary that won the game for the Packers.if this all important game isnt flexed then one must question the intelligence of those in charge.

  11. Meanwhile the Vikings Bears game has been flexed to a black out because the Fairweather Viking fans no longer want to watch their train wreck team in that new publicly financed monstrosity.

  12. While it makes sense for this move, doesn’t the Network carrying the game get a right to hold onto one game. It would be smart for Fox to lock in this game. Of course cash can always change someone’s mind.

  13. I guess that is just too bad for all the Packers fans with tickets to fly home from Detroit Sunday night.

  14. Or is it because… the packers are consistently better than every other team in the division.. or because your team just sucks? Haters gonna hate.

  15. Aaron Rodgers in an “all the marbles” game? It’s must watch TV. The Seattle game was an instant classic of NFL collapses and the 13 point laugher at home for the division wasn’t too far behind.

  16. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 11:48 AM
    Aaron Rodgers in an “all the marbles” game? It’s must watch TV. The Seattle game was an instant classic of NFL collapses and the 13 point laugher at home for the division wasn’t too far behind.
    Vikings epic collapse, mutiny and getting smoked at Lambeau but you are still running your mouth. This is why the rest of the division can’t stand minny fans.

  17. jafo1265 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 7:59 AM
    No. I hate late night games. Does the NFL hate working fans?


    The DVR is a wonderful invention…. use it, make your money, come home, watch and skip the commercials. Welcome to the 21st century.

  18. 26predator says:
    Dec 25, 2016 7:54 AM

    Lions fans agree and we’re nervous as hell.

    You should be. We (Packer fans) certainly are, and I’m loving it. This is what it’s all about, right here.

    My best-case scenario would be the Pack and the Lions in the NFCCG with the better team on that day hoisting the Lombardi Trophy two weeks later.

  19. tjacks7 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 11:48 AM

    Aaron Rodgers in an “all the marbles” game? It’s must watch TV. The Seattle game was an instant classic of NFL collapses and the 13 point laugher at home for the division wasn’t too far behind.


    Dude, give it up already. Leatherface2012 is The Purple Head and by golly, he earned the position. While you and the other purples were hiding in shame, Leatherface was right here every day, trolling his little purple heart out.

    Maybe next year…

  20. longtimefanh8tr says:

    Wait a minute. Viking fans said they were winning the division. What happened???
    I will one up you on this one, after the 5-0 start, the Houston hotels were noticing a slew of reservations coming in from the 612 area code. Talk about optimistic, they all wanted to make sure that they could be there for their first Superbowl win but all that really happened was a 2-9, soon to be 2-10 finish to the Viking season.

    Like Charlie Brown running up to kick the football that Lucy pulls away each time, the Viking fans never really learn that it’s a futile exercise.

  21. Maybe the Bears could wrangle a college bowl game because they sure don’t play at a professional level. They could name it – “We’re Out of The Playoffs Again Bowl” and they could surely play in it every year. Yikes, what a poor excuse for a professional football franchise.

  22. The NFC North participation trophy that the Vikings covet so much when they play the Bears next Sunday should be the prime time game. Vikings fans will be tuning in in record numbers and will be ecstatic if they can raise that raise that banner once again.

  23. jonnyfootball82 says:
    Dec 25, 2016 12:33 PM

    Brandon Bostick

    That’s a very astute comment.

    Brandon Bostick ignored his assignment and cost the Packers another Super Bowl appearance. McCarthy promptly ran him out of town. Bostick was of course picked up by the Vikings but he wasn’t good enough to make the team over what the Vikings already had at TE (Rudolph et al).

    The Vikings’ entire secondary ignored their assignments yesterday. “Hard Nosed Zimmer” promptly went to the media and whined about it… just like he did after his O-line quit in Philly, which caused the rest of his team to quit.

    It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

  24. Put it in the 4:00 time slot so that we who work for a living can ENJOY IT without looking at the clock

  25. BB would trade these guys to the 49ers before day’s end for a bag of practice jerseys and a kicking tee. It is this kind of lack of discipline that keeps the perrenial losers down.

  26. Of course Aaron Rogers is in decline; his Hollywood girlfriend is making sure of that with all of the nonsense she is stuffing into his brain.

    Next season will be even worse as this season we have seen the tip of the decline and the worse is still to come.

    However, Packer fans have great hope that Rogers’ backup from UCLA will continue to develop and be ready to take over when Rogers falters next season.

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