Cowboys stars deliver in wild first half

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As expected, Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Dez Bryant have made big plays for the Cowboys.

Zach Zenner has starred for the Lions.

A game that’s had a little of everything but not much defense is tied, 21-21, at halftime.

There were touchdowns scored on the first four possessions before the Lions got a stop and set up Zenner’s second score to make it 21-14. The Cowboys tied the game in the final 70 seconds of the half on 25-yard Prescott pass to Bryant, who dove and used one hand to bring it in.

Prescott threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to Brice Butler on the game’s opening drive. Elliott ran 55 yards for his team’s second touchdown.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has thrown for 137 yards and has a rushing touchdown. The Lions get the ball to start the second half.

The Lions clinch a playoff spot with a win but regardless of tonight’s result will play the Packers next Sunday night for the NFC North crown. They’ve proven themselves capable of beating the Cowboys should the teams meet again. The Cowboys have clinched the NFC’s No. 1 seed.

41 responses to “Cowboys stars deliver in wild first half

  1. kylemoss says:
    Dec 26, 2016 10:03 PM
    Well the Lions have 1 penalty & Cowboys have 6…. sooo…. seems like you’re just a hater.

    and yet the refs missed the facemask that dez bryant put on the guy covering him during his td catch.. so what 6 penalties? none that had any impact on a scoring play. the refs are horrid in every game ive seen this year. and there have been thousands of plays i’ve seen.. THE REFS STINK, AND SO DOES BLANDINO, THE WARDEN OF THE OFFICIALS.

  2. matt2calvin says:
    Dec 26, 2016 9:59 PM
    Once again the refs are horrible and one-sided. America’s team wouldn’t be nearly as good if they didn’t have the zebras on their side…



  3. Although Dez made a great one-handed catch, he got away with a glaring face mask against the Detroit defender.
    Plus, the ‘offsetting penalties’ call on the play before was another head scratcher which worked against Detroit.
    Two terrible calls.
    When I root for a team, I root for them to win fair and square, without help from the refs.
    If I was a Detroit fan, I’d be plenty steamed right now.

  4. Haters can see all the no calls, no such thing as a hold on Dallas, unless its a mulligan off setting penalty.

  5. Well the Lions have 1 penalty & Cowboys have 6…. sooo…. seems like you’re just a hater.

    Seriously? At least half of the Dallas penalties have been pre-snap.
    Who’s the hater here?

  6. The Lions don’t get calls, against ANYBODY.

    The only reason it’s 6 to 1 in penalties is because it’s kind of hard to ignore false starts and offsides.

  7. I have to say they are letting The Cowboys get away with holds, face masks, PI left and right. And I’ve seen this all year long with the Cowboys. Go back and look at the video of the Dez catch tonight. Dez blanatly grabs and turns the face mask of the defender. The ref is a few feet away looking right at the obvious face mask in the screen. He pulls the flag and somehow calls it on the defender. Lol. Also the double penalties the officials never gave the number of the defender on the holding call. The announcer seemed baffled about it. That’s not suspicious. The NFL is rigged. Only the sheep don’t think so.

  8. So its off setting if the Lions make a big stop, but not offsetting when Dez grabs the DBs facemask before the DB committed a p.i. WOOOOOOOOW Could it be any clearer???

  9. What an officiating joke. I don’t watch much of the Dallas games but from what I’ve seen tonight, I’m doughting any of their wins are legit.

  10. I’ve been watching the NFL since 1972. So I’ve seen plenty of evidence over the years that the refs have the officiating teams in their back pocket.

    But that facemask by Dez on Detroit’s DB is about as egregious a no-call as I have ever seen.

  11. Now its a personal foul to make a tackle. Fire Blandino. Fire the whole referee union. The scrubs from 2011 did better than these clowns. How about an investigation for under the table buy off?

  12. If you watched at the end of the 1st half, you will see Robinson was walking with Elliot down the field jawing at him. I’m guessing Elliot must have said something about the 230 yards he ran against ‘Bama in the ’14 NC game when OSU beat them.
    I’m ambivalent and impartial, but I did notice it at the half and thought it was kinda odd.
    Totally scooped Schefter!

  13. Hmm a facemask no call in a game between Dallas and Detroit? Sounds familiar except in 2014 when Pettigrew did it to Hitchens all you trolls were worried about was the “pass interference” when Hitchens tried to knock Pettigrew’s hand off his mask. If all you’re gonna do is play the rigged card please stop watching and for the love of God stop commenting. I have kids who don’t whine as much as half you people or make the amount of excuses you do. You wanna talk about refs? Great let’s talk about 3 straight phantom penalties called against Chicago a few weeks ago every time they made a play to get em in range for a game winning FG against Detroit. Any takers in that conversation?

  14. pnut when you lift and slam a player down yes it’s a penalty. He had Zeke wrapped up already. Zeke didn’t leap up on his own he was picked up which again if you can read is a penalty

  15. Anyone seen Marvin Jones. He sure does play small. 2 times he could have come back to the ball when Stafford was in trouble to help. One was the INT, the other was the near INT.

  16. Looks like the Lions are banking on a wildcard going into the GB game.Not sure if having a WC berth in your back pocket makes you want a victory more than GB, which will most likely need a win on go home.

  17. It wouldn’t be a legit game against the Lions unless the fans were complaining about the officials…I guess losing by 21 is not enough to think you’ve been jobbed!

    Enjoy your almost competitive game against the leagues best!

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