Dolphins taking a day-to-day approach to Ryan Tannehill

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He’s out of a cast, but when will Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill be back on the field?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the week-to-week scenario has now become day-to-day for Tannehill, who suffered 15 days ago a Grade II MCL sprain and a slight tear of his ACL on a low hit from Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell.  With the cast, which was used to stabilize the knee so that the MCL could heal, now gone the question becomes whether the MCL has healed enough to let Tannehill play.

There’s also a question regarding whether the Dolphins are comfortable letting Tannehill play at all with a slightly torn ACL. As NBC Sports Medicine Analyst Mike Ryan explained in the aftermath of the injury on PFT Live, the ACL doesn’t heal itself. So the damage will never get better on its own — and it could always get worse.

The Dolphins haven’t been any worse with Matt Moore playing for Tannehill; Moore led the Dolphins to a win in the Arizona game and victories at the Jets and at Buffalo. Still, Tannehill is their primary option, and they’re holding out hope for getting him back for the postseason.

One key wrinkle is coming; when the non-playoff teams have their seasons end and the process commences for signing players to so-called “futures” contracts, the practice squads of the postseason franchises become vulnerable to pilfering. If Tannehill isn’t going to play again this year, putting him on injured reserve would allow the Dolphins to call up a member of the practice squad, who then would be unavailable to be signed away.

And so the real question is whether he’ll be placed on IR before Sunday, when the season ends for 20 teams. If not, it will be time to wonder whether Tannehill will be back from his Grade II MCL tear, which typically has a four-to-six week timeline, four weeks after it happened.

26 responses to “Dolphins taking a day-to-day approach to Ryan Tannehill

  1. Matt Moore is better than Tannehill… He could start for someone. To bad he likes being a back up.. But I guess collecting Millions to hold a clipboard and not get hit is a pretty good job.

  2. If the injury is as light as Dolphins’ sources say, then he won’t be put on IR just in case the Phins go deep into the playoffs and they might want him at least as backup if not starter. But there’s no point him playing next week – too much risk to just move from 5 to 6 when the Pats are gonna bring their A game anyway.

  3. Miami still has something to play for NE is playing for home field throughout and we’re playing for the 5th seed we need to beat NE and KC has to lose to Chargers

  4. As much as I’d love to have him in there…don’t pull an RG3 all over again…save him for next year…Tannehill’s strength is his throwing power and mostly his mobility…does him and the team no good to have him out there limping around…

  5. Shows you how over rated Tannehill is. His backup put up 60+ points on the road against division opponents. He is a “system” QB. In that system anyone can be good. Right Phin phans?

  6. if Tannehill Plays ,the steelers will give an old fashion butt whipping this time
    this is not the same team that didn’t get the bus last game

  7. Well it’s with a feast of humble pie that I admit…
    I was wrong about Adam Gase. I trashed the hiring.

    He should clearly be Coach of the Year!

    Amazing turn around for this team and it’s resilience.

    Go Phins!

  8. The Pat’s played better with Garoppolo at QB, not sure why they put Brady back in. Garoppolo throws a better deep ball, they wouldn’t have lost to Seattle of he was playing and he wouldn’t have put up a dud game against the broncos the way Brady did either. Alex Smith played better than Brady did against the broncos.

  9. Moore is not better than Tannehill. Just stop. I hope they don’t rush him back. If he can play in the playoffs then fine but not next week. His mobility is underrated and not used as often as it could be. I would hate for him to jeopardize that ability in the future. No idea if any kind of brace would help.

  10. The Dolphins are in and should rest some players for Pittsburgh in two weeks. There’s no need for Tanny this week when it may not matter at all.

    I still would find it very surprising to see RT ready to go full speed by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week (first day of practice for the wild-card game). He needs to be at full on in practice for it to be of value – after a few weeks off, he’ll have some rust.

    This isn’t Bob Griese and the ’72 Dolphins (who didn’t really need Griese to do much when he came back from his broken leg). Griese threw a total of 16 passes combined against the Steelers (5) and ‘Skins (11) in the AFC title game and Super Bowl.

  11. This season has already been a success, don’t risk next season by bringing Tannehill back too soon.

  12. I don’t want Ryan playing if he isn’t 100%. It’s not fair to the team for a 80% healthy Tannehill to come back. Heal up and come back next season. Matt is moore than capable to lead this team.

  13. Stop placing unrealistic expectations on Tannehill’s return. It’s stupid to even speculate that he’d be available for the playoffs. Typical click bait.

  14. San Diego got beat by Cleveland, KC should beat SD, so there is no reason to have Thill play this week. Let him get his ACL fix for his health and NEXT season.Bill

  15. I honestly don’t understand the love affair PFT has with Tannehill. He’s not shown himself to be anything other than a mediocre game manager, and if you dare criticize him, your comment gets a mountain of down votes (is it just two or three guys with multiple screen names doing that?). And if Moore makes a mistake, they just pile on him like he’s the worst QB ever, but if Tannehill does the same thing, here comes the hurricane of excuses for why it didn’t matter. I’d feel bad for them if they weren’t so obnoxious.

  16. plus he doesnt need to play in this weekends meaningless finale.
    naturally if he can play in the playoff game he will need to get out and practice the week before to be sure he is ready. so he has another 8-10 days to rest. such a sticky situation.

    Tannehill or Moore, the only way the Fins have a shot is if Ajayi goes bananas again and the defense plays at its tip top form and forces a few turnovers.

  17. i correct myself.. this finale is NOT meaningless.. a Miami win and a KC loss means Miami goes to Houston. any different and they go to Pittsburgh. Houston they can beat. Pittsburgh will be really, really tough. but RT wont play anyway.

    and please stop with the “Matt Moore is better than Tannehill anyway!” crap. he is not. but Moore is very good and i do feel confident in him under center.

    we had never seen the real Tannehill until this season.. when he had actual protection and time to throw the football. most sacked QB over the past 4 years. the kid NEVER had time to even set his feet and look downfield before a defender was in his face before this season!! now that he actually has time in the pocket and a coach that isnt a scared wimp, he is having his best year. just look at some of the deep throws he has made this year. money. and that was his huge weakness.

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