Jason Garrett reiterates Cowboys’ starters will play as normal

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The Cowboys have nothing to gain and much to lose in their final two games of the season, but coach Jason Garrett doesn’t believe in resting his starters. And so he won’t.

Garrett reiterated today that he will give starting quarterback Dak Prescott, starting running back Ezekiel Elliott and everyone else a normal workload tonight against the Lions, even though the Cowboys have already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

“We like the rhythm of our offense and how Dak is playing,” Garrett said, via Ed Werder of ESPN.

In other words, Garrett thinks the risk of Prescott getting rusty if he sits out for three weeks (the final two regular season games as well as the Cowboys’ bye week) is greater than the risk of Prescott getting hurt if he plays the next two weeks.

That’s what Garrett has been saying all along, but after the Raiders lost Derek Carr and the Titans lost Marcus Mariota on Saturday, there was some thought that Garrett could change his mind. Apparently not.

The Cowboys going all-out against the Lions tonight is bad news for Detroit and good news for Washington, whose playoff hopes will take a hit if Detroit wins tonight.

33 responses to “Jason Garrett reiterates Cowboys’ starters will play as normal

  1. .
    Even if you were going to rest your starters, why announce it? Just substitute freely, as you would in any other game.

    Besides, JJ will probably countermand Garrett’s game plan anyways

  2. I hope they let zeke play a half and shut him down. im up 24pts and he has zeke going and I want that superbowl win!

  3. You’d have to get one of you’re DL to agree to the fine…….but if I’m the lions, I’d do a late hit on Dak to see how far Garrett will let things go.

  4. Coach lies.
    Romo will get reps
    Elliot is too valuable to take unnecessary hits
    Garrett’s playoff inexperience is already showing
    Jerrah will shut this down

  5. Playing Dak is a no brainer, but you would have to be nuts to stick with Zeke to long. RB’s are always one shot away from a serious injusry. Why risk it now.

  6. If I were the coach I’d play Dak for two series. Then I’d play Romo and McFadden. Romo could use some real football experience as back up and it may boost his trade value. I’ve seen quarterbacks sign huge contracts after a couple of good games.

  7. I wonder how much of it is the concern that Romo would get hurt before being traded or released this offseason? It has to be part of the thought process!

  8. I’d let him play the first half of the last two games, then let Romo finish them up. He needs to be ready to play in the postseason as well.

  9. Treat it like the 3rd pre season game. Get the important starters reps but don’t play them the whole game. If Bryant, S Lee, T Smith play pull them early. Let Elliot play but he’s their MVP. He’s a rookie RB who’s put on a lot of miles this season, probably the most he’s played in 1 season. Save his legs, his burst of speed at least a little bit for the playoffs. Jason Witten is 34. He’s a 3rd down machine in the clutch. He shouldn’t play more than 1st QT.

  10. “The Cowboys going all-out against the Lions tonight is bad news for Detroit”.

    Typical Pfffffffft drivel.

  11. I would sit Lee. He’s the difference in the defense and you can not afford to lose him for the playoffs. With his concussion and injury history I wouldn’t risk him.

  12. They have a bye, and there are 2 weeks left in the season. If they rest players now, they will have been off for 3 weeks.

    IMO, that’s too long. Plus its a young team. They should play the starters, except for those with nagging injuries.

  13. I can’t imagine that any team will sign Romo to a huge contract, considering his injury history. I would think that an incentive laden deal, based on how many snaps he takes during the season would be more reasonable.

  14. Garrett picture is disgusting. A make pretend QB from a make pretend hand clapping head coach.

    Dont forget to clap Garrett even after fumbles and interceptions. Look good while doing it carrott top.

  15. the more garrett says this, the less i believe it.. they play one half…tops….can u imagine if prescott and elliot got carr’d and mariotta’d???? omg garrett would be run out of town.

  16. pappageorgio says:
    Dec 26, 2016 11:36 AM
    You’d have to get one of you’re DL to agree to the fine…….but if I’m the lions, I’d do a late hit on Dak to see how far Garrett will let things go.
    I guess the Lions are really missing Suh right about now. That assignment would have been right up his alley.

  17. Weird situation to be in…

    Can’t compare the Oakland and Tennessee situations, because those teams needed to win.

    Oakland was up big, but Del Rio KNEW they may have needed to score more pts or have more ball control because Andrew Luck can make things a bit closer than it should be.

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