Prince Amukamara: Tom Coughlin to Jags “would complete the story”

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Original Jaguars coach Tom Coughlin is interviewing with the team this week, and he has at least one player in the current locker room ready to vouch for him.

Via Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union, Jags cornerback Prince Amukamara (who played five seasons for Coughlin with the Giants) said he thought it would be a great call.

“It would be a great fit, wherever he goes,” Amukamara said. “I think it’s sexier here, because his family and Jay Fund foundation is down here. He’s coached here. He’s available and this job is available.

It would complete the story.”

He also thinks it would make the team better, regardless of the storyline quality. After all, it’s not just the first eight seasons he coached the Jaguars, but the two Super Bowls he won with the Giants that gives him immediate credibility.

“I think guys would respond well to coach Coughlin, wherever he goes,” Amukamara said. “Not only because of his track record with the two Super Bowls, but mainly because he gets the best out of his players and he fights for his players. You’re getting a guy that loves his players, loves his team and will treat you like men. It’s all about winning with him.”

Of course, Amukamara might not be there to greet him if he does get the job, as the former first-round pick signed a one-year deal with the Jaguars last offseason.

15 responses to “Prince Amukamara: Tom Coughlin to Jags “would complete the story”

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    The Jaguars stuck the knife in the back of Gus Bradley for years. As far as I’m concerned, you can keep the entire roster. I wouldn’t want any of these quitters, who viewed Jacksonville as nothing more than a retirement home, on my team.

  2. Note to token Rooney Rule minority coaching interviewee:

    You aren’t getting the Jacksonville job.

  3. As an Eagle’s I hate the Giants, but thru the years respected certain ones as greats L.T., Mark Bavoro, and TOM COUGHLIN!!
    The Jags were only good in one period of time. Because of Tom. He took a WR nobody wanted in Jimmy Smith and made him into IMO a HOF player. A cast-off QB Mark Brunell and the same. He drafted well and the thing I loved about him was after the Strahan mutuniy he changed to better his team. He’s old but still a HALL OF Fame coach. The Jags would be smart to hire him..Maybe even as a GM

  4. Tom Coughlin is young at heart and an excellent coach and personnel man. Shad Khan would be wise to procure his considerable talents for his floundering franchise.

  5. Coughlin’s game plans against the Pats in the two SBs were tremendous and he had his entire roster playing far above their regular season level in both those games.

    Have to respect that.

  6. Didn’t know the Jags had an actual Prince on their team – it’s like they’re in London already.

  7. This Eagles fan likes Coughlin more than Ben McAdoo because McAdoo has to be one of the worst 10 win coaches of ever seen, I mean it’s kind of like an oxymoron. McAdoo’s play-calling is awful. They’re winning off the strength of Jerry Reese realizing his job was on the line so actually getting a defense, and Odell Beckham breaking one of Macado’s three routes into big plays. I think Tom could manage that.

  8. One of the most overrated coaches in NFL history. Won 2 SB’s in NY, every other year he underachieved horrifically, and in his last season his handling (or mishandling or complete lack of handling of Beckham) indicated he was completely out of touch with what was happening on the field and in the locker room.

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