Terrell Suggs says he’ll be back next year

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Linebacker Terrell Suggs won’t be going to the playoffs with the Ravens this year, but he plans to be back for another chance at advancing to the postseason in 2017.

Suggs was asked about his plans for next year after Sunday’s 31-27 loss to the Steelers and said that the thought of retiring after his 14th NFL season was never on his mind.

“I don’t know what you heard,” Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I was always planning to come back and doing this another year.”

Suggs tore his Achilles last season, but returned for Week One this year and leads the Ravens with eight sacks on the year. He tore his biceps during the year, but only missed one game as a result of the injury.

Suggs has a cap number of just under $7 million for next season and the Ravens wouldn’t see significant savings for parting ways with him, so the feeling about doing it again next year will likely be mutual.

17 responses to “Terrell Suggs says he’ll be back next year

  1. Boy, the Ravens D really folded down the stretch against the Steelers. Good to hear that the oldest member of that choke squad is coming back.

    Take the over in Ravens games in 2017.

  2. that idiot suggs shooting his mouth off after the patriots game…..ohhhh “you better hope you don’t see us again”…..this guy is an idiot!!!! big talker just like that idiot smith…..talk talk talk……morons

  3. Easily one of the most overrated Ravens in history. Games against the good offenses this year(Patriots, Cowboys, Raiders and Steelers twice) this guy has down right disappeared. The announcers barely ever speak his name.

    Before you doubt me, look at the stat sheet. His sacks and defensed passes come against some of the worst O lines/QBs in the league. I’d say the same about his tackles but most RBs run right by him so those stats are always low.

    It’s time for him to retire and quit stealing a check.

  4. Continuing the long Ravens tradition of players cashing checks until they are shells of their former selves.

  5. And I thought people were saying they were going to tango with the Patriots again. Liars and Hippocrates. Delusional Raven fans.

  6. Suggs is more valuable than Flacco & Harbaugh combined. They need to tear up & start over for sure.

    Also- Weddle did nothing this season short of providing us all some funny highlights of him getting trucked over & over.

    Steve Smith & his loudmouth again fizzled when he was needed the most.

    Purple Browns can expect 5-11 season next year without drastic changes.

  7. I watched Suggs quite a bit and his effort was shameful. I think coaches saw it too and that’s why Judon was out there quite a bit more than usual. Suggs & Dumervil are done.

    Weddle was a mistake from the start and I’m tired of hearing about how smart he is and the leadership he brings. If so, become a coach. He can’t run and scares no one down field.

    Blame the Ravens front office for another failing season.

  8. flaccojumpball says:
    Dec 26, 2016 9:46 AM

    Love Suggs. Gives the D an edge. Come on back he’s a great ambassador for the game.
    A person who pours bleach on his wife and child is an ambassador of the game. You are truly delusional!

  9. flaccojumpball says:
    Dec 26, 2016 9:46 AM

    Love Suggs. Gives the D an edge. Come on back he’s a great ambassador for the game.


    No parade for Suggs or Steve Smith this year, that’s for sure. And next year looks awfully shakey as well. Ravens are aging.

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