Curious timing ties Buffalo’s hands for Week 17

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The Bills last played three days ago. With five days until their next game, they’ve fired their head coach and his don’t-call-it-nepotism right-hand man.

So why did they wait so long to move on from Rex Ryan?

The most obvious explanation is that the Bills didn’t want to be accused of insensitivity for firing Ryan during the holidays. But with three years left on a contract (assuming it’s all guaranteed) at more than $5 million per year, giving Ryan an eight-figure parting gift would have been a far cry from issuing a pink slip to a blue-collar worker on a white Christmas.

Unless interim coach Anthony Lynn knew that he’d be taking over, he’s now in a tougher position to succeed because he has three fewer days to get ready for his on-the-job audition. Which will make it harder for the Bills to win on Sunday against the Jets.

At least Lynn is getting more time than Rams interim coach John Fassel received for his debut. Two weeks ago, the Rams fired Jeff Fisher on a Monday — and the Rams played on a Thursday.

31 responses to “Curious timing ties Buffalo’s hands for Week 17

  1. Barring something unusual happening, it’s Lynn’s job to lose. Pegula knows that Lynn is going to get a bunch of head coaching interviews this offseason, and most of them are going to be sincere and not Rooney Rule requirement fillers. This is kind of like the Lovie Brown/Dirk Koetter situation in Tampa last year. As for the timing of the Rex firing, maybe Rex finally approached Pegula for some clarity on his situation, and they agreed to end the charade now.

  2. Bills vs. Jets, if there were any justice left in this world, both teams would contribute toward a return policy for the tickets because its false advertising to call this NFL football.

  3. “The most obvious explanation is that the Bills didn’t want to be accused of insensitivity for firing Ryan during the holidays.”

    Lolz these guys get paid millions every year. “Insensitivity” should have nothing to do with firing a bad coach. All getting fired at the holidays for these people means is getting to spend much more time with their families and not having to worry a single moment that they can’t pay their bills in the future.

  4. “Is Rex’s Buffalo Truck up For Sale ?”

    Are you kiddin’ me? The stench that must be in that thing from almost 2 years of half eaten snacks, fried food wrappers and unidentifiable things that used to be food must be overpowering.

  5. harrisonhits2 says:
    Dec 27, 2016 1:23 PM
    “Is Rex’s Buffalo Truck up For Sale ?”

    Are you kiddin’ me? The stench that must be in that thing from almost 2 years of half eaten snacks…

    Who’s kiddin’ who? It’s pretty hard to believe the Ryans ever left anything half eaten

  6. Marvin Lewis sure is gonna have his pick of rebuilding jobs after The Bengals let him go. The sad thing is that he’ll be a significant upgrade over what most of these teams have been running out there.

  7. Interim coaches don’t “prepare” teams to be “ready” for games, at least not interim coaches who only going to be there for 1 game.

    The offensive staff prepares the offense, the defensive staff prepares the defense, and the interim head coach stands on the sideline with his head set on trying to look “coachey”.

  8. Now get rid of Brandon and Whaley, and the future will look bright…btw, Lynn shouldn’t even be on the radar; get a real “tried and true” head coach either at the college or pro level.

  9. They should hire that guy that threw a certain toy on the field. At least that guy had a strategy and decent clock management.

  10. Offseason Rx for the Bills: 1) a REAL head coach, not Anthony Lynn. 2) a REAL QB, not EJ Manuel. Cut EJ and develop Jones. Move him to another position if he’s not NFL QB material. See how attached the Redskins are to Cousins. Otherwise, Cutler or Foles. 3) develop a QB of the future if it’s not Cardale Jones. See if the Jets are willing to trade Bryce Petty, or, see what the Draft may offer. 4) Fix the O-Line. 5) Grab up a taller WR, draft or trade. Done! Playoffs!

  11. Jokes on Buffalo here. Congrats on another 8-10 years of futility.

    Wrecks was only a small part of the problem and removing him won’t make them revelant until they dump the entire front office.

  12. It only took Kim Pegula and her husband 1 year, 11 months and 2 weeks to correct the boneheaded move of hiring Ryan in the first place.

    What did Ryan do with the Jests that she said I want that coaching in Buffalo?

    Or was it Wrecks “fancy footwork” that compelled her to hire him?

  13. Rex is a survivor – IF he doesn’t take a TV gig – he’ll land somewhere as hopefully a DC – OR if some desperate owners are foolish enough he’ll become a HC – say in SD or LA & drag that dopey twin with him…

  14. The move only looks good if you have someone better to replace him. Lot of more attractive openings out there right now. LA and Jacksonville already.

  15. Even though Rex Ryan had a provable and obvious history of taking a playoff ready team and slowly driving it down to insignificance, Bills fans were ecstatic and delirious when Buffalo hired him, insisting that he was a savior, a man who could take a top five defense and make it better, listening to him boast of creating a bully that other teams would be fearful of playing.

    When anyone posted anything even slightly doubting the wisdom of hiring him, hundreds of thumbs-down were rained down on him by delusional Bills fans.

    Now, today, it’s almost impossible to find a Bills fan who will admit being overjoyed with the hiring. Where did they all go?

    I like Buffalo. I like the Bills. I like Bills fans. But C’mon man, stop dreaming.

  16. The Bills where playoff ready? I mean I may not catch a whole lot of AFC ball, but it is tough to bet against the Pats in that division, and I felt it most likely that a team from the AFC North and West would have been wild cards at the beginning of the year.

    While the Phins did prove me wrong, Buffalo is still 2 years out in my opinion, and that’s if they do a lot of things right r Tom Brady retires.

  17. After 3 weeks of calling for him to be fired almost daily, the timing now becomes curious? I don’t get it.

    He wasn’t taking the team anywhere and it is time to find a HC with proven ability.

  18. The honeymoon of the Pegula’s in Buffalo is over. Another owner who likes to interfere way too much. A stadium that is past its expiry date as well. Who would want to coach there?

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