Report: Bills will sit Tyrod Taylor this weekend

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The Bills won’t have Rex Ryan on the sideline against the Jets this weekend and they will reportedly be without quarterback Tyrod Taylor as well.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills, who will be coached by offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn on an interim basis, will bench Taylor in favor of EJ Manuel. Per Schefter, the reason is not performance related.

Taylor’s contract calls for the Bills to make a decision about picking up an option that would guarantee him over $30 million and that money would become guaranteed if Taylor suffered a serious injury against the Jets. As a result, they won’t be running the risk on being on the hook for a quarterback that their next coach may not want at a salary that they may not want to pay.

Taylor’s second season as the team’s starter wound up looking a lot like his first, although whether it is enough to build the offense around for years to come is still a question mark. His fate will be one of many things that the Bills will be talking about with the candidates to replace Ryan as their head coach.

37 responses to “Report: Bills will sit Tyrod Taylor this weekend

  1. Taylor seems like a good young QB that has an upside if they can get a decent coach in there.

    Rex is utterly and totally incapable of developing a QB. Sanchize came to the Jet and played ok his first couple seasons before Rex ruined him. Tyrod has show flashes of good play but has no one acceptable to mentor him and teach him properly.

    That said I wouldn’t be handing him 30 mil. They need to get him to renegotiate to a lower amount or cut bait and such is life.

  2. I never thought that The Browns could have a better week than The Bills, or anyone else, for that matter. Oh well….

  3. Canning the only qb that has resembled a competent starter there since Kelly. Yup. That’s buffalo

  4. If he gets hurt they basically have to keep and pay him. This must be to ensure that the next coach isn’t stuck with him but can keep him if he chooses.

    I just hope they don’t Bills this and hire another dick juron

  5. EJ is done in Buffalo. Why let him play? See what Cardale can do. Also, a win would mean 3 straight non losing seasons. EJ is handing a win to the Jets on a silver platter.

  6. Whakey has wanted his big EJ in all year. Rex is Rex but if Pegula cannot see who the real master of screw up is ( Whaley). Then he is blind. The entire planet knows Whaley and Brandon are the problem.

  7. .
    The Patriots consistently have better drafts, sign better free agents, make better trades and manage the cap better than the Bills. Whose fault is that?

  8. Taylor probably throws the prettiest deep ball in the NFL, he’s mobile and protects the ball. Although he is not very accurate on short and medium throws, doesn’t go through all of his reads before he runs it, he’s really bad on 3rd down’s and they won’t get much production out of him. He is not a QB that will win the team a few games a year just from his talent, but the Bill’s don’t really have many other options. Free agency will not have many QB’s with more upside that him and the draft will not produce a player who is more talented that he is. They may have to keep him just due to the lack of options.

  9. I agree with most of these comments. Why put in EJ when Cardale looked pretty good in preseason. Granted it’s preseason, but we know what we have in EJ. And that is a qb who cannot and will not look to his second or third read. He gets nervous in the pocket and that reflects on his performance. I really like Tyrod, I just hope we can find a coach that can develop him. But to me this is pretty obvious that Whaley wants his guy in so he can prove to everyone that EJ is a good qb when we all know that he’s pretty pathetic.

  10. Cardale isnt ready just like Hackenburg and Goff arent ready. No reason to send a kid out there who is not prepared to play against an NFL defense all it will do it destroy their confidence, the chances of Jones coming in and lighting it up are slim. They see him in practice, Lynn knows Manuel while not good is a better start than an unseasoned rookie. I agree Manuel isnt the answer but the answer isnt playing someone unprepared like Jones. Not saying Jones is done as a player but hes still a project though, and shouldnt be starting.

  11. This game is entirely meaningless. We are through with moral victories in Buffalo, so who cares if we finish 8-8 or 7-9? Start Cardale. EJ is an RFA anyways who will not be around next season. You people saying he isn’t ready/kills his confidence are morons and the exact reason we keep recycling bad talent at all levels of the organization. Cardale could light it up for all we know, the Jets quit long ago mind you, and be the perfect springboard into next season. We all know the “fans” here in Buffalo will clamor for Lynn if he wins. I don’t know why we do, but I cannot fall for it. I’ll rent the 10-wheeler for the Pegulas to fill with benjamins, just back it up to the most deserving candidate that isn’t already in Buffalo.

  12. Taylor sucks, EJ sucks, and Cardale is worse than both of those losers combined. Currently the Bills do not have a viable starting QB. Until that problem is solved playoffs are out of the picture.

  13. I hope the coaching searches this year will go beyond the OWRs (Old White Retreads) and give some promising coordinators a chance to be promising HCs. Adam Gase is a good example of such a bet paying off.

  14. All 3 are pretenders and NOT NFL QB’s, the fact that Whaley still has a job is amazing.

    He built a team without a QB.

  15. Bills LOL.

    Keep in mind this is the same organization that ran Marshawn Lynch out of town before he hit his prime. (Seahawks fans thank you)

    Now, they have a QB who the past 2 years accounted for 47 TDs (to 12 INTs), 7500 total yards and a 62% completion percentage. He’s literally the only decent QB since they’ve had since Kelly. Tyrod will be a FA for like 10 minutes. (John Elway on line 1…)


  16. bosco264 says:
    Dec 27, 2016 4:17 PM
    Marshawn Lynch run out of town? He should have been a convicted felon for the stunt he pulled when he was there.


    And this sums up the Bills lol.

    While they worry about this type of stuff, Pete Carroll, Bill Bellichek, etc., etc. bring in football players and win games. Bruce Smith sure as heck wasn’t an angel, but Levy was a good coach and took the good with the bad. Choir boys don’t win championships.

    But hey, good luck letting Taylor go, overdrafting a newbie QB who is probably Goff 2.0, and winning 4 games next year.

    Good luck with that.

  17. rex is the fall guy in buff and largely deserves it. but the real fall guy is pegula for hiring him. when pegula became owner, bills had great defense but needed offense to get better. so pegula hires rex ryan whose strength, at least in the past, was defense.

    who hires a defensive coach when offense, and in particular the development of a QB, is needed ?

  18. EJ Manuel has zero upside – at least give the Cardale a game on tape so that you can work on some real-game film during the offseason…

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