Cam Newton connects with young heart patient

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton hasn’t had another MVP season, but he did one of the most valuable things an athlete can possibly do yesterday.

Via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton flew to Atlanta yesterday to visit with 10-year-old Taylor Deckard, who is in the hospital for a heart condition and is about to undergo a risky procedure today.

The visit stemmed from a post Deckard’s teacher Courtney Cooper made on social media, describing his condition (advanced pulmonary hypertension) and how much he wanted to meet his favorite football player.

“Austin told me he ‘wished Cam Newton could come to his birthday party,'” Cooper wrote. “Austin may not ever make it to an Auburn football game but I know social media is a strong force that can make things happen.”

The post made its way to the Panthers, and their star quarterback surprised him yesterday.

So whether Newton’s season on the field went as planned or not, it was still an unforgettable one.

38 responses to “Cam Newton connects with young heart patient

  1. Amazing how an athlete can lift a child’s spirit.
    A lot of players do this. Grateful that they do.
    Most we probably never hear about.

  2. What a shame guys like this get so much negativity thrown at them for aspects of a game played. Here is a MAN showing his heart and love for others. Say whatever you want about him being petulant when he loses, but this guy showed his character here. God Bless

  3. People Cam does this all the time in our community without hype under the radar. I’m proud to say that as a Panthers fan I am very proud of what he does every day to help someone. So make fun of his hats and talk about his persona and tell us how is not throwing the ball the correct way. But one thing that I am happy about he is OUR PANTHERS QB!

  4. I typically have no respect for athletes because they dont contribute too much to society, but this Cam guy is pretty classy. He is constantly giving back. Drew Brees and Will Smith come to mind also.

  5. This is why Cam is the man class all the way and always cool and real to his fans and charities the guy generally cares god bless you Cam and praying for the boy to pull through

  6. Cam is so much better off the field than on the field- he is winning the more important game of life…way to go. I only could hope others follow his lead.

  7. Bravo Cam. It’s very hard to come face to face with sick or dying children. Showing up is easier said than done. Bravo.

  8. I mean seriously, when I see this I could really give a crap whether the guy completes 50% of his passes, walks out of the SB press conference, or does a Dab after a TD. In the grand scheme of things all of that matters very little. As in VERY LITTLE.

    Thanks to Cam for making this little kids day. This is what kind of person he is whether people like it or not.

    Bless that little kid in his battle as well!

  9. Still don’t think he should have won the MVP award, but saying “I hate cam newton” sounds pretty ridiculous after watching that. Wish these things were highlighted more.

  10. Not a Panther fan but I live close to Charlotte. For all his faults, he does things like this all the time. It doesn’t get the national coverage though. I remember he went to visit the victims of the Church shooting in SC.

  11. As a Falcons fan I can say there is nothing sweeter than beating Cam & the Panthers and his on-field antics drive me crazy but Cam is a good dude who understands his impact in the community and is a great role model for kids. Well done sir.

  12. I believe it was last year, when Cam surprised a young child in Charlotte and his neighborhood with an appearance and brought along an ice cream truck, free for everyone that was there. The child was battling cancer and wanted to see Cam, no hesitation, wasn’t a big news story, we all found out about it after the fact. The little one eventually passed, sad story but he got his wish and that was to spend some time with Mr. Newton. This is what Cam is really about!

  13. Why do some posters feel the need to include their idiotic criticism of Cam’s “antics”? Are they all that goofy white woman who wrote the letter to the editor complaining that Cam’s dancing was corrupting her precious children? The 1950’s were half a century ago, knuckleheads.

  14. Seeing that boy’s reaction kinda chokes me up. Meeting your sports hero is not something that most kids get to do. And yea, Cam does this all the time in Charlotte. My wife is a pediatrician and hears stories of him walking into Levine’s Children Hospital unexpectedly all the time. None of this is ever in the papers – unless the families post it on social media. That’s why we love him in Charlotte.

  15. I haven’t shed a single tear since my father died 28 years ago. My wife jokes that I’m incapable of crying. But this almost got me! Cam is a good young man. Bless that kid too.

  16. Great job by Cam Newton. Celebrities have the ability to life peoples’ spirits if they choose to do it.
    Now — for once and for all can we stop saying athletes are not role models for kids????
    This young boy idolizes Cam Newton so much that he wanted him to come to his birthday party more than anyone.
    Cam Newton can act like a spoiled brat sometimes, and yet be an awesome young man at other times.
    Great move, Cam. And hats off to his teacher, Courtney Cooper, too!

  17. First, I hope Taylor’s surgery went well today (12.28).

    Second, love him/hate him/couldn’t care less about him, it was still a great thing to do by Cam Newton.

    As a Bengals fan, can I request Cam visit Andy Dalton & maybe get some quality play from Andy? 😉

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