If the Cowboys pull their QB, they may go with Mark Sanchez

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If the Cowboys get in position to pull starters Sunday against the Eagles, it might not be Tony Romo who replaces Dak Prescott.

Via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there’s a chance the Cowboys would activate third quarterback Mark Sanchez for just such an instance, keeping Tony Romo tucked safety away behind glass in the event of a playoff injury.

The Cowboys have sufficient injuries on both lines to make giving Sanchez a jersey a possibility.

Owner Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan that Romo didn’t need any reps in a regular season game for them to feel confident in his ability to come in in relief if needed.

“I hear this stuff about rust,” Jones said. “Well, Romo doesn’t look rusty at practice, I’ll tell you that. He’s out there practicing against some pretty good guys. Romo has had huge numbers of experience, he’s seen everything that an NFL defense can throw at him. And so you don’t have to worry about the number of repetitions.

“All of that said, it’s better not to have a risk with him and to keep him available to us during the playoff.”

It would also save them the risk of the 36-year-old Romo coming in and playing well in a meaningless game, which would only stir people up as the Cowboys enter the playoffs with a rookie filling the role that was created for him.

19 responses to “If the Cowboys pull their QB, they may go with Mark Sanchez

  1. Really reaching for a drama story about Dallas……geez.

    NOBODY in the Cowboys organization has said they’d play Sanchez, or even hinted about it. Sanchez hasn’t even dressed since Romo’s been healthy.

    This is nothing more than trying to create drama where it doesn’t exist…..

  2. Jerry, practice is one thing, but a game situation is totally different. In practice, the defense can’t touch the qb. The game speed is also different than what would happen in practice.

  3. I wonder if Romo has injury guarantees in his contract or if the Cowboys are preserving his trade value for 2017. If Sanchez plays well the Cowboys have their quarterback room fixed for th next several years.

  4. So let’s see if I have this straight…start your #1 QB and risk him getting hurt, but keep your back-up on the bench. Why? So that he’s not damaged goods when you trade him or let him walk in the off season? I don’t know. I still see Jerry Jones screwing up this good thing, even though he is NOT the head coach. Somehow, some way, he will mess it up.

  5. practice is different than a game situation…no matter the level of competition or the sport which is why even players themselves say they need in game activity to get themselves back in game action and they slowly ramp up to playing more minutes or seeing more snaps

  6. .

    romos trade value?????

    the dude is going to get injured in the first game he comes back to. that is quite apparent.

  7. thanks for the concern ladies–but the Cowboys didn’t get to 13-2 by making bad decision, rather they have been prudent and well-thought out. And yes putting Sanchez in the game makes sense because he is the back up. Romo is an insurance policy not a back up–only use when absolutely needed and not in meaningless mop up duty, as would be the normal purpose of a back up. got it now?

  8. Romo has no trade value because his CAP hit is a joke, age, and injury history. If the Cowboys think they are going to roll into Philly and have a waltz in the park they are sadly mistaken.

  9. I agree with the tone of the above posts. Do you think there is an NFL head coach out there that believes Romo could remain healthy for two or three years? (i.e. the rest of his career) The sad thing is that there are teams that have reached that level of desperation.

  10. ^^ you do understand that the cap hit for a team that trades for Romo is only the base salary right? In Romo’s case, thats $14M for 2017. And Romo could always agree to restructure.

    If 14M for a probowl veteran starting QB is a joke to you, I’d love your take on PMannings last few years, or what Skins should do with Cousins.

  11. Mr. Grulks:

    You miss the point. Tony would probable be a steal at 14M if he could stay in the game. He can’t! He will break in the first three games he plays. I don’t wish this on him, it just the way it is for Tony. Pmanning is a one of a kind player, you certainly are not comparing tony to him? I would give cousins 20 mil for 5 years, 30M guaranteed through the first two years. If he is not interested I would let him test the waters. The team does have other needs and can’t mortgage their future for him. He isn’t Drew Brees yet.

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