More panel problems at U.S. Bank Stadium


Before U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis officially opened last summer, they had to work on securing panels on the exterior of the building after they became loose during a storm.

They’re dealing with something similar as the Vikings’ first season in their new home comes to a close. Several of the zinc panels on the exterior of the stadium came loose again early on Monday morning and one of them fell to the ground. The Minneapolis Sports Facilty Authority said that “extreme weather and high winds” were to blame for the issue.

“We are awaiting a recommendation regarding next steps to permanently resolve this issue,” MSFA spokeswoman Jenn Hathaway said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

No one was injured by the falling panel — the rare time something happened involving the Vikings this season without an injury occurring — and an area in the plaza under the wall has been cordoned off as contractors work to solve the problem. Given the frequency of rough weather in Minnesota, let’s hope they do before someone does get hurt.

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  1. From top to bottom and this organization is literally falling apart.

    Hang in there barney’s, soon it will be the off-season and you can all go back to being champions.


  2. “Extreme weather and high winds…” Something totally unexpected in balmy Minneapolis.

    But that’s ok. The Sports Authority is not paying; the taxpayers are.

  3. If only they’d known that there would be extreme weather and high winds in that area, they could have included that in their design…

  4. So they spent $1.1B for a stadium that has fallen apart twice in less than a year… Will this stadium even be there when they host a Superbowl?

  5. I really believe it was caused by all of the hot air that is contained inside the building.

    On a side note there was a photo shoot going on outside of the building at the time. They were taking a picture of all of their superbowl winning players, fortunately no one was injured.

  6. I’m sure the Viking fans will now use this as an excuse as to why they’re not making the playoffs.

    The Stadium is on IR.

  7. News update:

    The architect was asked what happened and he said the builders installed half of the panels in the wrong way.

    The builders were questioned and said that they’d never installed panels like that and did the first half of them as they saw fit.

    Then after a few days, both the builders and the architect came out and said that in fact all the panels were installed properly, save for a few – but everything is all good and the panels which fell were a few imperfections, it happens and there is nothing to see here.

  8. zigwood says:
    Dec 28, 2016 10:42 AM

    “but everything is all good and the panels which fell were a few imperfections, it happens and there is nothing to see here.”


    They spent 1.1 Billion on this stadium, there shouldn’t be ANY imperfections at this point.

  9. Wrestlemania is going to be scary as hell…
    Minnesota drivers, bad parking places and a stadium that was designed by the bad guy from the Final Destination films…

    …oh yeah, also Frigid, hellish Winter weather.

  10. Anytime you have an unusual architectural design, a one-off, you are likely to have “issues.” That’s what Errors and Omissions Insurance covers.

    This is no big deal. The stadium is gorgeous and a work-of-art.

    -Packer fan that’s been there.

  11. stellarperformance says:
    Dec 28, 2016 2:59 PM
    Anytime you have an unusual architectural design, a one-off, you are likely to have “issues.” That’s what Errors and Omissions Insurance covers.

    If you get into car accidents, your auto insurance goes up.

    This has happened twice in six months, and after showing that it is a legitimate hazard right now. While I understand that insurance helps protect against, negligent workmanship. its to the point where the insurance is going to continue to go up, to the point where they can’t ignore it.

    Even if they have money to throw at the problem, if someone were to get injured or worse from a falling panel, can you imagine the PR nightmare that would ensue for the Vikings, the league, and the people that gave the green light to fund that stadium?

  12. Wow. A few panels were installed wrong. Show me a new stadium that has no issues that need to be fixed…

    Also try using Google or any search engine for those of you talking about zinc panels. They serve a purpose.

  13. That is very stellar of you, Stellar.

    As a fan that has been envious of the QB play in GB for 25 years, and also one that enjoys that those same 25 years has only led to 2 SB wins, I commend you.

    And I also understand I have NOTHING to brag about in those same 25 years (except maybe the 98 vikes were pretty awesome to watch, even in the heartbreaking loss)

  14. All the panels were installed correctly through a lift-and-drop method, and mechanically fastened with non-ferrous fasteners along the bottom only. It’s a great system and the zinc prevents corrosion and is a green product. The gap between the panels and the weather-barrier allowed deflection to occur, greater than expected, enabling the top of the panels to pop out. The unusual configuration of the design created windloads exceeding expectations. The simple fix is to attach additional non-ferrous fasteners along the top of the panels in addition to the existing bottom fasteners. This will be completed before the week is out, and this won’t likely be a problem ever again. Not a big deal, unless someone had been injured and no one was.

    Unless, of course, you include injured pride in the equation.

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