Carr’s brother writes that Derek has no ligament damage

Getty Images

Former NFL quarterback David Carr wrote about the surgery his brother, Derek, underwent earlier this week for the Fresno Bee and painted a positive picture.

Derek Carr, the Raiders’ starting quarterback, suffered a broken right leg in last Saturday’s win over the Colts.

David Carr wrote that both doctors and the family were pleased with what they saw post-surgery, and perhaps most importantly he wrote that there was no ligament damage.

Earlier in the week Derek Carr tweeted that his surgery “couldn’t have gone better.” The Raiders haven’t placed Derek Carr on injured-reserve and might keep him on the active roster, just in case he would be healthy enough to play should the Raiders make the Super Bowl.

More realistically, no ligament damage means a shorter rehab time and a better chance Derek Carr gets full clearances next spring and summer to get back to work.

For now, new starter Matt McGloin is trying to win at Denver Sunday. The Raiders win the AFC West with a victory.