Hackenberg says he’s ready, but Jets probably won’t play him

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The Jets will start Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday, a somewhat odd decision given that Fitzpatrick almost certainly won’t be on the team next year, while second-round rookie quarterback Christian Hackenberg could get some valuable game experience that could help the franchise for the future.

Hackenberg says he can accept coach Todd Bowles’ decision to start Fitzpatrick ahead of him, but Hackenberg also says he’ll be ready if called upon.

“I’ve had plenty of time to learn, so I feel like I have a good grasp of the offense,” Hackenberg said, via NJ.com. “I think I’m ready whenever I need to be called. If that happens, I know that I’ve prepared to the best of my ability.”

Hackenberg has been inactive for every game this season but will dress for the first time on Sunday because Bryce Petty is injured. But Bowles has shown little interest in putting Hackenberg into the game even for a series, just to get his feet wet in the NFL. Unless Fitzpatrick gets hurt, it won’t be until next season that Hackenberg gets an opportunity to show what he can do.

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  1. PSU thriving on offense as soon as he leaves town makes me think Hackenberg is another example of size and measurables being over emphasized. Best of luck to him.

  2. We all know he is raw/underwhelming. But it is just like the Jets to not give him a chance in a meaningless game to see if there is some possibility of him being the future.

    You know Fitz is not going to be on your team next year, seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

  3. dougchillin says:
    Dec 29, 2016 12:39 PM
    This guy stinks

    I am NOT a Jets fan, but we have no idea if this guy is good or as you say STINKS…

    There is ZERO reason for the Jets to not play him

  4. only the jets seem to draft a qb & say ‘well, he’s a project..maybe he can play garbage time in like 2-3 years’

    sick of this

  5. The only reason I can think that the Jets won’t play Hack is because they plan to ship him out after this year and they’re trying to avoid the risk of injury.

    Other than this, I don’t understand why, you already know what you get with Fitzpatrick, interception after interception.

  6. SI could understand somewhat if he was a 6th or 7th round pick. But the fact that you used a h8gh 2nd round pick on him and then wont even play him in a meaningless last game shows what an awfully run fanchise the Jets are in so many ways. They’re a complete laughingstock that are only matched by the Browns patheticness. But if I had to pick which team will be a contender before the other, I’m picking the Browns.

  7. The difference between Burg and Fitz/Geno and even Petty is massive apparently. I am all for playing the kid when the season is lost, but if this is kid is so bad in practice that they think the thought of him being active let alone taking a snap would be too overwhelming for him then theres no chance he’s starting. If he hasnt done anything to earn the job why start him? People were calling for Goff in LA but its pretty apparent now that Case Keenum was in fact their best QB and Goff wasnt ready. Hackenburg was throwing his coaches under the bus during the draft process, he seems like narcissistic toolbag. Of course he thinks he’s ready. These coaches who have been watching NFL Talent for a long time, dont think he can contribute anything positive by stepping on the field so I dont see any reason to start him based solely on pedigree if he’s THAT bad.

  8. “You know Fitz is not going to be on your team next year, seems like a wasted opportunity to me.”

    The last 50 years of futility that is the Jets record is “wasted opportunity”. Its the norm for that sad little franchise.

    And won’t change for the better until Woody Johnson is no longer the owner. He’s one of the worst in all of sports.

  9. Hey, they are turning the clock back 30 years when QBs held clip boards for 3-5 years first. Hats off to em;) FYI, Fitz needs 2 more clipboard years before he’s ready tho

  10. He’s a bust and showing your hand at this moment in time will surely get Bowles fired. Hackenburg started the 4th pre-season game… 11-31 for 54 yards and an interception that was returned for a touchdown. Seems there are other rookie quarterbacks doing well though.

  11. Starting a QB who won’t be on the team next season in the last game that is meaningless and not playing a early round drafted QB only adds to the head scratching decision making mystique that is the New York Jets.

  12. Bowles says no good can come from playing him. Really? Then why bother having him on the roster? Of course good can come from it. He gets real game experience in a meaningless situation. If that isn’t an ideal situation for him, then what will be?

    You did burn a second rounder on this guy. It’s not like he’s some UDFA.

  13. I didn’t think Hackenberg was a good college player and I certainly wouldn’t have drafted him in the second round, but the Jets did and they should play him. Unless Hackenberg was forced onto the coaches by the personnel people, it doesn’t make sense to sit him. If the rest of the players think highly of Hackenberg, they’ll play extra hard for him.

  14. Does not make scene for the Jets not to play him on the last game. This will hopefully be coach Bowels last game, he lost the team and he clueless when it comes to getting his team to play hard. Time to purge the coaches and players Woody and lets bring in a proven winner like we did with Parcels.

  15. So many idiots on the same message board. Or maybe just people who hate the Jets forgo any common sense. The line is in shambles and 4 of the 5 starting lineman are on IR. You can’t see why it makes no sense to put him in?

  16. Forget last year, The only reason The Jets aren’t the laughing stock of the AFC is because the Browns are still in the league. Bowles will be fired next year leading to a long term pattern of short term coaches, further retarding the success of the team. At this point what do you seriously have to lose??? Time to Unpack the Hack!!!

    Signed, A Jets fan

  17. I don’t care who you’re 3rd string quarterback is. I don’t care if Hackenburg sucks. ANYBODY is worth starting over Fitz this weekend. There is absolutely nothing to gain by running him out there again.

    Even if Hackenburg went out and completed 25% of his passes with 4 INTs, it’s STILL easier to swallow and understand than watching one more useless game of Fitz.

  18. Why in did the Jets waste a 2nd round pick on a QB that nobody in their mind would have selected in the 2nd round. It seems like the Jets always select the worst GMs that they can find.what he saw in Christian Hackenberg no one knows but him.

  19. Nothing about this game will give Hack any good experience. The team has given up a while ago, playing behind a makeshift O-line.

  20. my eyes have been unable to un-see this guy at penn state in which he was an abysmal failure of a qb.

    and if the jets want to trot this failure out in front of their fans, it’s on them.

    don’t say we didn’t warn you…

  21. It’s typical of the Jets not to play Hackenberg and instead go with a washed up Ryan Fitzpatrick who doesn’t even want to be there.
    The Jets are as bad as the Browns, they really are. Why? Well, they do not know who their starting QB will be next year but they have a 2nd round draft pick who has sat and watched all year, yet they are reluctant to put him on the field to see if he has any ability at all. How dumb can they be?
    They are also an old team. And — they are bringing back a head coach who has shown he has no idea how to make his players obey rules! I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.
    It would be just like the Jets to fire Todd Bowles before next season and bring Rex Ryan back. They are that dumb.
    I think 90% of NFL fans could coach the Jets and do as well as Todd Bowles has done. Of course, we have to remember that he has an owner who is clueless and a GM whose history in the NFL was that of a scout and had no experience as a GM when they hired him.
    It’s hard to believe that an organization with the resources as abundant as the Jets have had can be this inept for over 45 years! Their list of head coaches since the 70’s consists of some of the worst head coaches who ever coached in the NFL. If Bill Parcells couldn’t win with them, it tells you everything you need to know.

  22. No matter how it’s played, this game is an extension of the preseason. If he is so bad that he can’t play this week, how can he possibly morph into a legitimate QB by the start of next season?
    They’re screwed !

  23. Earth to Todd Bowles. Treat this game like the 1st preseason game of 2017 and start Hackenberg. Or you just may not be around to see if any good can come of this in 2017.

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