Nick Saban: When NFL teams call my agent, I always say no

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Nick Saban says he’s not seeking a return to the NFL, but some teams have inquired about whether he would consider it.

Saban, the Alabama coach whose No. 1 team is preparing for Saturday’s college football playoff, said at a press conference today that he hasn’t talked to NFL teams, but his agent has.

“I didn’t talk to one NFL team last year, they know who to call: Jimmy Sexton has been with me for a long time,” Saban said. “He calls me and says, ‘Are you interested?’ And I say no and that’s it. That’s as far as anything ever went with any team. It’s certainly flattering that somebody would have interest, but at this station in life, from a family standpoint, from a personal standpoint, we’re excited about the challenges we have in trying to continue to have a successful program at Alabama and we haven’t entertained any other opportunities outside the opportunities we have at Alabama.”

Saban, of course, has changed his story before on his coaching future, so no one should be shocked if he does it again. But Alabama really does appear to be the best place for him: Saban has built the best program in college football. Maybe he has an itch to show he can win in the NFL, something he failed to do during his stint with the Dolphins. But more likely he really is done with pro football.

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  1. Just a little ego stroking for a former failed NFL coach. He rightfully realized it’s a lot easier to win when all of your players are better than the other team’s.

  2. No NFL teams are contacting him. He says this to leverage more money out of the University of Alabama. No NFL team wants him. He was a failure when he coached in the NFL and quickly realized it, leaving his team high and dry while he departed for the greener pastures of college football. Put simply, he doesn’t have the skills or talent to succeed in the NFL.

    He succeeds in college football because he has a tremendous recruiting advantage, getting top talent, winning a couple of cream-puff non-conference games and then using his all-star recruits to beat his SEC opponents. The guy washed out of the NFL. He won’t be back.

  3. He’s the king of his domain in Alabama. If he goes back to the NFL he’ll be just another coach trying to make it in most likely a difficult situation with a crappy team. Plus doesn’t he get just as much from Alabama as he’d be paid in the pros?

    Doesn’t need the headaches.

  4. Normally, nothing Saban says should be believed. However, he may be telling the truth here….why would he go to the pro’s for less money, to a crap team that he’ll get fired from in three years, to deal with adult players who won’t take nearly as much of his crap as the scholarship kiddies do? Plus, rumor is his wifey is scared of dem dar big cities.

  5. I don’t see him going to the NFL ever again. I think Alabama will be his last coaching job. He has built his dynasty and he is the king. The NFL is less controllable and less predictable.

  6. Don’t blame him. He’s found a lucrative niche that he is very productive at…..even if it’s ALABAMA.

  7. I think he said that backwards…seems more likely his agent is calling around and getting told “no”. After the way he failed and then skipped town, I don’t think too many teams would be willing to trust him.

  8. I can’t blame him. Why would anyone want to walk away from what he has built? Back before college players got greedy and they use to make college video games, what Saban has built at Bama would seem unrealistic in dynasty mode.

    I wish they would bring college sports back to the video game consoles. Just make the players random so they don’t belly ache and try to sue.

  9. Last time he was an NFL coach he cut a player for missing practice to see his dying father, and stepped over another player in the middle of a seizure….

    That being said, have fun with him Rams or Chargers fans… the second he denies it, it’s happening. “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach….”

  10. I can’t understand how Jim Harbaugh (Great coach) gets praised for the same things they bash Saban (Great coach) for?

    They are pretty much the exact same coaches and both are terrific for developing NFL talent. They are both great for college football.

  11. Long term success in pro and college are completely different. To succeed in college you have to be a great recruiter (or have alumni with deep pockets). When you win, you’re at a huge advantage with recruiting. Your best players are usually in and out in three years, so you have to recruit non-stop. Also, with the quick turnover in players, and the time restraints, you have to have a very basic offense, so the skills required to succeed at QB are much more physical than mental. In the NFL the reward for winning is that you pick last. That’s a huge disadvantage. On the other hand, you get to keep your best players for 10 years, or 15 with QBs. If you get a great QB, he doesn’t graduate as soon as you develop him, and you can stay good for a long time. Most successful pro coaches have had HOF QBs. Saban has gotten Alabama to the point where the program is on auto-pilot, so at his age, he’d be crazy to leave. He doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody. Saban’s teams are coached as well as any, but the national championships are due to recruiting.

  12. deflatriot says:
    Dec 29, 2016 10:24 AM

    He succeeds in college football because he has a tremendous recruiting advantage, getting top talent, winning a couple of cream-puff non-conference games and then using his all-star recruits to beat his SEC opponents. The guy washed out of the NFL. He won’t be back.


    He obviously has a tremendous recruiting advantage, but Legit Question:


    Why does Saban seem to attract sooooo much talent, while the other dozen or so big name coaches who are heading up big name programs do not do it nearly as well? Sure, Harbaugh and Meyer and others get some good players, but not the way Saban does.

    Why is that?

  13. Harbaugh, Meyer, Saban, Stoops…. why whould any of these “good” college coaches want to coach an NFL team? They all make a salary equal to the top tier NFL coaches and they get to coach at big name schools with the cream of the crop recruits. Harbaugh’s $9mil/yr to coach Michigan is a full million more than the highest paid NFL coach. Why would any of them want to give up the opportunity to coach a top ranked school with top ranked recruits to coach a team in the NFL where its harder to win and losing gets you fired, all while likely making equal or lesser money?

  14. As a Dolphins fan AND an Alabama fan (wrap your head around that one) why would he leave? I have been a fan of both teams long before anyone ever heard of Nick. Everyone has to find their place in life. How many great College players didn’t make great NFL players? It works both ways.
    Nick is a jerk sometimes….okay, most times….but he is a great college coach and anyone of you would like to have him coach your favorite college team.

  15. I know people think he wants to go to the NFL, but when every five-star high school recruit is knocking on your door and you’re winning a national title every other year … why leave?

  16. Saban doesn’t have any type of “recruiting advantage” that the other power house schools don’t have. He just has the best track record out of all the other power house programs.

    Florida State, Ohio State, Clemson and now Michigan have been nipping at Bama’s heels but they have not been producing the same results.

  17. At least Saban had the presence of mind to say he didn’t know it was election day, unlike Belichick who knew and wrote the sweetest letter to Donald.

    It was every bit as poetic as this:

    “I’ve gotten everything I wanted, but then it wasn’t everything I wanted anymore. I just want you.” –A Tale of Two Lovers

  18. Saban overrecruits every year, all SEC teams do and they get away with it b/c ESPN et al turns a blind eye.
    What Saban does is around this time every year he finds players who have “medical” problems and convinces them to take a medical redshirt and keep their scholarship (that wouldn’t count against the limit) or get cut outright. These are players who haven’t developed or have some “issue” where Saban & Co. can use leverage to pull their scholarship to use on a recruiting target.
    This is the SEC’s dirty little secret, THAT is how Alabama and other SEC teams recruit 25+ every year even though they don’t have that many scholarships to give.

  19. Agreed, why would he leave? He has built an absolute monopoly at Alabama and has failed in the NFL. Sometimes, being on top of the mountain aint so bad. Ask Chip Kelly if he has any regrets leaving Oregon. I’ll bet he does.

  20. Mightymightylafootball:

    I think his recruiting advantage comes from the fact that success breeds interest. He’s obviously a good enough coach to have won with decent talent when he first got to Alabama. With winning comes exposure and the allure of the limelight–the idea to a 17 year old kid that he can play on national television every weekend and get drafted by some NFL team. I think successful recruiting snowballs that.

  21. Saban in football and Krzyzewski in basketball.
    Neither would be as good in the pro ranks because they are better at their college jobs than they would be at the pro level.
    If you are a good finish carpenter then why would you do a rough carpenter’s job? Two different skill sets.
    Both those men are great at their current jobs.
    The smart move is for both to stay where they are.

  22. Why would anyone trust where Saban said he wanted to stay coaching? Hes bailed out on a couple teams now after saying he wasnt going to.

  23. “Saban should know better than to comment on anything, NFL”.
    He has to know that he is going to take a beating, right?”

    And hes earned that reputation.

  24. “I think Alabama will be his last coaching job. He has built his dynasty and he is the king”

    Im sure hes got one mroe ship jumping left in him.He will cash out eventually on his Alabama success.

  25. He would be foolish to go anywhere else… He has solidified himself as 1 of the greatest college HC of all time… He is already set for life and highly respected…

    Go to the NFL and all that is over!

  26. The NFL is a completely different ball game. He can’t recruit four star talent for every position like he does every offseason in college. He can’t rule like a tyrant like he does in college since a lot of the players are sensitive.

  27. forest off Saban is a liar it’s been proven we know this.
    But there is no recruiting advantage he built that advantage by winning the advantage was earned. It’s the beauty of college football young kids want to play for winners it’s who they pay attention to. I’m a hurricanes fan and when Miami was great we got every five star recruit in the country especially in the south. I remember hating USC , Florida and now Alabama because they win and get the cream of the crop players. It’s just how college works. Saban is a great college coach who has proven he can win . He won at lsu and now Alabama . There’s no need to leave college he has cemented his legacy and has a shot to be the coach who wins the most titles and probably have statues built in Bama.

  28. Nick Saban is a “control freak”. He has that at Alabama, he would have to win a couple of Super Bowls, or at least go to a couple of Super Bowls, before he got that in the NFL.

    He learned that at Miami and that is why he bailed and went “home” to the NCAA.

    Plus, in college, the coach is God and father to those kids. His word is supreme. In the NFL, he orders a player to do something they might just look at him and say, “Say what?? Who are you? I make more money than you do and the team will fire YOU before they cut me! Go on and leave me alone!”

  29. He is good where he is, he can stack his team with top talent and beat up on everybody else.

    In the NFL he would have to actually be a good coach to win, and thats the problem.

  30. He quit and he ran out on his team.
    He couldn’t take the pressure and he betrayed his NFL players. Who, the NFL level, would trust this guy?
    As a Marine, I wouldn’t want this clown delivering our mail.

  31. This is the 4th Saban headline in the past two weeks. News Flash: He’s not in the NFL anymore.

    Sure are generating a lot of comments though. Probably the reason…

  32. Sounds like a lot of Auburn fans posting here. One wonders if Nick’s team could beat a few NFL squads? He should challenge the Browns or Jags.

  33. LOL; Why would Saban leave what he’s built in Alabama for some of the perennial losing franchises like Jacksonville, Cleveland or Buffalo.

  34. The NFL can’t afford him. Saban has made more money in college than every NFL coach in history, except his old boss Belicheck. When Miami replaced Saban with an NFL vet coach….they went 1-15. LOL. It was amazing he won 9 games in his first year with Cleo Lemon at QB. Saban’s first 2 NFL seasons were 2x better than Belicheck’s.

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