PFT’s Week 17 picks

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MDS has tripled his lead in the season picks contest, moving from a one-game lead to a three-game lead.

In the final week of the season, we coincidentally disagree on three games. A sweep for me results in a tie. Which would sort of stink. But not as bad as losing would.

Last week, MDS got 10 games right and six wrong. I was a pathetic 8-8.

For all of the picks for the final week of the regular season, you should know what to do by now.

Ravens at Bengals

MDS’s take: With both teams eliminated from playoff contention it’s hard to know how hard either team will be playing, but I’ll pick Cincinnati to win at home in a close one.

MDS’s pick: Bengals 23, Ravens 21.

Florio’s take: A meaningless game has extra meaning for Steve Smith, who’ll “probably” be retiring. That will probably be enough to deliver victory for the Ravens.

Florio’s pick: Ravens 27, Bengals 20.

Jaguars at Colts

MDS’s take: The Jags surprisingly came out strong last week after the firing of Gus Bradley, but this week I think it’s the Colts who will turn in a strong effort and win going away.

MDS’s pick: Colts 24, Jaguars 13.

Florio’s take: The Doug Marrone bump lasts only one week, as the Colts try to ensure that Chuck Pagano will return for another non-winning season.

Florio’s pick: Colts 28, Jaguars 20.

Patriots at Dolphins

MDS’s take: The Patriots are playing to clinch home-field advantage while the Dolphins, with a wild card berth locked up, don’t have a lot to play for. That’s a recipe for New England to win easily.

MDS’s pick: Patriots 28, Dolphins 14.

Florio’s take: Losing at Miami in Week 17 a year ago cost the Patriots the No. 1 seed and, eventually, a Super Bowl berth. Bill Belichick won’t let that happen again.

Florio’s pick: Patriots 31, Dolphins 23.

Bears at Vikings

MDS’s take: The Vikings have been a major disappointment down the stretch after starting 5-0, but they’ll close with a win against an overmatched Bears team.

MDS’s pick: Vikings 28, Bears 17.

Florio’s take: Has-Beens versus Never-Weres in a game that will determine only whether the Vikings finish with a losing record.

Florio’s pick: Vikings 17, Bears 14.

Bills at Jets

MDS’s take: It’s EJ Manuel vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Are you excited? I’m not, but I think the Bills can move the ball on the ground enough to win this one.

MDS’s pick: Bills 20, Jets 17.

Florio’s take: Even if the Jets don’t try (again), they should beat a Buffalo franchise that suddenly is one of the NFL’s most dysfunctional.

Florio’s pick: Jets 24, Bills 16.

Cowboys at Eagles

MDS’s take: The Cowboys insist they’re playing to win even though they don’t have to, with home-field advantage wrapped up. They should handle the Eagles.

MDS’s pick: Cowboys 30, Eagles 20.

Florio’s take: The only question in this one is whether any Cowboys players will get injured. The Cowboys, too good to have a lapse and too loose to worry about what could go wrong, finish their perfect record against all teams not named the Giants.

Florio’s pick: Cowboys 30, Eagles 24.

Browns at Steelers

MDS’s take: Even resting their starters, the Steelers should have enough to beat the Browns.

MDS’s pick: Steelers 17, Browns 13.

Florio’s take: The Browns got their one win of the year. Even without Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown, the Steelers should be able to keep Cleveland from doubling its win total.

Florio’s pick: Steelers 27, Browns 20.

Panthers at Buccaneers

MDS’s take: The Bucs are effectively eliminated from the playoffs, but they are at least mathematically still alive and will, I think, play hard to finish the season strong.

MDS’s pick: Buccaneers 27, Panthers 20.

Florio’s take: The Bucs hope to finish a season of overachievement on a high note. The Panthers simply hope to finish the season.

Florio’s pick: Buccaneers 23, Panthers 17.

Texans at Titans

MDS’s take: The Texans may rest some players to get ready to host a playoff game next week, but even when doing that they should be able to beat a Matt Cassel-led Titans team.

MDS’s pick: Texans 17, Titans 14.

Florio’s take: The Titans are 1-4 in the division, 7-3 outside of it. Make that 1-5.

Florio’s pick: Texans 23, Titans 20.

Saints at Falcons

MDS’s take: The Falcons’ offense is rolling and the Saints’ defense is struggling. This one should be a beatdown.

MDS’s pick: Falcons 35, Saints 21.

Florio’s take: The Saints kept the Buccaneers out of the playoffs. The Saints won’t keep the Falcons out of the No. 2 seed.

Florio’s pick: Falcons 34, Saints 24.

Raiders at Broncos

MDS’s take: The Raiders are playing without Derek Carr, which is a huge blow, but with the Broncos alternating quarterbacks between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, I’m not optimistic about their offense. Oakland wins a close one to clinch the AFC West.

MDS’s pick: Raiders 17, Broncos 10.

Florio’s take: The Broncos could screw the Chiefs by laying down for the Raiders. Even if Denver doesn’t try, they’re good enough to overcome Matt McGloin.

Florio’s pick: Broncos 22, Raiders 17.

Cardinals at Rams

MDS’s take: Both of these teams are just playing out the string, but the Cardinals have at least looked like a competent team at times. Arizona shouldn’t have too much trouble here.

MDS’s pick: Cardinals 30, Rams 12.

Florio’s take: Two teams that used to be in St. Louis play before an L.A. crowd that would prefer to see neither.

Florio’s pick: Cardinals 30, Rams 23.

Chiefs at Chargers

MDS’s take: The Chiefs need to win and have the Raiders lose in order to win the AFC West. Kansas City will hold up its end of the bargain.

MDS’s pick: Chiefs 24, Chargers 10.

Florio’s take: San Diego says good riddance to the Chargers.

Florio’s pick: Chiefs 27, Chargers 20.

Seahawks at 49ers

MDS’s take: The Seahawks have been struggling of late, but even a struggling Seattle team shouldn’t have too hard a time with the 49ers.

MDS’s pick: Seahawks 31, 49ers 13.

Florio’s take: One last afternoon of Santa Clara traffic problems. That somehow won’t keep Seahawks fans from getting to the stadium.

Florio’s pick: Seahawks 34, 49ers 17.

Giants at Washington

MDS’s take: The Giants say they’re playing to win, but Washington has so much more to play for that I see this one going Washington’s way.

MDS’s pick: Washington 24, Giants 20.

Florio’s take: It’s win and in for Washington. For the Giants, the game means nothing. And while coach Ben McAdoo is trying to create the impression that the Giants will play to win, their best play would be to play to get no one injured.

Florio’s pick: Washington 26, Giants 20.

Packers at Lions

MDS’s take: With the NFC North on the line, Aaron Rodgers will have a big game while Matthew Stafford will struggle.

MDS’s pick: Packers 34, Lions 17.

Florio’s take: The Lions, who have beaten one team that currently has a winning record, realized on Monday night that they don’t belong in the playoff field. Sunday night confirms it.

Florio’s pick: Packers 34, Lions 21.

54 responses to “PFT’s Week 17 picks

  1. Dear Colts, please lose and fire Grigson and Pagano no later than 4:30pm on Sunday

    signed, Every Colts fan in America

  2. Florio’s take: The Broncos could screw the Chiefs by laying down for the Raiders. Even if Denver doesn’t try, they’re good enough to overcome Matt McGloin.

    Florio’s pick: Broncos 22, Raiders 17.

  3. “Even if the Jets don’t try (again), they should beat a Buffalo franchise that suddenly is one of the NFL’s most dysfunctional.”

    That’s hilarious because the Bills have been dysfunctional for a lllooonnnnngggg time. What is this “suddenly” you mention?

  4. The Dolphins most definitely have something to play for in that they move up to the #1 W.C. seed with a win and a Chiefs loss.

    Add to that the fact that Brady and Belichick have lost 3 straight in Miami against worse Dolphins teams than this one, and we have the makings of an upset.

  5. Picture the old dude in chest waders holding a fishing pole with the dollar bill tied to the line. Now substitute the dollar bill with the NFC North Championship. Finally picture Lions players, coaches, and fans hopelessly grasping and flailing to to reach it. Oh so close, you almost had it that time.

  6. So despite the Raiders being the better team and both teams not having good QBs, you pick on McGloin? He’s better than Lynch right now.

  7. Packers are probably going to win but I’d love to see Detroit win and shut the door on running the table for the Packers. Also hoping for Drew Brees to light up the Falcons defense. Not saying the Falcons won’t do the same to the Saints Defense but lets see a good shootout with Brees actually winning one of these this year. Also go Seahawks!

  8. I don’t agree with the attitude that a team makes the playoffs or locks down a certain seed and all of “has nothing to play for.” I like the old school Jimmy Johnson train of thought that the last few games, regardless of your playoff standing, are important for setting the tone going into the playoffs. I don’t care if Dallas is 15-0 with the #1 seed I still wanna see em win the last regular season game convincingly

  9. 2016nfcnorthchampiondetroitlions says:
    Dec 29, 2016 12:07 PM
    The only teams the Packers have beaten in this mini-hot streak that are good at all they have beaten in Green Bay. Lions have won their last six games at home. This Sunday night, my username comes true!


    The Packers are the better team and have the better QB. Stafford has had his best year as a pro, no doubt. But he still makes mistakes at crucial times by throwing picks. He did it again last week against the Cowboys.
    I think it will be a very hard fought game and the Lions home team advantage will keep it close, unless the Packers score early.
    The teams who are hot at the right team usually win. The Packers have won their last 4 (and in the NFL that’s not easy no matter who you play) and the Lions have lost 2 in a row against playoff teams.
    I see it this way: Packers 31 Lions 23

  10. gopack12go says:
    Dec 29, 2016 12:19 PM

    Look at Viking fan hating on the Packers, cause, hey, it’s al they have left.
    Don’t see one Vikings fan on here yet, so either your trying to do a humble brag about your team which failed miserably or your more worried about the Vikings than the rest of the teams you should be worried about

    Seahawks Fan

  11. I would just like to take this moment to recognize how thoroughly Tom Brady obliterated the haters this year. We were told he would end up 6-10 and retire in shame. Instead he is trying to lock up the No. 1 seed with a 25 td/2 ints and a 110 passer rating. Anyone that actually watches him play saw this coming a mile away, but the sheer grandeur of it still deserves applause.

  12. The Bills are suddenly one of the most dysfunctional franchises? Why? Because they got rid of idiot 1 and idiot 2? If anything functionality has probably improved. They put up 31 points last week and broke the franchise record for yards of offense. They’re not a great team but I think they will be OK against the Jets.

  13. So what are your overall picking records for the season? I’m at 151 correct picks so far this season.

    Like the St. Louis reference. I miss the St. Louis football Cardinals.

  14. Why would L.A. Fans not want to see their home team play against a division opponent featuring the most dynamic back in the league (probably setting another NFL record for 16 games over 100 yards from scrimmage) as well as a future HOF receiver in Fitzgerald!

  15. “The Lions, who have beaten one team that currently has a winning record, realized on Monday night that they don’t belong in the playoff field.”

    The same is true for the Dolphins, so there is only one explanation for all the hype around the Dolphins: recency bias.

  16. The Vikings will lay down for the Bears in hopes of knocking them down the draft board a notch or two.

  17. .
    If the Steelers tank vs the Browns, it could cost Cleveland the #1 overall pick. It could keep a good QB prospect out of the division.

  18. I love the many thumbs down by commenters saying GB is going to win. It shows exactly how afraid the rest of the NFC playoff field is of the best QB in the game playing at the height of his powers.

    Be afraid LOLoins. Be very afraid.


  19. How can a Joe “elite paid” Flacco game ever be meaningless??? If he wins this weekend the team will improve to .500 since paying him the biggest ever QB salary in 2013. It doesn’t get any more elite than that…

  20. I cannot imagine New England losing to Miami and not winning home field advantage. Belichick and Brady are simply not going to let that happen. Once they have it, the Patriots will be extremely difficult to beat at Foxborough.
    Dallas already has home field advantage, but playing at AT&T stadium does not offer the Cowboys the same advantage as playing at Gillette stadium offers the Patriots.
    Philadelphia will play Dallas hard. Seriously, we’re talking about the Eagles. They’ve never won a Super Bowl, so beating the Cowboys at home to close their season is their Super Bowl. Dallas will play their starters for a half to keep them sharp, then rest the majority to avoid injury. So I expect Philadelphia to get a meaningless victory.
    The real game is between New York and Washington, because it affects the game between Detroit and Green Bay. The Giants are playing for momentum, but the Redskins are playing for entry. Win and they’re in. It’s going to be a hard fought game, but Washington has more to gain than New York has to lose.
    If the Redskins win, then the loser between the Packers and the Lions is out of the playoffs. I really don’t see Green Bay losing in that game. The only way Detroit makes the playoffs is if New York defeats Washington.
    Then it’s off to the races. I don’t think anyone can beat the Patriots at home, not this year. I do think someone can beat the Cowboys at home, maybe not in the divisional round but in the conference championship.
    Atlanta, Green Bay, New York, even Washington, are all very dangerous opponents for Dallas to face. In the end, I expect the Packers will prevail.
    So I’m looking forward to a New England vs. Green Bay Super Bowl. And that will be a game.

  21. Congratulations to all the teams still playing meaningful football. You have represented your respected fan bases very well.

    For everybody else, you have some work to do.

  22. The Lions are a far better team than the Packers but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win.

    Packers 30. Lions 27

    Suh and Wake will attempt to sandwich Brady and miss, resulting in injuries to both and a loss to the Steelers.

    Patriots 27. Miami 23

    The entire Jets and Bills teams will forgo the game in favor of sandwiches midfield.

    Game tied due to mutual forfeiture.

    The Chiefs excel at winning when nothing is at stake.

    Chargers 27. Chiefs 19

    The Raiders win the division with the Chiefs loss. Broncos try to screw both the Chiefs and the Patriots by laying down, but fail.

    Broncos 13 Raiders 10

    Giants have nothing to play for, vow to play hard anyway, but don’t. And yet

    Giants. 23. Redskins 19

  23. Packers will “earn” 2 scores on weak calls…one of them will be PI on a bomb that is weak.

    Lions will have a score or a key play reversed by a weak call.

    Packers will win. Same teams every year.

  24. 4sacroc says:
    Dec 29, 2016 11:57 AM
    Matthew Stafford will feast on the NFL’s worst secondary.

    Lions 41-34


    Didn’t realize the week 17 game was an intrasquad scrimmage….

  25. All Brady does is win games and superbowls (.750 + wining percentage) the crying is done by the trolls like hehateme.

  26. Packers 38 Lions 17. The Lions always choke at the end of the year, and they’re doing it again.

  27. The lions lost to playoff teams on the road the last couple weeks….it happens.

    Tonight green bay will lose to a playoff team on the road.

  28. … Again, Roger Goodell must be having fits as the New England Patriots finish with the best record in the NFL… AGAIN!

    Whatever the NFL does to keep the Patriots down… it only makes them stronger.

    I can’t wait to see Roger hand that Lombardi Trophy to MVP Tom Brady. It’s gonna be sweet!

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