Savage-Osweiler likely will be 1-2 on the Texans depth chart in 2017


The Texans have benched quarterback Brock Osweiler, replacing him with third-year former fourth-rounder Tom Savage. Barring injury, it will last for at least the rest of the season.

As John McClain of the Houston Chronicle explained on Thursday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN, Savage likely will enter 2017 as the starter, with Osweiler as the high-priced backup. Again, barring injury.

The arrangement will create an awkward dynamic, with Savage making $690,000 in 2017 and Osweiler earning more than 23 times that amount.

The situation could prompt the Texans to try to sign Savage to a new deal, but with so much money tied up in Osweiler and with other key players due for new deals (such as receiver DeAndre Hopkins), it won’t be easy both to reward Savage and to purchase his shot at unrestricted free agency or the franchise tag.

Regardless, Osweiler will be back, given the massive contract he signed. And McClain made it clear that, despite some national reports attempting to characterize the Osweiler acquisition as an ownership move, coach Bill O’Brien and G.M. Rick Smith wanted Osweiler, and they got him. And they surely now wish they hadn’t.

24 responses to “Savage-Osweiler likely will be 1-2 on the Texans depth chart in 2017

  1. O’Brien better thank Romeo C everyday he sees him, because Romeo is the only reason we haven’t had 3 disastrous seasons in a row. O’Brien is an offensive mess. He can’t evaluate/pick coordinators or quarterbacks (remember Mallet was his guy last year), and O’Brien is god awful at calling his own plays. I guess we keep him again next year because we’ve had three winning seasons in a row, but man is he bad at the side of the ball he controls.

  2. They don’t even need a depth chart to begin the 2017 pre-season, but if they do, it’s not going to be etched in stone. The two QBs will have the entire off-season to prepare and then battle it out in the pre-season. Whoever plays the best will win the job. I would bet on Osweiler. The competition will serve the team well. If Savage can beat out Osweiler, then Houston is in pretty good shape.

  3. Osweiler’s young and will get better with the right coaching .. he wasn’t terrible in Denver and has a pretty good team around him now …

    O’Brien needs to find a QB whisperer like Adam Gase and back off a bit …

  4. Such an obviously bone headed move at the time. Only bigger waste of money is whatever they’re paying the team’s “Brain trust”. Just about any member of the general public would make wiser decisions.

  5. Before the revisionist historians arrive to tell us what a genius Elway was for letting him go, lets remember three things:

    1. The Broncos offered Osweiler $16 million a year with more than 30 million guaranteed.

    2. The Denver QB situation was a disaster this year.

    3. The Texans made the playoffs, the Broncos are home watching.

  6. >> If Savage can beat out Osweiler, then Houston is in pretty good shape.

    If a below average QB wins the job over a way below average QB you are NOT in good shape.

    Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert are better QBs than me, do you want them as your starters?

    Rick Smith – he may be worse than my teams GM.

  7. 3. The Texans made the playoffs, the Broncos are home watching.


    Before you get too high up on that horse, remember that Houston plays in the AFC South while Denver is in thrvAFC West. In any other division, Houston is not a playoff team.

  8. Texans fans were warned? What were they going to do with that information? The fans aren’t making these moronic moves. It’s their horrible GM and clueless owner. I don’t remember many Texans fans being excited about Osweiler. Most wanted a QB in the draft or at least give Savage a shot.

  9. intrafinesse says:
    Dec 29, 2016 7:53 PM

    Rick Smith – he may be worse than my teams GM.

    He still has Loomis breaking his fall.

  10. I disagree. I bet John Fox would be willing to deal a 7th rounder for Osweiler. He could probably get more out of him than O’Brien has and would probably play better than Cutler. If it doesn’t work out, you’re only stuck with him for 2017

  11. The money’s already spent; now you gotta win games. Suck it up, live with the mistake, and put the better player on the field .

  12. Brock Osweiler has had 5 off seasons to improve. 2017 will be his 6th off season to improve. FYI he is not going to magically improve in year 6 off season. Obrien and the GM down there are pinheads. Yes they won their division but half the teams in the NFL would win the AFC south. Now they are strapped with this guys salary for awhile.

    For that kind of money do not kid yourself with the ol rants he wants to compete. LOL. Brock will be smiling holding that clipboard all the way to the bank. Don’t think that will not weigh on Savages mind either because it will. ” I get paid peanuts compared to the guy. A king me up ?” Good job Obrien

  13. Rick Smith – he may be worse than my teams GM…He still has Loomis breaking his fall…I’ll see ya, and raise you with my team’s GM: Grigson…I”ll rake in the pot now, thank you very much!

  14. Is that pic calling the Houston Texans a ‘dumpster fire’?

    But I do wonder how the Texans (my daughter-in-law’s-team) would do in any other AFC division. Could they compete in the tough-as-nails North? The suddenly strong West? In the East, which might soom be taken over by the Dolphins? (I hope anyway! tired of the Pats!)

    Now if they realign the divisions and put the Fins in the South where they belong and the Texans take their place…I mean, the Bills and Jets are set up to suck for years, right?

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