Shazier: Steelers treat Bengals “like little brothers that get on our nerves”

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The Steelers have a pair of arch rivals in the AFC North. Or do they?

Asked Wednesday whether the Steelers have a bigger rivalry with the Ravens or the Bengals, linebacker Ryan Shazier declined to even apply the rivalry label to the annual two-game Cincinnati series.

“The Ravens are more of a rivalry and the Bengals, we treat them like little brothers that get on our nerves,” Shazier said on PFT Live. “They constantly bug you, they try to get on your nerves and try to find a way to beat the big brother but they never can. You know sometimes little brother might be a little bit more athletic or quicker or something but the big brother always finds a way and I feel like that’s how we are. We find a way no matter what. They have athletes over there, they got a good team over there, but I feel like we’re just the big brothers. I think we mentally got them beat and I know how important it is to a lot of our guys.”

The Steelers have beaten the Bengals four straight times and seven of the last eight. Including a pair of playoff wins by the Steelers, Pittsburgh leads a series that dates back to 1970 by a 23-game margin, 58-35.

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  1. 58 to 35 Pitt leads…….The two teams have played 52 regular season games since the last Bengals playoff victory. The Steelers are 2&0 in wildcard games against the Bengals since the last playoff win for the Bengals. It really would be hard to call it a rivalry.

  2. This Bengals fan says: Nothing to see here. Until the Bengals start beating the Steelers regularly, Pitt’s entitled to their attitude. And I’m entitled to favor every other team that plays them.

  3. Bengals fan here and Shazier is right, The Bengals just can’t beat the Steelers consistently, even in past years when they were the better team.
    Also, Shazier put Gio Bernard to sleep last year and then danced at midfield, so I better not ever hear him whining about Burfict.

  4. Probably a cheap shot to even go there, but right now he’s got the right, Steelers have the upper hand between the two.

    With that said, it’s just a classless thing to say and is another example of how the Steelers are not on the moral high-ground (as ESPN/NFL Executive Offices would lead you to believe) in this often ugly rivalry. They are just as dirty and low-class, except they get the benefit of the doubt.

    By my count, these teams have met in 1 playoff game where both teams were essentially at full strength. 2012 Week 16 play-in game in Pitt. Winner was in playoffs, loser was out. Guess who won?

  5. The writer of this fanboy fluff has been sniffing Shazier’s jock since his illegal hit on Bernard turned last year’s wildcard game around.

  6. These Pats fans posting on a Steelers/Bengal thread are comical. Little insecure huh? You know you want no part of us in January. You barely beat Landry Jones this season.

  7. Now he knows how the Patriots feel about the steelers.

    23 20

    Gee Ted I thought the story was about the Steelers , but as usual as Pat’s fan you have to make it about the Pat’s……pretty insecure for an adult.

  8. I was mistaken. The Pats don’t really look at the steelers as an annoying little brother. It’s more akin to a rented mule.

  9. Well I mean the Steelers have our number so yeah. There may not be a rivalry but there is a lot of bad blood. Once they get rid of Marvin after his contract is over next year things will get better I hope at least.

  10. Love the pats,but their obnoxious fan base needs to realize one thing, the patriots have played the broncos 52 times with the broncos winning thirty. So by your method that must mean the Broncos are the Patriots daddy.

  11. Just as you yinzer’s want no part of the Patriots in New England. We all know how that story ends for the “burgh”, stairway falls through with Tomlin and steeler players making excuses while their mouth-breathing fans tell us it’s ok we still got 6.

  12. You gotta laugh at all these Patriot “fans” who probably couldn’t tell you who the QB was before Brady without Google.

  13. None of these N.E. / Steelers posts mean squat unless both teams make it to play each other. If they do it will be the highest ratings the NFL has this year.

  14. NE has beaten Pitt 9 of the last 12 games, including 4 of the last 5 going back to 2010
    That must make the Pats the Steelers daddy.

    Confirmed cheaters bragging about winning? There’s class for ya.

  15. Patriots! HAhaha! The Steelers are little brother to no one & definitely not the Patriots.
    EST 1933, 600 wins! 6 SB’s by 3 different coaches, 7 losing seasons for Half a Century now.

  16. Anybody that has watched plenty of football knows the Packers Steelers Broncos patriots there could be a few more… Get lots of calls and outside help. Could the same be said for the dolphins jags bills… That playoff game last year. You call that a completion.. and dez Bryants and Calvin jonhsons (years ago)was not (football fans know which game changing completions I speak of. Dude the league must be fixed or else they would have sorted this referrering bull crap decades ago. So when a player talks about playoff wins where the QB was out (Carson’s knee and Andy’s hand) I really think people miss some info. Is the team that beats the raiders this postseason going to talk trash. They shouldn’t Derek Carr is out..They shouldn’t their starting QB is out.. .

  17. theageofquarrel says:
    Dec 30, 2016 7:17 AM
    You gotta laugh at all these Patriot “fans” who probably couldn’t tell you who the QB was before Brady without Google.

    To be fair, half of them were probably in grade school the last time Bledsoe took a snap for them.
    Brady has been b slapping the AFC North for a long time.

  18. sbchampsagain says:
    Dec 30, 2016 11:29 AM
    Pittsburgh was lucky to win the most recent matchup with Baltimore.
    Baltimore has beaten Pittsburgh 9 of the past 13 times too.

    A win is a win and we broke your hearts! Lets go Steeler Nation Lets get number 7!! We are playing great football right now. And for you Patriots fans you barely beat us with Big Ben out. Bring it!

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