Darrelle Revis: Jets can handle my situation with class or no class

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Among the decisions that await the Jets this offseason is one about how to deal with cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Signs of Revis’ slip from the upper echelon of cornerbacks have been well-documented this year usually with some mention of his $15 million-plus cap number for next season making its way into the conversation as well. The Jets have until the start of the new year to make a call on moving on and getting $9 million of that cap space back, which is a decision that Revis believes is a simple one.

“Would I love to be here? Yes,” Revis said, via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. “Will I be back? That’s a great question. My thing would be this: Do the New York Jets want to treat my situation with class or no class? With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here? That’s the biggest question. It’s black and white. It’s not very complicated.”

Class or no class doesn’t seem to be defined by keeping him at his current contract. Revis, who has been mentioned as a candidate to move to safety, said that he understands “what the next step is” and is ready to “talk to the guys upstairs and see what’s going to best help me and best help the team moving forward.” That could mean a pay cut that ensures he’ll stay with the team, although that’s obviously just one of the possibilities on the table as the Jets get ready to start both 2017 and their offseason.

149 responses to “Darrelle Revis: Jets can handle my situation with class or no class

  1. Darelle, show some class and take a massive pay cut if you want to stay with the Jets. You sound like a real diva.

  2. Revis is talking about class and loyalty?! He used to be a great player, but he was always all about himself. Jets should kick him to the curb if they are serious about getting better as a team.

  3. This guy HATES the Jets! Single handedly has destroyed them for over a decade. Constant distraction with the repeated holdouts, Goes to the PATS to help THEM win a super bowl, and after he then returns to suck every last nickel out of gang green.
    I bet the Jets wished they never laid eyes on him

  4. Like you handled every freaking contract you ever signed with the Jets about a year after signing it Mr. Revis? You know,honoring it with tons of class by not whining about market value and holding out,not jumping ship etc.? Karma. It wins every time bud….

  5. “One of the best players in the history of the franchise…”

    Okay, first we’re talking about the New York Jets, not the Green Bay Packers. For the Jets, their “best” player is the most overrated member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Second, no. You’re not.

  6. Revis has NO class, why should he care if the J(us)t E(nd) T(he) S(eason) act the same………..greedy washed up has been, he doesn’t even have the class to save viewers the embarrassment of having to watch him diminish befor our eyes. RETIRE !!

  7. The Jest should let him walk. They’ll embarrass themselves even more by keeping him around at that much money where they are essentially held hostage by the guy.

  8. .
    Going forward, the Jets have the least promising future of all NFL teams. Cleveland, the 49ers, Jacksonville and the Rams have all hit rock bottom. However, they have draft and/or salary cap currency. It gives them an opportunity to improve in a hurry.

    Meanwhile, the Jets have #6 draft pick which is just out of the ” can’t miss” class. Plus, they have no real cap space, as it was misspent on underperforming check cashers. If someone has a master plan, send it to the Jets. Other than a malcontent fire sale, I can see no way out of the mess they’ve created.

  9. Revis knows better than anyone that it’s all about the bottom line for both parties. Appealing to the classiness of the New York Jets, though? That’s like offering Jeffrey Dahmer a nice healthy salad.

  10. Let me guess Jets having class means they keep this has been at his current salary and no class means they cut him outright or resign him for about $3 million a year.

  11. Class? This is the guy who held out twice demanding more money then left when we needed him the most to help a division rival win another super bowl! Cut. His. Ass.

  12. Revis WAS one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history, but what kind of class did he ever show? The only loyalty he ever showed was to the biggest pay day. Did he offer to pay back the difference between the elite player salary he is being paid this year and the practice squad player he has become? Besides, any mention of anything about the jets in the same sentence that the word “clas” is used is ludicrous.

  13. Whenever Revis would have a great year, he was never shy about demanding more money. Well, now it’s time for the flip side of the coin since he isn’t playing at a level that deserves his current pay. I’m all about getting every dollar you can but this kind of proposition seems incredibly tacky.

  14. In the same way that Darrelle Revis has been a mercenary for hire, always chasing the paychecks with little loyalty to his team or teammates, the Jets should dump him as soon as the season ends. Revis can call it no class, but I’d call it the Revis model of doing business.

  15. Yeah, because the Jets owe him after all of those holdouts. It’s just a business decision, right Revis? Maybe you should ask your Uncle for advice?

  16. Class, Revis? After he’d left the Pats and having publicly cast a few cheap false aspertions after being tampered back to the Jets, he sent HIS MOMMY to pick up his ring. And then didn’t play to his worth back at the Jets, and is now starting to take a shot at them too… Revis has always been about Revis, and he was never classy.

  17. For someone who hast always treated football as a bottom-line business, asking to be kept on the team payroll for sentimental reasons is a little odd, to put it charitably.

  18. Yes revis it’s not complicated. If you’re not good enough to play you no longer have the right to play. Jets don’t owe you anything, they’ve paid you generously already. Man football players are not bright individuals most of the time.

  19. I’m guessing the Jets will, and should handle the situation with the same type of class Revis did when it came to honoring prior contracts with the Jets..

    Remember the continuous hold outs and threats while under contract Darrell?

  20. “With me being one of the best players in the history of this franchise, do they want me to retire here or not retire here?”

    Speaking of class…

  21. I hope they treat him with the same class he showed them when he refused to play without a new contract. Life is a two-way street Darelle.
    Look out for that axe, Eugene.

  22. So now Revis wants to talk about loyalty? He should be ashamed. He did a great job on the field and an even better job of using the system to maximize dollars earned and bonus money. He was all about the money. That’s cool because most of the time he delivered on the field. He ain’t doing that anymore. Class or no class has nothing to do with it. Nobody owes him a thing.

  23. Can’t see Revis taking even a dollar less from anyone for anything.

    I wonder if handling things with class will mean giving him everything he wants despite a big drop off in performance and fitness levels at age 30.

    Not only did he help the Jets biggest rival win a Super Bowl but he also mailed it in after the Jets paid him ridiculously well to get him back.


  24. If there’s one guy who all his career have been ruthless negotiating his talents it’s Revis.
    He should not expect to be treated with kid’s gloves at this point.

  25. Props to Revis for treating his career like a business and getting the most money he could at literally every point possible. But then he should understand if the Jets also decide to make a business decision on their part and cut him loose

  26. class… like when you sent your mom to pick up your super bowl ring from mr. kraft’s house? that kinda class? washed up bum

  27. I expect the Jets to cut Revis. If he wants to stay in New York he should renegotiate his contract so that his pay is inline with his performance. You stay classy Revis.

  28. So Revis – who isn’t ready to retire – would like to play at least next year and be treated with class as one of the best players in the franchise’s history when it comes to his salary?

  29. So a guy whose been almost always all about himself and to heck with the team I wanna get paid now wants the team to not do what’s in its best interest?

    He’s getting cut unless he takes a huge pay cut. And there’s no question he doesn’t see this coming, he’s a very smart man. He knows it and that’s why he’s opening fire now.

  30. Class? Are you kidding? How many times did he threaten to or actually hold out, shortly after he put his name on a new contract, because he was upset somebody else was making more money. The shakedown king of the NFL.

  31. Dear Darrelle,

    You did the smart thing throughout your career and maximized your earnings by playing hardball with your contract negotiations. Money is not guaranteed and too often players get railroaded. You, however, avoided this and I personally applaud you for it.

    Unfortunately, that kind of thing works both ways and, at this point in your career, the shoe is now on the other foot. I suggest you tone down the rhetoric and quietly try to work something out because you are not worth $13mm anymore.

    Thanks and Regards

  32. Oh my God!!! I have heard it all! This guy, who has no class at all, calling out the team that has paid him countless millions. Mevi$ is the ultimate mercenary. If I were the Jets, I would tell him to not let the door hit you a$$ on the way out. Typical star that has no idea. And he is not even in the top ten as far as greatest Jets players.

  33. You held out 3 times and left for more money to other teams twice (one our bitter rival who you brought a super bowl). And you say the Jets should handle you with class?? You’ve milked the system and now it’s your turn to finally have some class and take a major pay cut to retire with the Jets. You’ve been awful for most of this new ridiculous contract.

  34. You are a hired gun and have been nothing but that since your first hold out. You’re not a lifer and you’re not Charles Woodson. The smart thing for the Jets to do would be asking you to take a pay cut or dropping you from their team.

  35. I hope Revis acts classy and offers to take an enormous pay cut for grossly underperforming based on the value of his contract for 2016. I hope he apologizes profusely to the Jets and their fans for watching receivers consistently race past him as footballs whizzed by overhead.

    I’m sure he’ll do the classy thing.

  36. they can handle it w/ class and still cut you…if you’re willing to greatly restructure your contract you’ll be a jet but if not you’ll be cut and looking for work if not retiring

  37. maybe he can handle it with class!!!

    Remove all the extras, redo your contract so its team friendly, take your farewell tour and move on.

    Its amazing how all these guys think the world owes them.

  38. When the ultimate football mercenary starts talking about ‘class’ it’s a pretty good indicator even he knows the end is near. He’s probably looking for either a buyout offer that’s above his current guaranteed money or a further guarantee in a reworked dummy ‘extension’ so he can pick their pocket one more time. ‘Cla$$’ indeed…lmao

  39. Boomer Esiason has been saying the reason for the fall off in Revis’s play is he is not in shape. Boomer said he’s too heavy and that’s why he can’t cover anyone.
    Even if Boomer is wrong and it’s simply age and injuries which have caught up to Revis, Revis is wrong as wrong can be. It has nothing to do with class by the Jets whether to keep him.
    It has everything to do with whether it’s smart to pay a DB that much money who couldn’t cover a grandmother if she played WR. The answer is, no, it’s not.
    I guess he forgets the Pats let him go rather than pick up a 20 million dollar option after he helped them win a Super Bowl. Again, it had nothing to do with class — it had everything to do with being smart.
    These players always look at things one way. When they demand more money and threaten to or actually hold out, they say it’s strictly business. But when the teams do what they feel is the smart thing to do, they bring up things such as class.
    Anyone who saw Revis play this year saw a guy who is a below average DB. If they are willing to pay him big money for what he’s done in the past, they are probably a perennial losing team.

    The only way the Jets should keep Revis is if agrees to two things: take a big pay cut and move to safety.

  40. My money is on Revis….he’s been schooling the Jets since day one of his contract back when he was a rookie….why would this be any different…..

  41. Can he really demand pay for performance at every contract renewal and then expect a team to keep paying him out of loyalty when his skills diminish? Uh…. no. As revis pointed out many times, it’s about business. Class doesn’t factor in. If he wants to take a contract based on his current skill level then fine.

  42. This is a business decision and that’s just the way Revis has handled things on his end. He HAS to respect that. Revis is a $6 million dead cap hit waiting to happen. He isn’t going to get the $2 million roster bonus due to him on day one of the league year. He’ll be a free agent the same way he was shortly after he helped the Patriots win a Super Bowl. Class here would be Revis doing a deal with the Jets that gets him $3 million for 2017 as he makes the move to safety. It’s really a bad move for the Jets though as Revis is now afraid to tackle, not a great thing for a safety.

  43. dustinbrady1215 says:
    Dec 30, 2016 7:40 AM

    New England thanks you for the mind blowing sex in 2014 Darrelle. But thank god it wasn’t a long term relationship.
    Perhaps the most overrated single season in NE history, with the team winning the SB in spite of him, not because of him.

    Got torched by Steve Smith in the playoffs, and again by Baldwin in the SB.

    By that point I think NE had seen enough and woudn’t have signed him for 5 mil.

  44. I think it’s safe to say the QB’s & Receivers of the Dolphs, Bills, & Pats hope he returns to the Jests in 17!

  45. Sounds like he wants to get paid for what he used to be. That may be an option if the team were good and could still fit you under the cap. But, they need a wholesale rebuild and can’t afford to overpay for diminishing returns. That money may buy 3 or 4 solid contributors at other positions.

  46. Class is when an team re-signs a formerly beloved player (which Revis is) who is no longer with the organization to a 1-day contract so they can retire as a member of that team. So let’s make this happen: Revis gets released at the end of this season, then re-signs a 1-day contract so that he can retire as a Jet. Classy move all around!! Hmmm… guess I better not hold my breath!

  47. I’m a Rams fan and the only good highlights from our pathetic season were Johnny Hekker’s 2 punts over 70 yards and Kenny Britt repeatedly torching Darrelle in their match-up. Kenny Britt?! And “Me”vis thinks that makes him worth 15 mil?

  48. Every GM should ask one simple question when putting together a roster…”What would Belichick do?”
    Belichick’s criteria:
    -Does the player live for football?
    -Will the player be a distraction in the locker room?
    -Does the contract match the performance?
    -Is winning a priority?
    Revis’ answers:

  49. Of course they should let him go, but Woody has proven he has no idea what he’s doing over and over again and it would not surprise me to see Revis back in Jets green giving his standard 55% effort.

  50. The classiest move for a guy who was always a me first player would be to cut him now so he has his best chance to sign somewhere else. I’m not even sure he’s worth a roster spot at this point and given his negotiating history, that’s classy enough for him.

    Put a fork in him, he’s done.

  51. Please don’t sell this man a truck! He’s gonna back it up to the Jets’ building again, and steal, again! That’s a lot of money for a guy that’s pretty much, toast!

  52. Hilarious.

    Revis was a tremendous player…but his mercenary money-first approach to the game led to him being regarded as a gun for hire with zero loyalty to any organization.

    It will be interesting to see how HOF voters choose to treat him in a few years. The talent and production are clearly there….but his lack of integrity and refusal to honor contracts will likely hurt him.

  53. That is quite the entitled mentality for an overweight CB that was constantly beat this season. I have yet to hear anything from him admitting his ability is in a steep decline.

  54. tedmurph | Dec 30, 2016, 9:04 AM EST
    Class? Are you kidding? How many times did he threaten to or actually hold out, shortly after he put his name on a new contract, because he was upset somebody else was making more money. The shakedown king of the NFL.

    Lest you forget Teddy Revis was your” Rented Mule” for a year and you loved him. Class is something you know nothing about…stick to your mules Teddy.

  55. if the greatest CB of all time can play Safety he will be on the Team 2017-2019. If he cannot, he will play elsewhere or retire

  56. Not the phraseology I would have used if I was Mr. Revis. Then again, I just would have kept my my mouth shut.

    Woody’s woody for Revis reminds me of Sumner Redstone’s expensive crushes. It ends to end ugly.

  57. And this is why we say “In Bill we trust”. Belichick isn’t perfect, but he has the best track record in making personnel decisions of anyone I know of. So Pats fans: the next time we don’t spend a ton of money on a big name free agent – just relax. We have the best of the best making those decisions so you don’t have to.

  58. Even when he was with the Pats, Revis could be a liability. Everyone forgets he was burned repeatedly by Doug Baldwin in the Super Bowl, including the TD that put Seattle up 24-14 in the 3rd quarter.

    He’s now well past his prime. It’s not very complicated.

  59. I didn’t even have to read the article to help form my opinion on this and that is the Jets DON’T OWE YOU SQUAT!!! The amount of money you’ve embezzled from this franchise with putting up a couple of dozen highlights over your exaggerated career is mind boggling. The only other player that has probably earned more with doing less is Sam Bradford.

    I wouldn’t give this guy another cent, get rid of him and if/when you want to enshrine him into the ring of honor, make that chump pay for it. It’s not like he doesn’t have the money.

  60. roninscribe says:
    Dec 30, 2016 11:26 AM
    Even when he was with the Pats, Revis could be a liability. Everyone forgets he was burned repeatedly by Doug Baldwin in the Super Bowl…

    Everyone forgets that because it is not true.

    Baldwin had one catch in that game and, although it was for a TD against Revis, Revis was picked by an official on that play.

    I am no Revis apologist but, for the most part, Revis played well for the Pats that year. Probably not as well as he would like to claim, but he certainly helped the Pats that season.

  61. 15 million is a bargain, JETS should be paying at least 20 mil a year. If you know someone who’s poop does not stink, that’s a keeper. I’m not sure 3-4 awesome years gets you into the HOF, but what do I know? I’m just a dude from Chicago who loves to make sweet love to all the ladies. I ain’t got no time for this

  62. When he was in his prime he got paid like he was in his prime. Now that he is in his pasture years, they owe him nothing more. Fair would be for him to negotiate a contract that pays him no guaranteed money but gives him performance incentives that bump up his contract. All must be contingent on his ability to play safety.

  63. He is just doing what any other man does, trying to get the best deal he can for himself next year.

    Someone should explain to him that if you’re really the best, you don’t to keep repeating that you are.

  64. Easy call–move on and get that 9 million in cap space. The Jets are nowhere near competing for anything important and need to rebuild. Why pay for past performance when it was 5 years ago?

    This guy isn’t even in the top 25-30 corners in the game today, and he’s so out of shape he’s clearly mailing it in.

    Don’t let him con you again, Jets.

  65. What is he expecting? He’s been terrible this year he couldn’t cover anyone. The Jets should let him walk.

  66. ipdaily69 says:
    Dec 30, 2016 10:37 AM
    Every GM should ask one simple question when putting together a roster…”What would Belichick do?”
    Belichick’s criteria:
    -Does the player live for football?
    -Will the player be a distraction in the locker room?
    -Does the contract match the performance?
    -Is winning a priority?
    Revis’ answers:


    That’s is exactly right.
    I am a Packers fan and went into Dunkin Donuts this morning with one of my many Packers hats on. The young guy behind the counter said, “go Bears!”. I smiled and asked him if he were a Bears fan. He answered, “go Lions!”. “I said, — oh, I get it — you just hate the Packers”.
    He smirked and said, “go Patriots!”.
    When he came to give me the bagels I ordered, I asked him why he hates the Packers. He answered, “they win too much”. I nodded, smiled, and said, “okay”.
    As I left, I thought he must be pretty dumb because the Patriots have won more than the Packers during his life time. But then it hit me. That’s why he’s buttering bagels at Dunkin Donuts.
    Go Packers. LOL

  67. Ted Thompson allegedly had a boner for Revis in 2007. Missed him by 2 picks.

    I hoped he would sign Revis after he left New England.

    Thanks for passing on this guy, Ted.

  68. fanfrommontreal says:
    Dec 30, 2016 8:49 AM
    If there’s one guy who all his career have been ruthless negotiating his talents it’s Revis.
    He should not expect to be treated with kid’s gloves at this point.


    Sir, it’s KID gloves. As in, gloves made from kidskin, which is extremely soft. So handling someone with kid gloves means very soft gloves, very soft handling.

  69. Revis held the Jets over a barrel every opportunity he could to squeeze every last penny out of them no matter how much it hurt the team. Now he wants them to treat him differently?

  70. Do they want him to retire as a Jet?… Sure!

    Do they want to pay the man 15 mil to do nothing next season just to retire as a Jet?… No!

    The payment is to be a TOP lights out cornerback… not to be a has been… Props to being one of the greatest of all time, but that time has come and gone just as your contract soon will be.

  71. Revis screwed the Jets over when he tried to renegotiate his contracts, then he left to go to TB for more money. But, the biggest slap in the Jets face was when he signed with the Patriots and won a Super Bowl. As a lifelong Pats fan, I couldn’t get enough of seeing Revis on the float during the championship parade after their breathtaking win over Seattle. I was sad to see him leave the Pats, but there was no way they were going to pay him 15 million per year when they had Malcom Butler to replace him as the star corner. BB is the best evaluator of talent, (or lack thereof), in the NFL, and letting Revis go is a perfect example of that.

  72. Should New York really have two NFL teams when other cities can’t get one? That makes no sense.
    One of the things that seems to permeate in these situations is one team is a have and the other is a have not because the fan base is split, not necessarily 50-50. When one team sucks, it’s easy to move fan “loyalty” to the other team.

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