Report: Cowboys plan to play Tony Romo on Sunday

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Tony Romo will make his 2016 debut on the first day of 2017.

Romo, who has missed the entire season after suffering a back injury in the preseason and then being demoted in favor of Dak Prescott, is expected to play on Sunday, January 1, against the Eagles, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

That appears to be a change in plans for the Cowboys, who had previously indicated that they wouldn’t risk an injury to Romo in a meaningless game and would turn to Mark Sanchez if they decided to give Prescott some rest in the regular season finale.

The Cowboys may want to make sure Romo isn’t too rusty in case they need him in the playoffs. Prescott is the unquestioned starter, but if he were to get hurt in the postseason, they’d turn to Romo to try to guide them to the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys may also want to show other teams that Romo can still play, in the hopes that they can trade him in the offseason.

Romo’s last regular-season game was Thanksgiving of 2015, when he threw three interceptions and suffered the second of his three recent serious injuries.

73 responses to “Report: Cowboys plan to play Tony Romo on Sunday

  1. At this point he could come in a play a perfect game (for however long he plays), but Dak will start the next game, and not be looking over his shoulder.

  2. Yeah sure put a man who hasn’t played in 3 months behind a 2nd string o-line.. that is brilliant decision! Goodluck vs the Packers in a playoff game!

  3. anthony ramiro will be rusty; hopefully he doesn’t get hurt because then the cowboys will be one injury to dak from buttfumble snaps.

    mark buttchez in game snaps.

  4. 3 years and you bring him back facing the Eagles ? Meaningless game ? For Dallas yes, for the Eagles no. Who really cares about the score. The Eagles have but one goal: BREAK ROMO. A great finish to a lackluster season. Cheap shot ? toss me out of the game, who cares, it’s the last game of the season. Some may think that Dallas is actually sacrificing Romo to save Dak. That may very well be true. …

  5. A questionable decision given the likely absence of the starting LG and LT in a meaningless game (for everyone except the Eagles).

  6. Wow it is like the Cowboys are trying to shoot themselves in both feet. Let Dak get rusty, by not playing a game in 3 weeks before he enters his first postseason. Disrupt the team by forcing them to adjust to old man Romo. Just, wow. No wonder they’ve been awful for so long.

    I would feel bad for Dallas fans, but they are bad people so it doesn’t bother me.

  7. It’d be stupid not to play Romo. If Dak got hurt in the playoffs do you really think they are strutting out Mark Sanchez? Probably should let Romo get some work in and act like a professional franchise that is preparing for a single elimination tournament.

  8. Didn’t Jerruh say earlier in the week that Romo wouldn’t be playing? And didn’t I, and others, say he’d say the opposite before the week was out?

    Jerruh won’t be happy until he puts Romo in a wheelchair, I swear.

  9. Of course he has to play – you’re not going into the playoffs with a back up who hasn’t been on the field for an entire season.

    As for Mark Sanchez, well, it’s mark Sanchez. If he has to come in, you’re toast anyway.

  10. For next game, Dak-Romo-one quarter each and second half finish with Sanchez, and see how that works. No regrets win or lose, they have to know what they have for the playoffs. I can’t believe I said that.

  11. I’d love to see him play well so his trade value is increased. On top of that, as long as he doesn’t go to the 49ers or a NFC East team (won’t happen) I will have another team to root for next year. I’ve always been a Tony Romo fan as a player and as a person. Hard not to root for the guy.

  12. And, as usual, Jerry Jones does the exact opposite of what he said he’s going to do. You Cowboys fans shouldn’t be surprised one bit. I like Romo, but swear that Jones has a death wish for him. If Romo is really going to move on next year – and who can blame him – why risk injury in a meaningless game?

  13. At this point in their careers I don’t think you’re any better off with Romo than with Sanchez. Eagles should win this game.

  14. They need to get Romo the reps just for insurance. And if he does well, it could help in moving him, so there are benefits. But after all this time, sending him out against a Jim Schwartz defense with nothing to lose could just as easily back-fire for everyone involved. Should be a fun game to watch.

  15. Good, this might be Tony’s last game playing as a Cowboy, the kid gave his body to this team hope Cowboys fans enjoy it and give him the proper send off….love him or hate no denying he gave it his all for this franchise…..

  16. exinsidetrader says:
    Dec 30, 2016 8:13 AM
    Better for team chemistry to have Dak do the first quarter and Romo the rest of the game.

    Having Romo start just creates a needless controversy.

    They’d be better off running Prescott out for a series rather than a quarter. If the goal is to get Romo some work to knock the rust off that work should happen with as many of the starters as possible. Putting him in with the second team would be disrespectful, creating the worst kind of needless controversy…the internal kind.

  17. Please tell me that if they do this they will play their O-line starters and save the backups for Sanchez later in the game.

    Starting Romo with the subs would be unfair in two ways- not fair to expect Romo to look as good as Prescott without the built-in advantage Prescott has of virtually never having to worry about being sacked. Plus you could get Romo killed.

  18. Why not? Romo deserves to be given a chance to play to show some other team he can still play. Because his days as a QB for the Cowboys are over.

  19. newjerseygiants says:
    Dec 30, 2016 9:56 AM
    Oh how I pray the Jets sign Romo. The off season articles will be hilarious.

    It would definitely be the story of the year if the Jets managed to sign a QB who wasn’t a free agent.

  20. screamingyellowzonkers says:
    Dec 30, 2016 9:45 AM
    Tony Romo to the Vikings for Adrian Peterson.

    (You heard it first here folks).


    If the Cowboys want Peterson, all they have to do is wait for him to be cut by the Vikings, which will surely happen.
    And the Vikings already have a brittle QB who they gave up a #1 and #4 draft pick for and owe Bradford 17 million dollars if they keep him. If they cut him, they owe him 4 million.
    And remember, Romo is not going to play for free.
    Bradford had his best year as a pro and that was with an “O” line depleted by injuries. The problem with him aside from his history of injuries is his inability to help his “O” line out be being mobile.
    My money is on the Broncos to go after Romo. Elway has already shown he’ll take a chance on an aging QB who has been injured and that worked out just fine.
    His defense has to be frustrated and the clock is winding down on them, so I look for Elway to give them one more shot with Romo leading the offense. They would instantly be a contender again if Romo can stay healthy.
    Of course, it all depends on Jerruah Jones’s man-crush on Romo. He might not be able to kiss Romo goodbye.

  21. Tony Romo to the Vikings for Adrian Peterson.


    Right…..behind Zeke and McFadden. SMH.

  22. Over the course of his entire 13-year career, Tony Romo has only won one more playoff game than Tim Tebow. He always chokes when it counts. Trade him while he has some value, Cowboys, and for God’s sake don’t let him play on Sunday to diminish his potential trade value. If you play him, Dallas won’t get much if anything in a trade. Romo is rusty, hasn’t played all year, and will almost certainly look bad if he plays on Sunday. Be smart and sit him. Let Sanchez play instead. Romo is yesterday’s quarterback in Dallas.

  23. Take the Eagles and the points!!


    That’d be a smart move. I can tell you’re a real sharpie!

    Unfortunately for your “good” idea the Eagles are 4 point favorites (this number fluctuates)so your choices are to take the Eagles and LAY the points or take the Cowboys and take the points

    This choice isn’t quite so easy.

  24. They should keep Romo Healthy . Defensive units are going to blitz Dak hard in the playoffs and you never know what can happen… Also, Tony is prime real estate in the offseason why risk his trade value with a potential injury ?

    Giants Fan but just saying . Giants are stupid if they play their key guys more than a quarter too .

  25. This is a smart move. I think. You keep your starting line in, and give Romo some reps with starting receivers. Rest everyone else (RB,Defense,etc). Just let him get a feel for the timing, in the event that Dak gets injured in the playoffs. The Cowboys have the luxury of being Super Bowl level team with both QB’s (whoever is healthy). Might as well maximize this. You don’t want Romo to shake of the rust in a meaningful game.

  26. Teams that should be happy to sign Romo:
    Jets, Browns, 49ners, Texans, Jags, Bears, Cards, Rams, maybe even Vikes or Chiefs…. If Romo drinks some more whole milk to strengthen his brittle bones, he could take any of those teams to the next level… uhhhh except the 49ners

  27. I hope he plays well enough to earn a fat deal that will cripple the next team that signs him. I honestly like his style. He is tough and plays through plenty of painful injuries. He wants to win and seems like a dedicated, hard working, loyal teammate. I just don’t think his body can stand up to NFL football anymore- no knock on the guy.

  28. I just hope Tony has learned from Dak how to take what the defense gives and gets rid of the ball on time. Tony needs to adapt to game controller versus gunslinger, his gunslinging days are over but he’s smart enough to adapt, hopefully, I don’t think anyone wants to see Tony go down again. I hope he’s learned that all he needs to do is stay upright. I’m not getting into whether or not he should play or how much or with what o-line, I just wish him well, he’s an old warrior that deserves respect so on that note, bring home the victory Tony, we’re all behind you. Go Cowboys

  29. This move doesn’t make sense to me unless it was made to protect Sanchez in his role as a backup. Otherwise this is mostly high risk with little reward. Romo would have been coveted by the likes of Denver, NY Jets, Buffalo, “sight unseen”. Now, those very teams get to see the actual state of this athlete and get a chance to pause that trigger finger… If he is the same guy then great, no worries but if he shows any chinks then not so great and value goes down FOR DALLAS.

  30. Whatever happens I’d like to thank Romo for his time in Dallas. Winning so many games with no run game or defense and never having a losind advance record when starting the majority of games. All this with teams no one else could win with. And he always did it as a class act and as a great guy.

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