Chip Kelly’s multiple buyouts create unusual issue for 49ers, Eagles

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In 2015, the Eagles fired coach Chip Kelly with two years left on his contract. Only one year into a four-year deal with his current employer, the 49ers reportedly will be doing the same.

The end result — a 2017 season with multiple buyout obligations — creates an unusual situation for Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The 49ers likely would argue that Kelly should get whatever he was owed by the Eagles for 2017, and that any excess will be covered by his 49ers contract. The Eagles likely would argue that the 49ers contract supersedes the Eagles contract, and that as long as the 49ers are paying Kelly as much or more than he would have made with the Eagles, the Eagles owe Kelly nothing.

Ultimately, the two sides may end up submitting the issue to the league office for resolution. There likely won’t be much precedent, given that not many coaches get fired by one NFL team while they are still earning paychecks from another NFL team that fired him.

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  1. The 49ers will owe him. As soon as they gave him a new contract it took Philly off the hook.

  2. Him and Jim Tomsula both scammed the 49ers. Tomsula couldn’t coach much better and got 14 million or something ridicolous in severance pay just because the owner liked him. I don’t understand how these coaches do it or how these teams enjoy burning money.

  3. Presumably he had a contract with both the Eagles and the 49ers and the concept of “offset” was mentioned in them.

    0 0

    Another Pat’s troll with GM experience how does Kraft pay for all those GM’s….wait is Belicheat also a GM… bad…. Carlos you need to stop posting about things you know nothing about.

    Pay the Chipster!

  4. The Eagles owe him two more years of $6.5 Million annually, and the 49ers owe him 3 more seasons of $6 million.

    2013 – $6.5
    2014 – $6.5
    2015 – $6.5
    2016 – $12.5
    2017 – $12.5
    2018 – $6

    NFL Revenue – $50.5 Million before taxes and expenses….

    28 wins 34 losses…

    I’ll coach for half price!

  5. It’s not going to court. It’s a few million bucks, chump change to the NFL. They are not going to risk two teams going at each other in open court over the money a backup QB makes by week 9. There is no way the league risks that, and being forced to open it’s books in a public trial over about what they make for parking in the pre-season
    The league will make a decision. My guess will be something in the range of the Eagles being responsible for about half of what they would of been, and the 9ers paying the rest. But no way they are going to let it leave their control

  6. you need to stop posting about things you know nothing about.

    Some people, unfortunately, can’t even follow their own advice.

  7. I remember everyone was making fun of Bill Belichick when the Browns fired him after only one winning season in five. There were plenty of people in Boston who weren’t real happy when the Pats hired the “loser” Belichick. Now those same fans are calling him the greatest coach of all time. In Fact, Belichick has a pretty high opinion of Chip Kelly. Maybe some of you guys are smarter than Bill.

  8. I’m no lawyer, but I don’t see why anything that happens between Kelly and the 49ers would alter any contractual obligations between Kelly and the Eagles. The Eagles contract was absorbed into to 49ers. Why would the 49ers contract suddenly supersede it because they fired him?

  9. What do the Patriots have to do with any of this ?

    They live in nofoolnodrool and tonebones collective head. They can’t put together a thought without “Patriot”, “Belichick”, or Brady as the subject.

    Sad really.

  10. Any good agent or personnel man would have reviewed the contractual obligations of the Eagles to Kelly and the impact of any subsequent signing. Unless you have reviewed all of the respective docs speculation is just that- – speculation.

  11. This is why Chip never had interest in the Oregon job, if he decided to bail on the 9ers they wouldn’t have to pay him anymore.

    He’s like a gold-digging woman that has 2 ex-husbands that still have to pay alimony.

  12. This is basic contract law. If there is no offset mentioned in either K then Kelly has both K’s going for him. The K”s seem to be independent k unless we hear different. And Kelley goes to court not the NFL they have zero standing in K matters between coaches.

  13. The 49ers contract superseded the Eagles deal with Chip. The Eagles responsibility to Chip is to ensure he earns at least $6.5 million for the length of their contract with him.

    So this past season and next they’re paying him 500k to top off his contract from the 49ers.

  14. The 49ers top executives don’t know what they’re doing. Kelly was an absolute disaster in Philly–pushed out talented vets, brought in new guys, and they were terrible. Who hires a former college coach who made a complete hash of his first pro job? The 49ers were stupid to hire him in the first place.

  15. Man, who would have thought Chip Kelly was a worse coach than Jim Tomsula?
    Whether it works is highly doubtful, but at least Cleveland has a plan of sorts and a ton of draft picks.
    What are the 49’ers doing? My God where is the bottom for this wretched franchise?

  16. Only York, Baalke and the niners could make this kind of blunder. That’s what happens when you got a guy running the team that didn’t earn his money or his position. He fell out of his mom into a pile of cash and is owning a team that he didn’t earn. I would feel bad for niners fans but they’re about as worthless as York.

  17. Both teams should sue Kelly for fraud. He was done nothing but impersonate a head couch.

  18. I agree that he should be paid by both, but more importantly, if the Niners have any sense they won’t do anything to stand between a fired Kelly and his money. Other than maybe (maybe) Cleveland, they’re the least desirable landing spot for a quality coach or GM, and that won’t be helped by fighting over a fired coaches paycheck.

    Ideally, they’d just work this out behind closed doors and move on. That, of course, will not happen because ownership is a joke.

  19. stevegrogannakedbootleg says:
    Dec 31, 2016 10:26 PM
    What do the Patriots have to do with any of this ?
    Well I would presume you are a Patriots fan and should know The Patriots fans love an opportunity to put their opinions across. You on the other hand if a Patriot, I would think with that pseudonym is probably old school and know what life was like before Shady and Hoody.

  20. I assume Chip Kelly has a good agent, one who has legal staff that reads contracts. I doubt he gets screwed.

  21. “The Eagles likely would argue that the 49ers contract supersedes the Eagles contract…”

    Why would they argue that now? Did they stop paying him after they fired him last year? Or did they continue to pay him, knowing they’re on the hook for that money no matter what?

  22. justafanofnfl says:
    Dec 31, 2016 10:34 PM
    What do the Patriots have to do with any of this ?


    Charlie Weiss was fired and they paid him to not coach.

  23. “Both teams should sue Kelly for fraud. He was done nothing but impersonate a head couch.”

    Head couch? Maybe that is what he really was and not a head coach, so maybe he should not have been expected to do too much.

  24. Congrats to Chip Kelly on his ability to interview well…..he suckered these owners for millions and for that he deserves all the praise……

  25. That’s how MLB and NBA managers and coaches do it. Hired, fired and paid by all. And people think the money is in being an athlete. Coach and get paid regardless.

  26. If I was chump change Chip, I’d want the whole ball of wax, they each signed a contract and then fired him, they owe the money… That’s what greedy owners get….

  27. He should be paid by both… the full amount of the contracts.

    Face it, the 49ers deserve to be punished for allowing Jed York the ability to continue to run, (err Ruin) the team.

    No language in the contracts that says if he takes another job, he forfeits any pay…. expect him to be paid in full

  28. I have no horse in this race. I could care less….but Philly is the team that hired this fool out of college. They deserve the brunt of the punishment, if it weren’t for them, he may still be at Oregon.

  29. And Kelly is gonna argue, I have one contract with the Eagles, and a separate contract with the Niners! Open you wallets gentlemen. Heck Kelly can retire, who needs dealing with these know-nothing owners.

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