No tangible proof that Bruce Arians will be retiring

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The rumors have been swirling for weeks that, when the season ends, so will Cardinals coach Bruce Arians’ coaching career. And while there’s no reason for Arians to disclose his plans publicly before the seasons ends, there currently is no concrete reason to believe that Arians will be retiring.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Arians already is making plans for offseason activities like OTAs, free agency meetings, draft meetings, and Scouting Combine preparation. As the source explained it, everything Arians is saying publicly and privately contradicts the notion that he will retiring.

So why are the rumors persisting? The media has become ultra-competive, and everyone wants to be ahead of everyone else, whenever possible. This causes educated guesses bolstered by sources with agendas pulling strings on folks who want to be able to say, “I had it first.”

In this specific case, wishful thinking from agents who represent coaching candidates could be fueling the dot-connecting on Arians, who has had a couple of health issues this year — and who technically was retired five years ago, before the Colts offered him the position of offensive coordinator. The rumor first emerged several weeks ago, it got no traction, and now it has returned, with a twist: That Arians’ wife is forcing the retirement issue.

I’m not saying he will or won’t. I’m just saying that there’s currently no specific reason to think it will be happening, and that any chatter about it comes from circumstances and not from facts.

But look for this rumor to emerge every year until the currently 64-year-old actually retires. And then someone will claim that he had it right in 2016.

26 responses to “No tangible proof that Bruce Arians will be retiring

  1. As a consumer of sports news, I would much rather read the guy that always gets it right, than I would the guy that always gets it first

  2. Newsflash! Mike Florio will be retiring… decades from now. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but you heard it hear first that when Mr. Florio either doesn’t have the time or desire, he will be hanging up his writer’s jacket for a well-deserved place in the NFL’s Hall of Fame for writers and columnists.

  3. If he doesn’t retire, I won’t blame him if they find him passed out drunk in his car a’la Michael Floyd after realizing that Carson Palmer willl be back under center next year.

  4. To those of you blasting Palmer in this thread is shows A) you don’t know football or
    B) you don’t watch Cardinals games.

    Carson is playing his best football of the year right now. He’s had a qb rating over 110 against New Orleans and Seattle. At times this season he has had one…yes one starting lineman in the lineup.
    (C AQ Shipley)
    He’s also had to deal with Floyd being a non factor and then being waived, plus John Brown is a shell of himself due to his sickle cell issues.

    Carson hasn’t been as good as last year, but if you think he’s an over the hill bum how about actually watching him play and then make an educated response.

  5. Something is off about Arians. He complains all the time, he has no problem throwing his players under the bus but don’t you dare question his decisions. Pittsburgh canned the guy, the Colts kept Pagano and let Arians walk, and the Cards didn’t have much competition for his services. He is not the mastermind he thinks he is.

  6. Recently two time coach of the year and all of these clowns are slamming Arians and says that he should retire after one disappointing year is laughable… Cards beat themselves a lot this year early. Injuries piled up. Schedule was tougher than most this season too. It happens. I am not ready to throw him to the damn wolves yet though. Next year he comes back and gets to the Super Bowl then he will be everyone’s favorite coach again… Clowns…

  7. I believe nothing until Jay Glazer confirms it. How is a guy like Adam Schefter allowed to have a press pass?

  8. The media loves Arians, and ignores that there is a reason he was passed over for many jobs for many years. He is a petulant and just awful guy. His styles wears on you quickly.

  9. “ultra-competive”… Gosh I can’t find “competive” in the dictionary… is your spell-checking software up to date? Never mind, competive has never been a word before anyway.

  10. All it suggests is that he’s healthy and isn’t being fired. I mean, even if he was thinking of retiring, all those supposed indicators – like his meetings to begin planning for the OTAs, FA, Draft and the Combine would still take place because, for whoever was HC in a few months, he would still push on with making all such plans now in order to have something ongoing to hand over.

  11. Everyone just take a deep breath and relax. We’ll get the news on Arians soon enough. He’s had some health issues lately and if he asked me, I’d tell him to get the heck out of coaching. Why do you think guys like John Madden and Jon Gruden never got back in? Why do you think Bill Walsh walked away? Coaching can take a toll on your health.

  12. Palmer & Arians are Winnebago shopping, and it’s long overdue.
    That’s what Arizona is after all: where seniors hang it up to turn into sunburnt alligators with fanny packs.

  13. Went from Coach of the Year in Indy as a fill in, to taking a perpetually sub-.500, 5 win Cardinals team for a complete roster make-over. Proceeded on to 10, 11 and 13 wins. Had a rough year this year, around .500 but literally could have 5 more wins with just a competent special teams, and be the NFC West Champion in line for a bye. Beat the NFC West champs once and out-played them in their tie.

    He will be back and so will Carson Palmer.

  14. It would be better if it was Keims that was retiring. He has barely done a better job than his predecessor Graves at picking talent. Once Licht left for Tampa, the talent on this team has been lacking.

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