Reports: Chip Kelly to be fired by 49ers

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For the second straight year, the 49ers are expected to fire a coach after only one year on the job.

Per multiple reports, from ESPN and NFL Network, coach Chip Kelly is expected to be fired. He was hired a year ago, after being fired by the Eagles with one game left in the season.

A 49ers spokesman declined comment regarding the report.

ESPN and NFLN also report that the 49ers are expected to fire G.M. Trent Baalke. That move has previously been reported multiple times in multiple places.

If Baalke is out, it makes sense to fire Kelly, too. Forcing a new G.M. to keep a coach he wouldn’t have hired makes a dysfunctional situation even worse. The new G.M. should be able to hire his own coach.

Two years ago, the 49ers ended the season and promptly announced a “mutual parting” with coach Jim Harbaugh. Then-defensive line coach Jim Tomsula widely was expected to get the job, and he did. After a 5-11 season, Tomsula was fired.

The 49ers hired Kelly, who had emerged as a surprise candidate for the job. A season-opening win over the Rams was followed by 13 straight losses. Last week’s second win of the year (also over the Rams) apparently came too late to matter.

Back when Kelly was repeatedly denying any interest to leave the 49ers for a college job, PFT pointed out that this topic obscures the more important question of whether the 49ers want him to return. Apparently, the 49ers don’t.

105 responses to “Reports: Chip Kelly to be fired by 49ers

  1. Chip will now be paid not to coach 2 teams next year. That’s pretty damn impressive in itself.

    Someone will still think he’s the man to turn the ship around and will be coaching a 3rd team while still being paid by the 49ers and Eagles.

  2. Chip will land on his feet somewhere in the college ranks where he belongs. Baalke’s career should sleep with the fishes

  3. Let’s see if the media and the ” experts ” will call the 49ers team a ” Dumpster Fire ” and beg potential coaches and GMs not to go there .

  4. romeisfallingagain says:
    Dec 31, 2016 9:08 PM
    Chip Kelly is truly a master con artist.

    He would have been a great fit as an executive for Enron.
    Or president elect of the US.

  5. If both these reports are true, now all they need to do is sell the team and move it back to San Fran, and we can just pretend the post-Harbaugh nightmare never happened.

  6. Chip Kelly is truly a master con artist.

    He would have been a great fit as an executive for Enron

    ……….or president of the United States.

  7. It’s extremely rare that a college coach can make it in the NFL.

    Kelly, Saban, Spurrier, etc.

    Carroll was in the NFL before he went to college, then came back to the NFL.

  8. .
    The 49ers roster is atrocious. No coach could win with that cast. Unless there’s an major influx of talent in the offseason, the next coach will meet the same fate.

  9. “It’s extremely rare that a college coach can make it in the NFL.”

    Unfortunately the pool of qualified NFL head coaches is far fewer than 32.

    There are plenty of NFL only coaches that also can’t make it in the NFL.

    The same can be said of the pool of GMs.

  10. I think the Chipster will go down as one of the worst head coaches ever in the NFL. Absolutely destroyed a good Eagles team, would have done the same to San Fran except someone beat him to it.

  11. The niners really are the browns west. Id say I feel bad for the fans and in most cases I do when teams suck like this. But those tool sheds that follow that team deserve every bad headline.

  12. The 49ers would be the Super Bowl Champions, if the NFL scheduled the Rams Vs 49ers for 19 games.

    49ers Vs Rams 3-0, 49ers vs NFL 0-16.

  13. Football is a lot harder to coach when you can’t just buy way better talent under the table… and actually have to know how to coach.

    Which college is foaming at the mouth to get Chip?

  14. eagleswin says:
    Dec 31, 2016 9:03 PM

    Chip will now be paid not to coach 2 teams next year. That’s pretty damn impressive in itself.

    Someone will still think he’s the man to turn the ship around and will be coaching a 3rd team while still being paid by the 49ers and Eagles.

    LOL, that is awesome…Chip and Charlie Weis dueling it out

  15. The York’s have owned the team for quite a few years now, but they don’t seem to be showing any signs of improvement. Hiring and firing coaches and/or GMs every year isn’t fooling anyone, or at least anyone with any intelligence. The owner’s brother is a HOF former owner with five super bowl trophies, yet they refuse to go to him for advice. They don’t want anything to do with him or anybody that was connected to the dynasty. Has anyone ever seen Carmen Policy in the owner’s booth during a game. Ever seen Eddie? John McVay? Why did the York’s cut off all that football knowledge? This is a train wreck with no end in sight. So now they’ll be on their 4th coach in four years. Geez. Like firing coaches is really going to solve the problem here. And the saddest thing is that the York’s really don’t give a darn. They’re making so much money. The NFL really needs to start dividing up the TV revenue according to wins and losses. There’s just no incentive for some of these owners to want to win.

  16. Firing Harbaugh was the dumbest move made by any team this century and everyone outside the 9ers organization knew it at the time.

    If Harbaugh’s willing to listen, the 9rs should bring him back and let him hire his own GM, similar the arrangement Carroll has in Seattle & Belichick has in New England.

  17. I’m not defending Chip, but this seems awfully quick. He inherited a bad team, the team played up to expectations. Who do you plan on replacing him with? Who would want to inherit a terrible team with no QB.

    More over, who would want to go to a team that has fired the last two coaches after a single season? Even the most desperate coach should see that this is a mess you want to avoid.

    Most only get one chance at coaching in the NFL, why do it for somewhere that will can you after a season if you cannot suddenly make them a contender when all the talent has left the building years ago?

    Even with the second or first pick in the draft, you are basically stuck drafting a QB because of the utter lack at that position and the limited free agency options. Thus you are hoping your whole career as a NFL coach on a rookie QB. If they aren’t Peyton, Dak, Wilson, etc. it is essentially over for you as the coach. Heck the player might not even survive the regime change.

    It’s not a situation that the coaches or players want to be in. It’s a complete mess over there. Great job San Fran!

  18. .
    If the 49ers were to hire Josh McDaniels and trade for Jimmy Garopollo, their fortunes may improve considerably. Hiring both together means there would be no learning curve as both are fully acquainted with the Patriots system.

  19. Now we know what that “8” means, that he holds up every week
    It’s for the $8 Million a year for life, that he’s set up for himself.
    Maybe NOT the master of offense that everyone thought…but master of finance? Of that, there is no question.

  20. They will be paying 3 head coaches next year. Tomsula, Kelly, and whoever is stupid enough to take the job next! What a joke!

  21. It all starts at the top. Kelly is the least of their problems. Firing Baalke would be a good start but until ownership changes, nothing else will…

  22. I think Rob and Rex Ryan are already on their tandem bike and cycling out to California as we speak…

  23. Canning Baalke meant Chip had to go too.
    Chip didn’t have a legit NFL QB to work with or even decent WRs in SF.
    He deserved more time and an influx of real talent to see what he could do in SF. He walked into a really bad situation.
    But the new GM will want his own coach, and probably wouldn’t be sold on Chip as the answer when he can pick his own guy from Day 1.
    Jeddy Boy may set a record for paying ex-coaches not to coach. He will owe Chip and Tomsula like 30 mil.
    York needs to hit a home run in hiring the new GM, who should be smart enough to hire a good coach who sticks for a while.
    The Yorks don’t respect coaches. That’s a big part of the problem dating back to the Harbaugh firing.
    Jed thinks it’s all about him, but has really just embarrassed himself. This team is so bad, nobody cares about the new stadium anymore. Yeah, he got it built, but the team has just gone down hill since. That’s what matters: the play on the field.

  24. I think Rex Ryan is a buffoon (and I believe I have typed that exact sentence here 40 times or more through the years), but I can’t say it’s impossible that some idiot owner or GM gives him another shot.

  25. if Chip could not take this group of all pros to the promise land, then it’s never gonna happen…

  26. Perhaps Chip should go but he’s also collateral damage for what the team needs to do to quell the CK fiasco. CK won’t be back for sure. He’ll complain he was targeted for his actions blah blah. With Chip’s firing, the team plausible deniability, “We need to head in a different direction” or something like that.

  27. I feel bad for Chip, and honestly think 49ers should keep him around for a couple years with a GM who shares his vision.

    But. . . Chip needs to acknowledge that playing fast doesn’t work. I would venture to say that any gimmick college offense won’t work in the NFL, where defenses are much faster, stronger, and more experienced, and where players spend their entire week studying NFL offenses instead of sitting in basket weaving class.

    Chip, I wish you all the best at New Hampshire A&M or wherever it is you find yourself.

  28. The niners are FUBAR ever since Eddie D. had to release his ownership of the team. It is just not the coaches, it is the ownership and the rest of the management team that screwed up a historic franchise.

  29. Wow…never thought I’d say this but Cleveland is light years ahead of San Fran in terms of stability and future prospects of near term and long term success. SF might be the most dysfunctional organization in professional sports

  30. Organizations like the 49’ers need to take lessons off of orgaanizations
    like Pittsburgh. Time has proven that giving a coach the
    proper time to implement his system is a better way. This includes
    a separate scouting department that makes decisions based upon
    pure evaluation without interference from the head coach. Certainly
    the head coach should have some say in a draft pick but a head coach
    should not have the exclusive say.
    I don’t know if there is an unknown or underlying reason for the firing.
    Perhaps he is a total fraud….but to give a coach only a few years while the roster is in transition and the franchise is in need of a true QB
    seems to be a bad decision.
    I can state that the front office and ownership of the 49’s has definitely
    underachieved since Eddie Jr. was forced out under a very tough
    It is safe to say that the 49’s have been one of the worst managed
    franchises in the NFL in the past 15 years.

  31. Not a Chip Kelly fan but…No offensive line talent. No wide receivers better that rate better than a 3. No talent at outside linebacker or inside backer either. Colin Kaepernick is at best a number 2 quarterback yet is treated like he’s the next coming of Joe Montana! The other quarterback is not even remotely a pro qb.

    Chip wasn’t given a whole lot to work with. I respect and agree with Colin Kaepernick in his political stand for our equal rights but the kid just isn’t a pro level quarterback. How many qb coaches have tried to fix him? How many offensive coordinators has he gone through? Even Kurt Warner couldn’t fix his mechanics. He is at best a number 2 and a coach killer.

  32. Hey. 9ers fans! Im a Raiders fan that used to own one of those F the 49ers Raiders tshirts. Ever seen one of those? Anyways, I ended up moving to San Jose right when Harbero started kicking ass and Castro Krapernick had 2 great targets to throw to and my best friend was a 9ers fan.

    He never talked crud to me about bein a Raiders fan, not once. His name was Jose snd he was a Mexican. The other 9er fans were also mostly cool to me. I became a 49ers fan s well as a Raiders fan. We watched a lot of the 9ers games..

    Man. Even though Harbero maybe botched his head coach resposibilities by not punching the ball in with Gore when it was like 1st and goal at the end of the 4th quarter in the Superbowl, I cannot f in believe that they fired him?! like w t heck man.

    Hope you guys get better. Peace

  33. It’s weird to be defending Chip, but one year simply isn’t enough time to evaluate anyone in a job as complex as NFL head coach. He got one draft and one free-agency period. If you’re going to pay a man bug bucks, give him a chance to show he can do the job.

  34. Fire Jed York. He is the most incompetent Executive in the NFL. A “management Trainee position” for a spoiled, incompetent rich kid is not supposed to be CEO of an NFL team.
    Jim Harbaugh was right to leave the “trainwreck” that is 49ers football. Harbaugh has won at least 10 games each of the past 2 years on much shorter college schedule. All the crybabies and prima donna players on the 49ers Roster are the lunatics now running the asylum in SF. The lazy ass 49ers players did not want to work as hard as Harbaugh wanted them to work. We now see the results of the spoiled, rich, crybaby 49ers players who are lucky if they win 2 games a year without Harbaugh. Harbaugh was the best 49ers Head Coach since Bill Walsh and the idiotic team sided with Jed York and the GM and let him walk when they should have dumped the GM and Jed York….

  35. carloswlassiter says:

    If McDaniels gets a HC job, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kelly as OC in NE.

    That will never happen! BB has his system, offense, defense, ST and that is not changing. The Pats hire most of their coaches thru the ranks, meaning they promote from within. They will not have TB learning a new system especially since their offense always ranks in the top 5!

  36. After stinking up the joint in Philly, no one outside of Niner management, was surprised Chip stunk up the joint in SF. Niner fans better brace themselves for Rex Ryan to be their next coach.

  37. Its the same ol, same ol with that snake pit front office leaking info. Jed and Paraag are rumored to be heading the gm search so I’m expecting them to botch this whole thing. Fire Paraag too. Do it. Do it.

  38. Kelly should be a CEO of a Corporation. They do what he did. They get paid millions, make the company worse, and then get fired.
    Too bad the Niners didn’t have the guts to get rid of thaat rotten egg Kaepernick too.

  39. What Fascinates me is the repetitiveness this has and how we just overlook this. Teams do not want to win by spending money. They want to make money first. Maybe win is third or fourth priority. There even was an article or a quote from a former player.
    So we as fans see this headline. Oh yeah they are making a change. So now things will improve. Wrong. Heres what will happen with the 49ers. With the last two seasons they went with a no-name and a potential coach. Now they will get a ” proven coach” I see through this because my Redskins did the exact same thing in the 2000’s. Honestly I have not watched as much Football this year and I dont feel bad. My Redskins even had a decent year. But everyone is waking up or will be when they see that NFL is a joke. No one is investing their hard earned money on this product. Personally I believe this is all part of the plan to get 18 games. Water the product down and hope no one will notice. Good Luck. I will watch but no way am I investing too much time or money to this joke of a product. Also I am calling it Giants Pats super bowl and pats win. To get the “monkey” off their back.

    ok Rant over. Good Luck with your 8-8 season next year 9er fans

  40. Chip Kelly is a 2-time loser as a head coach–that makes him the perfect candidate for the Chargers to hire him and give him a 5 year contract

    ~a Chargers fan.

  41. Actually, Tomsula was not expected to get the job.

    The 49ers wanted Adam Gase, but wanted Gase to take Tomsula as the DC so they could continue to groom and promote coaches from within (trying to recreate the old Walsh hire-and-promote culture).

    Gase balked and they fell back to Tomsula.

    I still say they should have hired Fangio.

  42. Great way to run an organization…Hire and fire incompetent coaches every year. Team lacks talent, especially at QB. Put your attention there.

  43. Firing Chip after one season would be another bone-headed move for the Niners. With the Seahawks and Cardinals in decline and the Rams a perennial joke give Chip Deshaun Watson and the Niners win the division in 2017.

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