What’s next for Chip Kelly?

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If, as reported both by ESPN and NFL Media, the 49ers fire coach Chip Kelly, he’ll be available to be hired by any other NFL team.

So who will hire him?

Last year, Kelly generated limited interest (but found a job). This year, the Bills, Jaguars, and Rams could consider him, in theory. But why would they? (The Jaguars won’t, we’re told; it’s unclear what the others will do.)

Yes, he took the Eagles to the playoffs in 2013. However, Kelly’s vaunted system of offense and smoothies has been a failure since then, primarily in 2015 (when he had full control over the roster in Philly) and in 2016 (when he won fewer games with the 49ers than Jim Tomsula did a year earlier).

The Oregon job already has been filled (there’s no reason to think Oregon even wanted Kelly back), and most other significant college seats are filled. If no NFL team is interested in Kelly as a head coach, could he become an offensive coordinator?

Here’s an interesting, but probably unrealistic, thought. If offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels leaves the Patriots, could Kelly’s good friend Bill Belichick hire Kelly to run the offense?

Obviously, it wouldn’t be the Chip Kelly up-tempo, run-as-many-plays-as-possible-and-wear-out-his-own-team’s-defense offense. But if Kelly is the genius that so many in the media have made him out to be, he’d surely have the flexibility and the acumen to run a different system — and possibly to enhance it, right?

If Kelly is capable only of running his system, he’d need to partner up with a defensive head coach who is willing to give Kelly the keys to the offensive side of the ball, like Mike Zimmer did with Norv Turner in Minnesota. Which would set the stage for a Chip Kelly/Sam Bradford reunion. Which probably isn’t happening.

All things considered, Kelly may not find another job in 2017 at the NFL or college level. Which makes those multiple buyouts a very good thing.

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  1. Chip Kelly is a good football coach, and he’ll have multiple offers over the next couple years. Winning football games isn’t always just a reflection of coaching. How on earth did Bill Belichick only have one winning season out of five in Cleveland? Are you really going to tell me he was being out-coached. How in the world did Bill Walsh go 2-14 in 1979? Out-coached? I don’t think so. How’d Barry Switzer win the super bowl? Did he really out-coach everyone else? Yeah. Right.

  2. It seems incontrovertible that the 49ers GM is responsible for a drastic decline talent (and in getting Harbaugh to leave). Three years ago Kelly was a genius; now he’s a punchline – at least to the talking heads. I am not defending him but it seems incredible that the same “experts” who lauded his messages three years ago now feel he is a buffoon. The true incompetents are Trent Baalke and Jed York who let personalities destroy the franchise. Kelly never had a chance.

    We should also be talking about the train wreck that is the Colts with Grigson wasting the best quarterback to come out of college in the last ten years! But knowing the clueless ownership of the 49ers and Colts – both GMs will survive with a lip lock on a particularly unpleasant part of the owners’ anatomy.

  3. Absolutley not…If and when Mc Daniels does in fact leave there are guys being groomed for that psoition for the last couple years like Brian Daboll and I would even take wr coach Cahd Oshea over Kelly………please god no ………

  4. Well, if he’s willing to live off those buyouts, NE might be able to find a place for him. . . . even if McDaniels stays.

  5. I agree that Daboll is the next OC in NE. I really don’t see what Kelly has shown he can offer an NFL team in any capacity, even as OC. I think he lands at a 2nd tier college team that likes to run a spread offense. Something like Baylor, although I know that job has been taken.

  6. Unless he can work video equipment or let the air out of 10 balls in 3 minutes no room for him in new england

  7. Unless there’s an obvious McDaniels replacement the NE move makes a lot of sense. He may just “consult” there and collect his checks but barring an offer I think he goes there to learn and rehab his image like McDaniels did.

  8. What an accomplishment. truth just got his 5000th redundant ‘Patriots cheat’ post in before the year ran out.A NEW RECORD! The family must be so proud and excited. Let’s see if we can top it in 2017! YAAAYYYYY.

  9. Chip may be Bill’s friend, but Bill is much too wise to hire him for anything related to the pursuit of more rings. Chip is a college coach, and not a great one at that.

  10. >> there’s no reason to think Oregon even wanted Kelly back

    Well, other than that 46-7 record and wins in the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl and competing for the national championship.

  11. Chip won 10 games twice with Nick Foles and then Sanchez, et al

    He inherited the worst roster in the NFL in San Fran without a decent QB

    I know these comments are going to rip him to shreds and just wanted to give him a little respect.

  12. His ego is off the charts. And from what? He’s won squat pretty much his entire career. He can’t handle pro athletes or the media gracefully. And he quits before his players do when the team is losing.


  13. I think other teams are aware the 49ers have serious issues beyond coaching. I think Chip will get another chance to coach this year.

  14. The thing is, Chip has his a way of doing things that requires wholesale changes. I know “football is football,” but at times it seems like he’s speaking a different language than the rest of the league. And as we saw in SF this year, that makes it tougher for teams to simply scoop him up and install him as their coordinator. It seems less likely that another team would be willing to take him on unless they’re going to give him the keys to the whole operation. Who would want to do that now?

  15. No reason to think Oregon wanted Kelly back? That’s a joke right? If they weren’t worried about looking bad he’d be hired tonight and the new guy would be fired. He’s the best man for that job and that’s the best job for him.

  16. Bill would never hire an OC or DC from outside. He grooms the coaches from quality control coaches all the way up. It’s called continuity. There is only one message in NE. They do not want someone else putting their systems in place. The only way Kelly comes to NE would be as a consultant.

  17. Kelly is a college coach. He will never succeed in the NFL. Colorado may be losing their head coach and that would be a great place for Kelly to go. His up tempo offense in that altitude would be very successful.

  18. should have kept the booger eater; at least harbaugh could coach in between hocker smoothies.

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