Chip Kelly will get a chance to talk his way into another chance


Apparently, the 49ers will fire Chip Kelly unless they don’t.

A source with direct knowledge of the team’s plans has told PFT that Kelly is “definitely” out. However, as Jay Glazer of FOX has reported, Kelly will meet with ownership after Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Kelly will have a chance to throw a verbal Hail Mary in an effort to get another year. It won’t be easy; a year ago, Colts coach Chuck Pagano somehow persuaded owner Jim Irsay to give Pagano a new four-year deal during a meeting that was supposed to be Pagano’s exit interview. It’s possible, theoretically, that Kelly will reverse months of criticism that G.M. Trent Baalke likely has been relaying to the powers-that-be and, in turn, persuade the 49ers to change their plans.

It’s nevertheless highly, highly unlikely. The decision has been made to move on. Turning this one around would be the biggest upset of Kelly’s career, by far — especially since the meeting is coming after a game that likely will have the smallest crowd Levi’s Stadium has seen for a regular-season NFL game.

19 responses to “Chip Kelly will get a chance to talk his way into another chance

  1. Don’t rule out Tom Gamble getting elevated and Chip staying. He was the one who recommended him in the first place. These are the Yorks we’re talking about.

  2. Only acceptable hire for this job would be David Shaw, with his own people in the front office.

    It’ll take a huge slice of humble pie for the Yorks to convince him to leave Stanford though.

  3. He gets paid either way. He won’t win in San Fran (no one will for awhile), might as well just get fired now when it as least looks like he didn’t get a fair chance.

  4. Kelly, Baalke, and Silver Spoon need to all go. Eddie DeBartolo, please claim YOUR team back from your sister and put a horse’s head in your nephew’s bedroom

  5. Thanks Chip. But no thanks. I don’t like your offense. Now if you implement a FB into the system, draft faster TE’s, spread them out, line the FB in the back field, then ok. Because I know there will be times we can smash mouth. 4th in the league in rushing but not 3rd conversions was your accomplishments.

  6. But wait, you just reported Kelly was definitely out. Why should we believe you now that he might have a chance to talk his way back in from the job he isn’t out from, yet?

  7. Go coach college, Chip. Your free lunch in the NFL has run dry. No one in their right mind would hire you…but if David Shaw gets a gig, Stanford would be a great opening back to the Pac 12 for Chipper.

  8. Why would he want another year when he could sit around on the beach somewhere and get paid the same amount. In fact, I’d do that just in spite to make York pay for his stupidity. Going to Afghanistan would probably be preferable to another year as Niners coach.

  9. Chip and Kap saddled up together . Time to ride out of town as failed partners. Good bye and good luck,happy trails !!!

  10. if the yorks let chip Kelly talk them into keeping him, 2017 will be another wasted year. what’s more, forcing the new GM to team up with Kelly would eliminate most of the best candidates. the yorks need to get this right and can BOTH Kelly and baalke.

  11. He gets paid millions by TWO teams either way.

    He should show some pride and tell them all how stupid, useless, and unAmerican they are … and video-tape the entire rant!

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