Drew Brees reaches 5,000 yards for fifth time

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There have been nine 5,000-yard passing seasons in NFL history. Drew Brees has five of them.

Brees topped the 5,000-yard mark for the 2016 season today in Atlanta, making it the fifth time in the last nine seasons that Brees has reached the 5,000-yard mark. No other player in NFL history has even reached 5,000 yards twice. Only Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Dan Marino and Matthew Stafford have done it once.

Unfortunately for Brees, he’s doing it on a day when little else is going right for the Saints. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is playing a great game and closing in on 5,000 yards for the season himself, although he might not get there because the Falcons have a 35-13 lead and will likely run the ball for most of the fourth quarter.

Perhaps next year, Brees can throw for 5,000 yards for a sixth time — and the Saints can have a better team around him, so he’s not reaching 5,000 yards in a meaningless Week 17 game.

20 responses to “Drew Brees reaches 5,000 yards for fifth time

  1. Good QB, but his contract is killing the team as it relates to filling out depth for the roster.

    His 5,000 yard seasons are meaningless because his teams are usually out of it by Thanksgiving and with a defense that can’t stop anyone. So hurray, 5,000 yards!

  2. He cares more about padding his stats and taking up tons of cap space than actually winning.

  3. Why do people complain about his salary? First he is a top 5 QB in the league and maybe all time, and second, ownership had the option NOT to pay him and let him go. I’m sure everyone complaining about his cap hit would gladly go to their boss and say “no, I make enough. Give the rest of the money you were going to pay me to someone else, I’m good.” Theres around 25-28 other teams in the league that would love to pay him “too much”.

  4. He did a new team friendly contract already, dudes. He’s worth what he gets paid. Do a little comparison of his cap number for this year and next to other qbs. Let me know what you find out.

  5. Quarterbacks do not pad stats. They don’t design offenses or call plays or write game plans. Apart from audible-ing off every running play, there isn’t any way to do that. Likewise, there is no such thing as “dink and dunk”. It’s called a West Coast offense and it amounts to taking what the defense is giving away for free and moving the chains and gassing the opposing defensive line.

    Nevertheless, while I wouldn’t call the stat meaningless — Brees is a premier passer, in Marino’s tier I would say — I would call it misleading. The Saints haven’t been close in years and may not be for many more. I agree that, if Brees wanted to really put some hardware on his hands and those of his teammates, a true commitment to excellence, he’d take the Brady money and insist that Payton get a defense. No — neither of the Ryan’s is the answer.

  6. grogansheroes says:
    Jan 1, 2017 6:42 PM
    He’s the modern day Dan Marino. Puts up unreal stats, but almost never wins

    Brees at least won a Super Bowl dude

  7. No doubt Drew Brees could have equal number of SB rings to Tom Brady if he played for Belichick.

  8. Enough with the Brees contract is killing the Saints. It’s the dead cap money that is kneecapping the team. They are still paying Junior Gallette for God’s sake. Clear that mess up and get an average defense and they will be fine.

  9. As basically everyone else has said, he’s part of the reason why the team is lousy with his big contract. He could take one for the team like Brady does but apparently Brees doesn’t want to improve the chances he wins and is content to be the king of the stat padders as he’s almost always playing in catch up mode.

  10. dontletfactsgetintheway says:
    Jan 1, 2017 7:25 PM
    Just like Peyton Manning, he spent most of his time playing indoors in perfect conditions so his stats have benefited from this FACT!.”

    Can always tell when Pats fans are commenting since they ALWAYS bring up Manning. ALWAYS.

    Curious how Manning playing in a dome caused the big stats he put up with the Broncos. Manning was more prolific on a per season basis with Denver than he was in Indy. FACT!

  11. He plays 8 games in doors and probably another two elsewhere so that is huge. No snow, rain, etc. Still has a great arm and some good receivers at times. The saints need d.

  12. All of you that are saying Brees contract is holding them back are CLEARLY Clueless. The dead $$ we are carrying is what is the Anchor that is holding us back. Brees is worth EVERY dime of his current contract.

  13. When people start hating, you know the player is good. Also I hear about salary. Please tell me how much he should take? Lots of dead money and bad decisions. Cj spiller, etc. His money is the same as Brady’s difference is the numbers are not. 2 years younger and better stats. Simple,stop hating. Enjoy and respect greatness.

  14. Brees is not the only $20 million QB. There are a bunch of them now. He’s playing up to his contract. Brees is not the problem in New Orleans. Shaky defense, VERY shaky special teams (Blocked kicks cost them two games), and inconsistent offensive line play are the culprits for yet another mediocre season. Brees and his contract are very low on their list of problems.

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