Glazer: Could Bill O’Brien be the surprise firing?

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At a time when everyone in the media is trying to identify this year’s Lovie Smith before it happens (and the media possibly already has done that by sniffing out the potential resignation of Gary Kubiak), Jay Glazer of FOX suggests that this year’s surprise firing could be Bill O’Brien in Houston.

Much depends on how far the Texans progress in the postseason, obviously. If they go early, a change could be more likely.

Glazer says the two sides have never really meshed in Houston. Still, O’Brien has had success despite having holes on the roster. As John McClain of the Houston Chronicle explained this week on PFT Live, blame for the decision to sign quarterback Brock Osweiler falls to O’Brien and G.M. Rick Smith jointly.

If O’Brien goes (and it would be a mutual parting more than a firing) and Smith stays, Smith’s tenure would extend to a third head coach. Which would raise some eyebrows.

O’Brien’s unexpected arrival into the coaching market would raise eyebrows, too. He potentially would rocket to the top of the list of available coaches — if he ends up being available before the jobs fill up.


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  1. they’re in the playoffs. You’re going to fire him?!? Think your GM is quite to blame for the holes to fill and lack of depth. Lamar Miller as your big RB FA signing wasn’t real bright…you can draft a RB for much, much less.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zimmer gets fired in Minnesota. He systematically lost his team over a period of several weeks and 3 – 4 years has been the “shelf life” of Minnesota coaches going all the way back to Tice. There’s also the possibility that Spieldope will ax Zimmer in hopes of saving his own job.

  3. Seems like these potential coaching vacancies are just hypotheticals thrown out by football “insiders” to see what name sticks. Hey, why don’t we throw out Adam Gase and Andy Reid as surprise firings while we’re at it…..

  4. rodgerstonelson says:
    Jan 1, 2017 1:16 PM
    Glazer just makes stuff up as he goes.
    Absolutely. Glazer is like the bar girl who sleeps around so men will pay attention. If O’ Brien is responsible for Osweiller, then get rid of GM as he is redundant. If he is fired, he will be first coach hired. Therefore the only option that is evident, Glazer should be fired.

  5. McNair is Smith’s kids Godfather. He is to blame for Osweeiler, not O’Brien. He should go first, but won’t.

  6. Poindexter Snodgrass said if the Patriots don’t make it to the Super Bowl then Belichick could be canned. Biff McLovin reported that if the Cowboys don’t get to the NFC championship Garrett could be out.

  7. Considering the potential of some of the teams that may have vacancies firing O’Brien would be the equivalent of threatening him with a good time

  8. Again with the pointless sensoring of comments, this is why you get poor survey results. Why would you possibly take comments out if there’s no profanity. It’s pathetic.

  9. If Bill O’Brien is fired, he will become a top candidate for other HC openings. I’d day watch him head to NE to replace Josh McDaniels as OC if MdDaniels gets a head coaching gig. I’m predicting that O’Brien will be the Patriots HC when Bill Belichick retires.

  10. Give me a break. Bill O’Brien got the Texans into the playoffs back-to-back years. Then again, sacking O’Brien would sound like one of the dumb things McNair likes to do. McNair is good friends with Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones, a trio of football idiots who strike winning as if its lightning and think they are totally responsible for it.

  11. I like O’Brien but who are you people kidding? The Texans were a playoff team for 2 of the previous 3 years before O’Brien was hired.

    The reason the Texans are in the playoffs is because of a stout defense and playing in the AFC South.

    They’ll get bounced out of the playoffs with a quickness.

  12. head coaches get fired for the GM’s inability to stabilize the QB position/secure a franchise QB

    the key variable is the QB. a franchise QB wins, makes the coach look good and then the coach has job security for awhile

    do the analysis. look at the HC turnover of teams whose QBs aren’t in the top 10

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