Jets announce Bowles, Maccagnan will be back

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The rallying cry of “J-E-T-S” often is referred to derisively as “Just End The Season.” The Jets’ season ended on Sunday, and both of the organization’s key employees will be back for the 2017 season.

The Jets have announced that Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan will return for their third season.

It seemed uncertain for Bowles not long ago, given that the Jets appeared to not even try to win in three out of four games. The team floated a trial balloon to the New York Daily News earlier this week, with a “well-placed Jets source” saying, “I don’t anticipate any changes.”

Bowles is 15-17 in two years on the job. Last year, the Jets had a chance secure a playoff berth, but a loss to the Bills knocked the Jets out of the postseason field.

15 responses to “Jets announce Bowles, Maccagnan will be back

  1. That’s fine and dandy but the Jets are going to be going into the next season with the same question that loomed over them that ended up contributing to a poor season…

    Who’s going to be the Quarterback?

  2. Todd Bowles is a class guy and coach. Bowles didnt have a lot to work with this year. A QB with less of a beard might be a good start next year.

  3. .
    The Jets would best be served by cleaning house of the check cashers and starting fresh from scratch. It’s their only hope.

  4. Bowles continuously makes in game blunders. His defenses are all hype. Once again I am embarrassed to be a Jets fan.

  5. The players quit on Bowles, for that he should be let go. Mike Mac created the QB problem by allowing Fitz to sit out for 6 months and lose any momentum they had from 2015. For that he should be let go. Drafting a QB in the 2nd round and not playing him is grounds for both to be let go. Nice win over Buffalo when all we can do is lose draft position, classic. The message to us Jet fans is, lower expectations and mediocrity is accepted.

  6. None of the QB’s on exactly inspire confidence.

    Glass Jaw Geno is inconsistent, Christian Hackenburg is too green, and Brice Petty does not look like an NFL player. With a last place schedule for next year, they should finish at 500 with a competent QB, but he’s not on the roster currently.

  7. I guess they were kept after all the improvement shown over last year……oh wait.
    I’d give them a pass if there was improvement shown in at least some areas. But this team underperformed in every aspect of football. That falls on the coaching staff!
    I don’t want to hear about the schedule. Both years were played against a sub .500 total record.

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