Report: Baalke blocked hiring of Gase in 2015

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At a time when 49ers fans are surely feeling depressed about a pair of lost seasons under Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly, it’s hard to feel much worse. But not impossible.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that, two years ago, the 49ers were ready to hire Adam Gase to succeed Jim Harbaugh. Per Glazer, G.M. Trent Baalke intervened at the 11-1/2 hour and convinced ownership not to hire Gase.

It’s unclear why Baalke didn’t want Gase, who is a coach of the year candidate after his first season as a head coach, in Miami. It may simply be that, after four years of struggling to coexist with Jim Harbaugh, Baalke wanted a coach like Tomsula, who was simply happy to be there.

Soon, Baalke will join Harbaugh, Gase, and Tomsula as not being there.

38 responses to “Report: Baalke blocked hiring of Gase in 2015

  1. So the Niners loss is the Dolphins gain? I guess that’s one way to avenge losing to Joe Montana in supe 19…..

  2. Please, let’s not all act like Gase is God’s gift to coaching.
    The Dolphins are squeaking into the playoffs after beating a whole lot of bottom-feeders.
    There are a lot of highly paid players on that team.
    Let’s see how the new chest-thumpers feel after the beatdown they are about to take in 30 minutes, and then again next weekend.

  3. This is totally untrue. Tomsula was Jed York’s hire.

    Its unfair what they’re doing to Chip. He has terrible personnel. The Raiders are running a lot of his offensive concepts. His offense does work ib the NFL if you have good enough personnel.

  4. As a Dolphins fan I want to think Baalke and wish him well in the unemployment line..

    I also offer my condolences to the San Francisco fans it sucks having to have management problems

  5. I felt for a long time Trent Balke was ga ga over one C Kaperdink. I think in his mind he had an idea that a coach who had experience developing running/passing QB’s could turn the dink around.
    That’s why when everyone was saying the dink was trade bait or would be could I thought they were dead wrong.
    Chip was hired to develop the dink. Now that that didnt work so well Balke is gone and Chip probably is too.

  6. Not buying it. Tomsula was an owner’s pick. This is Jed passing the blame to a yes-man he’s about to fire in an attempt to save face.

  7. This is like the never ending story of moronic GMs who destroy teams in the name of vanity, self aggrandizement, insecurity and ignorance of the game.
    He’ll end up on another team.

  8. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Jan 1, 2017 12:35 PM
    This is totally untrue. Tomsula was Jed York’s hire.

    Its unfair what they’re doing to Chip. He has terrible personnel. The Raiders are running a lot of his offensive concepts. His offense does work ib the NFL if you have good enough personnel.
    I hear what you’re saying but Chip did this to himself. He blew up a great situation in Philly and when fired like the guy trying to rebound after getting dumped by his girl got with the next girl that came along even though everyone saw it was a bad situation.

    I would also like to add that just because your offensive philosophy works doesn’t mean you’re a great or even good head coach. See Norv Turner.

  9. Trent had good reason – signing Gase would have meant a competitive team. Everyone knows a bad owner can’t have that!

  10. Baalke is far from a yes man. Reality is he wanted all the credit for Harbaugh turning around the team. Couldn’t deal with Harbaugh being the Alpha and he convinced Jed to fire Jim. Then Tomaula was brought in because he wouldn’t buck authority and Gase would.

  11. As much as I dislike Baalke and am overjoyed to see both him and Chip be shown the door, I want to point out that Jay Glazer is a big useless, mouthpiece for whomever wants to use him each week with a leak. Remember, just a few weeks ago he was assuring everyone that Kelly would be back. Jay you’re pathetic.

  12. How did this clown get a GM job?

    He pushed out a great coach for reasons that seem to be ego related and then passed on an incredible young talent. Just awful decision making process.

    Game is the real deal. Never played a down in football in his life. Still good enough to penetrate the players good-ol-boy network to get a spot. That’s rare. I only know of two NFL coordinators/coaches who have done that. Adam Gase and Matt Patricia. That’s good company to be in. Baalke needs to go somewhere far away.

  13. Not to mention, if the 49ers had hired Gase, he wanted to retain Vic Fangio as his DC.

    Fortunately Jed has arranged things so that the men he fires are the very ones who made all those terrible decisions. Sure Jed. We believe you.

  14. trent baalke is THE worst GM in the NFL. no one else is even close. he should have been canned 2 years ago but jed was too dumb to figure that out.

  15. The problem is the Yorks. We all know Jed is the son of a women who basically stole the 49ers from her brother while he was under investigtion. Other than the hiring of Harbaugh, they’ve made one mistake after another. While Balke is a tool, it’s much worse that your ownership is so bad.

  16. LIES! jed was influenced by his BFF, who was the president of football operations at the time, to go with the Tomsula hire.

    49ers front office is full of ‘yes-men’ and sycophants.

    Dysfunctional does not even begin to explain the 49ers.

  17. seems like baalke didnt want anyone who would question him on anything, and he probably wonders why he was fired!!!!! sad thing is someone will give this bum a job, when it’s obvious he doesnt deserve another shot…. the good ol’ boy network will be more than welcome to give this guy a break

  18. Jed you are a moron. Go back to working for some tech company. You dont know squat about football.
    Bet you played soccer or on cross country team in high school?

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