Report: Gus Bradley to go with Anthony Lynn this offseason

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The early word out of Buffalo is that interim coach Anthony Lynn is a good bet to get the full-time job starting in 2017 and he’s expected to be a candidate for other jobs should the Bills change course.

Lynn’s background is on the offensive side of the ball and he’d need a defensive coordinator to run things on that front if he is putting together a staff for next season. He’s reportedly made his choice.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that former Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is expected to join Lynn wherever Lynn goes this offseason. Schefter refers to it as a “Lynn-Bradley ticket” that would presumably be part of Lynn’s pitch to the Bills and other prospective employers.

Bradley was the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks for four years before getting hired by the Jaguars and his dismissal moved him to the top of the list of potential hires for that position this offseason. If the Bills move quickly to name Lynn their head coach, it might not be long before Bradley is on his way to Buffalo.

15 responses to “Report: Gus Bradley to go with Anthony Lynn this offseason

  1. Bradley needed more time in Jacksonville…he is a good coach who will get better. The Bills would be smart to hire this duo before they get tempted elsewhere. Finally adult leadership for the Bills.

  2. Little exp as a coordinator hiring a disaster of a HC. If I’m s peddknnrl guy, I’m really not convinced. Lynn needs experience ascs coordinator.

    The Bills do not need a tool for an invasive ownership and questionable football administration. They need a stable, experienced HC and the same for football administration.

  3. Not a bad option for the Pegula’s. Of course I sure the Pegula’s will need to consult and get the consent of the NFL football geniuses in the Buffalo press and media.

  4. This is by far the best option for the Bills. Keep the offense in place and build on it and brig in somebody who knows how to use his players on defense. The Bills defensive personnel is a much better fit for what Bradley does than Rex

  5. The Bills will end up with the leftovers and have to overpay for them too.

    That’s just the way it is in Buffalo.

  6. You can’t expect a Super Bowl overnight when you bring in the hot coordinator to lead the overhaul of your struggling team, but the idea that Bradley’s 14-48 in four years, second worst mark ever for those who coached at least 50 games, had earned him more time to show what he could do is absolutely laughable, gotta do a little better than that to say the least. The Jaguars had not shown marked improvement during his tenure and continued not to trend upward this season. That’s an unacceptable circumstance to still be around in year four given the expectations these guys gladly accept upon their hirings.

  7. Maybe it’s me, but why are the two hitching their wagon to one another? I don’t know much about Anthony Lynn or Gus Bradley (northeast football fan), are they former teammates or did they come up together?

    Maybe I am asking too much from a journalist but that detail (if any) would be great.

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