Sean Payton to Rams chatter continues to grow

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Eventually, the annual “Sean Payton may leave the Saints” rumor is going to be right. That year could be this year.

With multiple national reporters connecting Payton to the Rams, Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that the Rams plan to seek permission to speak to Payton this week, and that Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis would be open to trading Payton.

Technically, the Saints and Rams would work out the terms of compensation before the Rams speak to Payton about a contract to coach the Rams. It’s not a trade in the classic sense; the Saints don’t send the remaining contract to the Rams. Instead, the Rams work out a deal with Payton. And the Rams work out a deal with the Saints.

As a practical matter, plenty of the nuts and bolts will be worked out on a wink-nod basis, with hypothetical conversations setting the parameters before the official launch sequence is engaged. Essentially, if the Rams and Saints ever get to the point where they are negotiating the terms of compensation for Payton, the Rams will know that they’ll be able to do a deal with Payton.

29 responses to “Sean Payton to Rams chatter continues to grow

  1. Please go, Payton. Your annual “I want to leave” leaks are tired, as are your annual “I need the shiniest free agent toys, never mind that they turn out to be busts” shopping sprees.

    The Saints probably won’t do any better, but I’m ready for a different kind of suck than finishing 7-9 every year, blowing the draft pick and trading up in the draft for guys who can’t play dead in a western.

  2. Just as long as he is forced to take his entire “best friends” coaching staff with him. Trade him and dont leave one single position coach on the payroll.

  3. how is mickey loomis still employed as saints gm?

    i had no idea tom benson lived such a kinky life, as the photos loomis
    has on him, must be juicy

  4. The Saints have gotten many great years from Payton. A Super Bowl victory to cap it all off.

    Sometimes a change of scenery is good for all parties.

    As a Falcons fan, I have enjoyed playing Payton as he always gets his squad up for a great game.

    He gave New Orleans a ring and he should be appreciated for his accomplishments.

  5. People keep making comments like the Rams don’t have any picks left. They gave up a fortune, but the bulk of the Goff trade was last year’s picks. They lose their first round pick and a compensatory pick this year and it’s done.

    I don’t know what the Saints would demand for Payton, but they’d probably take a 2018 pick as compensation if they really want to move him.

  6. if any of you watched tremé, you’d know what that superbowl win meant to nola. maybe it’s time to move on, but he’ll always get some love in the big easy.

  7. Man ive seen on several message boards saints fans saying basically they can have him. I ask yall the same thing i asked my fellow eagles fans when they were crying out for reid to be fired… You do remember the days before payton dont you? Do you seriously want to risk going through that again? The new orleans “aints” were a thing at one time BEFORE payton. Yall are respected waaay more than before. The difference is with reid i could only say he coached philly to 5 nfc title games and one superbowl berth and payton has actually coached the saints to a superbowl win. Like with my fellow eagles fans be careful whst u ask for. We are on our 2nd coach since reid. Meanwhile reid has his new team in the playoffs. Also id think payton would be more appreciated than he is smh.

  8. So obvious question, how does anyone know that (a) Payton can win without Brees and (b) if he can develop a QB since Brees was developed before he got him? It’s the same thing I’ve been asking about Jon Gruden all these years when he was the hot guy that was supposed to move along and turn all these franchises around if you brought him in despite showing the contrary in Tampa. But people will continue to fawn over these mediocre coaches because they won a Super Bowl that one time despite the overwhelming evidence showing that once guys win in a window when they’re younger, they never can find that fire in the belly again with another group with their original Super Bowl winning teams 9 times out of 10 let alone replicate it with another team and new group of players.

  9. I think the Saints need an overhaul at this point, anyway. If they can get decent compensation out of the Rams then they should pull the trigger and bring in a young defensive-minded coach like Matt Patricia. Or if they decide on an offensive coach, try to lure Wade Phillips in to coach the defense. That defense needs help badly.

  10. Three straight losing seasons with a future HOF qb. The Saints should be kicking his tail out the door. What a waste.

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