Trent Baalke confirms that he’s out in San Francisco

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Before the 49ers began their final game of the season, G.M. Trent Baalke confirmed it’s his final season with the team.

Appearing on KNBR, Baalke said that he has been informed that he has been fired.

It didn’t surprise me,” Baalke said. “We’ve done some awful good things. Some very successful seasons. Unfortunately [I] regret we weren’t able to bring a championship to the Bay Area, which they so deserve. . . . Wish this organization nothing but the best moving forward. I do see a bright future for them.”

Baalke nevertheless believes the franchise needs plenty of work.

“Sometimes you need to re-set the culture,” Baalke said. “When you have a winning culture, which we did in 2011, ’12, ’13 and ’14, a lot of good football players. A lot of memorable games we went through together. Then you transition. At some point, those veteran guys move on. Blending in with younger guys, and sometimes it takes a little longer than you’d like. And this is probably one of those situations. But I do think there’s some very good young talent on this team. With a good offseason, the right reset, I think good things are ahead for them.”

Many fans would disagree that good things are ahead, given the current state of the franchise.

The 49ers plan to fire coach Chip Kelly after Sunday’s game. However, he’ll have a chance to talk his way into another year on the job. If for some reason he wants one.

29 responses to “Trent Baalke confirms that he’s out in San Francisco

  1. Not even Matt Millen would take the GM job without the ability to hire his own coach…….

  2. funny thing is there a websites using the BREAKING NEWS headline even know it was said a few weeks back that Trent Baalke wasn’t coming back. Nobody that follows the news is surprised.

  3. Your starting QB is a Black Panther and hated by most of your own fans. I wouldn’t over complicate it.

  4. The 49ers Baalked and got Chipped. It’s so bad I’m not sure even Chryst could save them.

  5. Apparently, the 49ers ownership must have heard you have to hit bottom to get better, so they rushed for the bottom as fast as they could.

  6. It had nothing to do with players leaving. You fired a guy who went 44-19-1, took the team to three playoffs and won 5 playoff games in four seasons. Thats why your culture changed.

  7. Good riddance to an egomaniac who couldn’t get along with the best coach the Niners lucked into since George Seifert. He had some awful drafts and ruined the team.

    Now if only Eddie DeBartolo can regain control of the team. Kick Jeb York out

  8. Harbaugh scared him and York.
    Harbaugh had all the players willing to go to the wall for him.

    So, nothing to do with on the field; like so many things, in football and otherwise, guys in power start to see them losing their power and exert it to eliminate the threat. Thus set the franchise back 5 years at least.

  9. The main problem is the York’s aren’t football people. They inherited the 49ers because of some shady political dealings Eddie D got mixed up in. They’re related to a football person but are not football people and that’s the distinction.

    It was painfully obvious from the get go that they were out of their element. Anyone remember John York’s quote after he saw the O-line for the first time “My first impression was ‘Wow they’re really big'” … face palm. They had money but made billions pilfering off of the fan base whose loyalty was rooted in a once in a generation HoF owner. They had no desire to win or any knowledge of the game for that matter and nowhere was that more evident than in their decision to let Jed run the team.

    Here’s a kid who never even held a real job but now is in command of one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. It’s the epitome of someone being born on 3rd but thinking he hit a triple and he’s lived up to that reputation to a tee. He got a new stadium built and I’m not sure what it cost but someone made a killing because other stadiums have been built around the country for far less and are greatly superior in every aspect.

    Nothing will change with him at the helm because Jed can’t stop being Jed, just like Ray points out that Al Davis couldn’t stop being himself. Only with a liquidation of the entire front office will we see a change in the culture that currently festers in Santa Clara.

    Faithful I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, to show the Yorks that we mean business hit’em where it hurts … BOYCOTT!!!

  10. Even on his way out, Baalke is still trying to take credit for the success during the Harbaugh years. Their best players during that period were drafted by Scot McCloughan, who was the GM there until the year before Harbaugh arrived.

  11. stampnhawk says:

    Harbaugh had all the players willing to go to the wall for him.

    Actually, Harbaugh wasn’t the most beloved coach among a lot the players. People seem to forget that.

  12. Now just get rid of the disrespectful turd Fidel Krapernick, and that will help getting things turned around.

  13. I don’t know where this myth started that the players have to love the coach. Lombardi, Brown, Halas, Shula, Landry, Noll–none were loved by their players except right after a championship game win. I believe it was one of the Packers’ great d-linemen (either Henry Jordan or Willie Davis) who said, “He treats us all alike–like dogs”.

    Harbaugh wasn’t beloved by the players, but they played their butts off for him because they knew he had their backs. They didn’t love him, but they sensed he knew how to get them to get where they wanted to go. And he almost got them there, too.

  14. As for Baalke, I’m saying this from far away, but it seems on the evidence that his departure is a good move, regardless of what you think of the SF ownership. What they had in place just wasn’t making it.

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