Chuck Pagano: I think Andrew Luck is the best QB in the NFL

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Colts coach Chuck Pagano believes he’ll be back in Indianapolis next season, and believes he’ll be coaching the NFL’s best quarterback.

Pagano said today that he’s optimistic that the Colts can be title contenders in large part because he thinks Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the NFL.

“We have a quarterback that I think is the best quarterback in the league,” Pagano said, in comments distributed by the Colts.

For his part, Luck said today that he didn’t think he played well enough this season.

“It’s disappointing,” Luck said. “First, disappointed in myself. I feel like I could have done better and maybe have helped this team end with a different record but the reality is we didn’t.”

Pagano said he thinks his job is safe in Indianapolis, but the reality is that Jim Irsay didn’t agree to give Luck a lucrative contract with the idea that the Colts would be an 8-8 team. If the Colts aren’t in the playoffs next season, some other coach will get the chance to coach the “best quarterback in the league.”

99 responses to “Chuck Pagano: I think Andrew Luck is the best QB in the NFL

  1. He’s a top 10 QB. falls a little short of being elite. At his best he’s as good as there is, but makes more mistakes than the Brady’s Rogers and even Wilsons. 5 years from now he’ll be a little below Wilson, Carr and Prescott. Maybe even with Matt Ryan.

  2. The dumb dumb GM obviously doesn’t feel the same way or he would have done something to protect the franchise QB. There are idiots from top to bottom in that organization. Kind of like my Bears.

  3. If they’d get him an offensive line we could find out. Look what good lines do for rookies like Dak and young QBs line Carr.

  4. Then that could mean Pagano is hunting for a new offensive coordinator. If you have the best QB in the league, you throw the ball. You don’t wait until you’re behind every week, then get your QB killed.

  5. Andrew Luck might not even be the best quarterback in the AFC South. Let’s just say that Luck is closer to Mariota than he is to Brady.

  6. He’s the best QB the Colts will have in a a ling while but he throws too many INT’s to be the best.

    Start putting up 30+ TD’s and less than 10 INTs and we’ll talk.

  7. Sticking up for your guy is fine. But saying that out loud makes you look like a poor judge of talent.

  8. Best QB in the NFL????– Chuck- you deserve to be fired for that statement alone. Are you joking me? Brady, Rogers, Brees, Rothlesberger, Wilson, and about 5 others. Humpty Dumpty, I mean Irsay, might have paid Luck $140M, but that doesn’t “mean” he is anything other than an average NFL QB. Chuck- if he is the NFL’s best QB, then your record as a head coach with the NFL’s best QB speaks volumes about your coaching abilities.

  9. Does any coach in the NFL stay up at night worrying that they have to out-scheme a Colts team? Absolutely not.

    They get crushed in the first half of almost all their games while executing Pagano’s game plan. Their only hope is when they scrap their plan and let Luck start chucking it in the 2nd half and hope and pray for a comeback… He needs to go.

  10. If Pagano thinks Luck is the best QB in the league that is proof positive he’s not a great coach. Luck is good, but not in the top 5 (for sure).

  11. It is amazing how Luck has fallen. When he was drafted most of us were led to believe he was Johnny U re-incarnated. Then again, RG3 was picked right after him and there was actually a debate as to who the better QB would be. Obviously Luck is better than RG3 but that is saying a whole lot.

  12. Active QBs Brees, Rogers, Brady, Flacco, Roethlisberger Wilson, and Manning all have higher career completion percentages and more Super Bowl appearances/wins than Andrew Luckless.

    But you do you, Chuck.

  13. If he’s the best in the NFL then the Colts coaching staff must be the reason why his performance doesn’t back up that statement.

  14. Luck, the best QB in the NFL? Uh, Brady, Rodgers, Ben, Ryan and maybe Wilson (the jury is still out on him). Romo deserves to be mentioned here also.

    No way in hell Luck deserved $140M and just as an FYI, look what happened to the Ravens when they gave the house to Flacco.

  15. I literally spit a mouthful of soda all over my keyboard and had to spend 2 minutes cleaning it up when I read the headline.

    Luck isn’t even vaguely close to being the “best QB in the NFL”. He’s somewhere middle of the road, maybe 15th – 20th.

    Of course that marshmelloy soft Oline in front of him doesn’t help any.

  16. Its not all about wins or losses. You have to look at what they do for their team. Luck can go anywhere and make things happen. Id put him top 7. Guys like him, big ben, rodgers, they can go anywhere and even with a weak line they can create time with their feet, they can throw it deep, etc… You look at guys like brady, they take 2 step drops and quick slants or screens. Passes any qb can make. If you forced him to drop back consistently, read through progressions, use footwork and firee the ball down field……….well in that system brady isnt a top 20 qb in the nfl. HIs back up and injured, rookie 3rd stringer had 0 int’s in 4 games. So brady throwing 2 is good, but when you think that his injured, rookie third stringer didnt throw any pics in that offense either- it goes to show brady isnt that impressive- its the system that relies on all high percentage passes. So all around, ill give luck a lot of credit, but not #1 spot lol.

  17. Technically this could be true if the Colts managed to get all the other better qbs simultaneously suspended. (hope I didn’t give them any ideas)

  18. He certainly is the best QB in the league if the competition is to look like a Geico caveman. But nowhere near the best at actually playing football.

    Where was he drafted and how many championships has he win? Oh, ok. Right.

  19. Sadly, unsophisticated fans have bought into Skip Bayless phony narratives about Luck. He was 9th in QB rating and 7th in QBR with bottom 5 offensive line. Luck is a solid 46-30 in career despite turmoil in organization. If you throw more deep passes with horrible o-line, there will be a few more INTs. On track for over 400 TD passes and double-digit postseason wins for career.

  20. There isn’t a GM or coach in the league who’d pass him up were he offered in trade. Not One.

    His best days are ahead of him. One immense help would be an offensive line that can protect him.

  21. So you got the best QB in the league and can’t win the South???? Can’t get in the playoffs? you need to be fired….

  22. I don’t understand the Luck bashing. What about some of the other QBs that are mentioned as elite?

    Brees-4 losing years in last 5
    Ryan-1 playoff win with Tony G and Julio
    Carr-Luck already had 3 playoff wins after 3 years with worse supporting talent

    Luck gets hammered but other number one overall picks (Stafford and Bradford) get a pass without any postseason wins.

  23. I like luck a lot but Pagano is delusional. I’ll take Rodgers, Brady and Carr before luck. That kind of thinking is probably the reason why Pagano never wins anything..

  24. Not even close in any career metric.
    He’s 22 in QBR.
    Somewhere around 14 in ESPN Total QBR
    Around 15 in YAR, DYAR, and DVOA rankings.

    He’s fooled you all, he’s a middle of the road QB.

  25. inexcusable to have a quarterback the caliber of andrew luck & NOT even be in contention for a super bowl title in the worst division in football.

    pagano, grigson, & irsay are the definition of incompetent

  26. If he is the best QB in the league,why are they finishing every year not in the playoffs and Pagano’s butt on the hot seat? It seems that every year the Colts finish out by playing for his job. Pagano is delusional.

  27. If you can’t win the God-awful AFC South with the “best QB in the league”,it’s time to go. It’s the same thing every year with the Colts. It never changes.

  28. For those knocking Luck due to career QB rating, this stat needs some perspective. Beuerlein, George, O’Brien, Hostetler, Krieg, Cunningham, O’Donnell, Kosar and Lomax all had higher career QB rating than Elway.

  29. It’s hard to tell how good he is through the haze of mediocrity that is the Colts. He did get paid big kid money though, so I’m sure when he fails they will chuck him under the bus just like they did with Fivehead.

  30. I wonder how good he could be if he actually had a decent team around him. I would put him in the convo he has the ability but nothing around him

  31. Luck is right there….Carr has the better year

    Ben – the standard-bearer
    3,819 yrads
    29 TDs
    13 Ints
    95.4 Rating

    Best young QB this year
    3,937 yards
    28 TDs
    6 Ints
    96.7 Rating

    Down year
    4,219 yards
    21 TDs
    11 Ints
    92.6 Rating

    Better year
    4,240 yards
    31 TDs
    13 Ints
    96.4 Rating

    3,426 yards
    26 TDs
    9 Ints
    95.6 Rating

    Bad year
    3,509 yards
    19 TDs
    14 Ints
    75.8 Rating

  32. For good measure (not using Rodger or Brady – not same level)

    4,327 Yards
    24 TDs
    10 Ints
    93.3 Rating

    4,944 yards
    38 TDs
    7 Ints
    117.1 Rating

  33. While he may not be, I have no problem with statements like this from a coach regarding his team. What’s wrong with a coach stating he believes in his players? Call me old fashioned but I like the rivalries that used to define professional sports, I want the coaches and players believing in themselves and making statements like these.

    (that being said Luck the best? HA. thats obviously Carson Wentz) ((See, believe in your players)).

  34. Sorry Chucky, but the best QB in the NFL is in either order A-Rod or Brady….sounds like a guy trying to kiss some major butt to save his job, good guy terrible coach.

  35. lp0320 says:
    Jan 2, 2017 7:17 PM
    Luck, the best QB in the NFL? Uh, Brady, Rodgers, Ben, Ryan and maybe Wilson (the jury is still out on him). Romo deserves to be mentioned here also.


    No way in hell Luck deserved $140M and just as an FYI, look what happened to the Ravens when they gave the house to Flacco.


    Contrast that to Brady who takes pay CUTS and gets better and better!

  36. wwbbd12 says:
    Jan 2, 2017 6:42 PM
    New Banner………..Best QB in AFC South
    Awww….. How cute. Banner smack.
    Think of that one all by yourself??

  37. stillabengalsfan says:
    Jan 2, 2017 7:01 PM
    If by best, you mean goofy looking… then yes, he is.
    Bengals fan running his mouth…hahaha

  38. Did they vote to leagalize anything in Indiana, Chuck your going to need to fill this up to the line… that would be g r e a t.

    Colts did then same to Payton, over paid to the point they can not afford protection for him. Your bank won’t let you buy a house you can”t insure!

  39. Luck is NOT the problem.
    The bottom 2/3 of THIS roster is the problem and that 2/3 is 7/8 defensive players…lol.
    That’s ALL on Grigson.
    Pagano gets a PASS from me, but only because of how badly Grigson has decimated the defense with bad decisions.

  40. In Luck defense he has the worst supporting cast in the league, insert an average qb here let’s say Andy Dalton and the colts finish with a top 5 pick in the draft.

  41. charger383 says:
    Jan 2, 2017 11:46 PM
    If Luck played for a good team with good owner and coaches he would be winning playoff games


    I think you have to look at the negative plays. 68 picks in 5 years is too many for an elite QB. Brady has had 37 in that time in 6 more games. Turnover differential is the stat most correlated to winning. Indy needs a better defense for sure, but Luck isn’t helping the cause.

    In 2010 an injured Peyton carried the team to 10 wins with no players. Luck isn’t capable of that yet obviously.

    It’s possible he’d be winning playoff games for a different coach and owner, but not likely based on how he has played.

  42. I know why Pagano is saying it–you’ve got to be “rah-rah” for your guy and all after a bad season–but everyone knows who the best is, and he plays in New England.

    Luck is in the 2nd tier somewhere around 8-16.

  43. TB12RALLYCRY says:
    Jan 3, 2017 8:47 AM
    Then by all means Chuckles………Hand another banner for it!!!!!
    You fail at banner jokes.

  44. After all the success they’ve been able to enjoy, Pats fans are STILL salty over the Colts?? Because, 10+ years ago, people considered Peyton Manning the better QB…and rightly so. It truly is comical that the fans of the league’s most successful team have a complex over Indy, years after Peyton left them and a year after Peyton retired from another team. Not to mention the hilarious complex they will always have regarding New York teams.

    Trying to make the Pats into the Yankees of football, you aint fooling anyone, little man!

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