Jed York: Had to clean house to bring back “championship culture”

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As many owners whose teams fail so badly they fire coaches rapidly do, 49ers owner Jed York spoke of culture.

And while he’s related to the championship culture of the 49ers, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical that he’s going to be able to recreate his family’s glory.

Five months removed from his uncle Eddie DeBartolo Jr. earning a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his work building the 49ers into a dynasty, the nephew has razed it to the ground again. Getting rid of coach Chip Kelly and General Manager Trent Baalke yesterday was something he said he felt necessary in that process.

“I just think it’s time for us to re-establish a championship culture,” York told Peter King of “In order to do that, I thought we had to clean house.”

So, to recap, after getting rid of a good coach (Jim Harbaugh) in what can only be viewed as a personality clash, York is about to hire his fourth coach in 26 months after playing through the regrettable Jim Tomsula era and giving Kelly one year.

And plenty of people will now wonder why a good candidate would take the job, given the short fuse York has shown during his time in charge of the team.

“People have felt like that before,” York said, “and we were able to hire a coach of the year, and GM of the year. And we were able to win a championship.”

That’s a pretty liberal use of “we.” While Harbaugh won coach of the year in 2011, it’s reasonable to say York single-handedly ran him off. The previous coach of the year who actually won a title was Bill Walsh in 1981.

That was 35 years ago. And perhaps not coincidentally, the 36-year-old York was in diapers when that happened, as unable to control a culture as his impulses.

When DeBartolo was inducted to the Hall in August, he stressed the importance of family, saying the word 26 times in his speech. The words Jed or York were never mentioned, one of the few names he didn’t say that night.

30 responses to “Jed York: Had to clean house to bring back “championship culture”

  1. .

    Three steps to respectability :

    1. Hire Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels, as GM and Coach

    2. Trade for Jimmy Garopollo

    3. Spend your ample cap space wisely

  2. The NFL needs to start dividing up the TV revenue based on wins and losses. That’s the only way to force some owners to prioritize winning.

  3. Jed will prove that he will be incapable of returning the 49ers back to their former glory. The strange part in all this pomp and pageantry is that I truly feel like Jed does not care. He wants to be known as the man in charge. “We” guys win championships. “Me” guys run franchises into the ground.

  4. Jed York: Had to clean house to bring back “championship culture”
    Soooooo, you’re selling the team? About the only way a “championship culture” can return to Santa Clara.

  5. I’m sorry, but any owner who would allow the disgraceful Colin Kaepernick to turn the entire season into a self-aggrandizing circus, has little hope of ever being successful.

  6. Sadly the 49er fans team are at the mercy of Jed York’s whims. Through him the York family is vying with Irsay, Hazlem and Woody for the title of the worst owner in the NFL. What accomplished coach wants to go into the toxic / childish / backstabbing atmosphere of the 49ers? The past few years have decimated the talent and Jed’s immaturity has destroyed the front office. York will pretend he is in control of the hiring process but the 49ers will only land the desperate or second tier coaches – unless Mommy and Daddy take the team away from an obviously clueless Jed. $30 million in dead money for fired coaches might get their attention. Let’s see how long they fund Jed’s destructive idiocy.

  7. Jed, the problem with the culture lies directly at your feet. Culture comes from the top. If you have a problem wth your culture, look in the mirror.

  8. Trent Baalke was the main problem because he did not assemble a group of talented players which was his job.

    York is doing the right thing just 4 years too late. Next GM and Coach are coming into a team with little talent but plenty of cap space and draft picks. Done properly, this team can be in the playoffs in two years.

  9. Now if the niners can just fire the owner they will totally clean got rid of half the problem,and if you get rid of yourself you will have totally cleaned house as you are the other half of the problem.

  10. Jed went to see Rogue One and discovered he could CGI Bill Walsh back on the sideline.

    Member championships? Member dynasty? I member!

  11. The house still isn’t clean – a fish rots from the head down as do sports franchises . As long as silver spoon Jed is running the show this franchise will run into the ground; football equivalent of the LA Clippers under Donald Sterling

  12. This incompetent silver spooned d-bag now has no one left to blame but himself when he puts in the new GM and coaching staff. Planes with banners for jed and his phony family to sell the team will be flying next season over the pathetic half empty stadium every Sunday. You reap what you sow.

  13. Jed needs to find a new hobby he ruined our franchise and has turned us into a laughing stock go dive in the pacific Jed

  14. 49ers running off Harbaugh was like Cowboys running off Jimmy Johnson. Hopefully it doesn’t take 20 years to turn it around.

  15. Like I said when the Harbaugh stuff started, is Paraag Marathe still there? Okay, well the culture isn’t going to change because Jed, Marathe, and his other cronies are the problem, not everybody else. Remember when I said that Baalke was the fall guy for Harbaugh. Notice that Jim has never mentioned him pushing him out. Baalke wasn’t a good GM, but I still find it hard to believe that he was trying to get rid of the guy who made him look successful, especially since he worked under Parcells and knew how hard it is to get the coach-GM dynamic to work in the first place. The 49er fans and the media bought it hook, line, and sinker. Remember, this is the son of John York. He’s just rolling like his father.

  16. When owners worry more about money than football they employ executives like
    Paraag Marathe
    Chief Strategy Officer & Exec. VP of Football Ops
    to undermine the coach and GM while controlling player contracts. It would be great the 49ers have no takers for either open position

  17. The ONLY thing better is if the Swiners went 0-16. Hate them. Hate their city. Hate their people. Hate their baseball team. Hate their politics. Too bad the Loma Prieta earthquake didn’t separate S.F. from the rest of California and float away never to be seen again.

  18. “I just think it’s time for us to re-establish a championship culture,” York told Peter King of “In order to do that, I thought we had to clean house.”

    Sorry dude, you just don’t have the talent do that. And if you’re lucky maybe in 5 years or so.

  19. An awful lot of “ant-York” comments have one lone thumbs down. It’s nice to know York’s mom is a fan of PFT. (Some have two, So I guess Jed looks in once in a while, too.)

  20. You already had a championship culture created by Jim Harbaugh and you fired him for not getting along with you and the proven incompetent moron that is Baalke. York, any intelligent football coach will argue with you about how the team should be run, because you are incompetent. Get down on your knees, beg Harbaugh to come back with the biggest salary any NFL coach has ever gotten and promise to stay out of football operations and keep your mouth shut.

  21. I find it odd that a guy who inherited his position knows anything about a “winning’ championship culture. He never took control of a huge distraction on his team and I am not sure if it was him or kelly.

  22. 6ball says:
    Jan 2, 2017 7:22 AM

    Three steps to respectability :

    1. Hire Scott Pioli and Josh McDaniels, as GM and Coach

    2. Trade for Jimmy Garopollo

    3. Spend your ample cap space wisely
    1. Sure, because McDaniels did SO well in Denver and Pioli was such a success with the Chiefs.

    2. Sure, because he did so well in his, what, three starts. I have two words for you: Matt Cassel. Another ex-Patriot who did SO well when he left BB, like the above two and names like Weis and Crennel.

    3. Duh.

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