Josh McDaniels to interview with Rams, 49ers, Jaguars


Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has been the hot young assistant before.

This time, he can perhaps afford to be more choosy.

According to multiple reports, McDaniels is expected to interview with the Rams, 49ers and Jaguars this week.

The interest from all three is reasonable and expected, as all three either have a quarterback that needs work or no quarterback at all.

But there are timeline issues at play as well. The 49ers are expected to hire a General Manager before they hire a coach, and have requested permission to interview Patriots personnel man Nick Caserio as well, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

19 responses to “Josh McDaniels to interview with Rams, 49ers, Jaguars

  1. All of these Patriot coordinators who get paid to Head coach should kick back 50% to Brady and Belicheck because none of them earn their money when they leave. They get undersved credit for Brady.

  2. Caserio, McDaniels and Garoppolo to the Niners would be a stunning reversal of fortune but would either of the first 2 be inclined to work for York after he just got done dumping a coach after one year? Whoever goes to LA has to take on Goff and that looks like a serious project. Jacksonville has a lot of talent there already and Khan has shown he can be patient.

  3. Gee whiz, Tom Brady sure makes a lot of money for a lot of people. The last game Brady didn’t play in the Patriots got shut out. Oh well, I don’t really think a lot of these owners are as concerned about winning as the fans think they are. They’re making money even when they lose. Maybe TV revenue should be tied to wins and losses.

  4. Don’t know why he’d even bother interviewing for the 9ers job. This would be his 2nd chance at a HC job, and if he fails, he won’t get another. In SF he would inherit a roster that looks like Alabama’s scout team, and be working for a clueless twit of an owner who will fire him if the team isn’t in contention in 1-2 yrs. Why would anyone with talent squander their only chance with a dysfunctional organization like the 9ers? I get why career retreads like Jeff Fisher would take the job, but anyone who takes it has to know they’ll be on the street again in 1-3yrs, tops.

  5. Maybe the Rams, if he can get something out of Goff, or possibly the Jags if he can get huge improvement out of Bortles.
    The 49ers sound like a recipe for getting fired in 2 years.

  6. I wouldn’t want to lose him, but Jax makes the most sense. They have talent on their roster and a patient owner. Plus he wouldn’t be in the media pressure cooker there like he would be in SF or LA.

  7. When is the NFL and management teams realize everything that comes out of the Pats system is a result of bellichek and Brady…McDaniels is not a head coach.

  8. maust1013 says:
    Jan 2, 2017 10:08 AM
    Buyer beware. His tenure as head coach in Denver was a disaster after a 6-0 start. He also got busted for cheating as head coach.

    My id has been spoofed and I have reported this comment but it has not been removed

  9. Josh McDaniels, Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennell, Bill O’Brien, and Bill Belichick have all enjoyed great success with Tom Brady as their QB. Did you know they all have head coaching records without Brady too. For those who don’t want to know the facts, please cover your eyes. McDaniels was 11-17 in Denver. Crennell was 28-55 in Cleveland and K.C. Weis was 41-49 with Notre Dame and Kansas. O’Brien was 15-9 at Penn State finishing 2nd and 3rd in the conference, and 27-21 (three 9-7 seasons) at Houston. All total, these guys were 66-93 as NFL head coaches without Tom Brady. What about Belichick? Thanks for asking. Bill was 36-44 with the Browns, enjoying only one winning season out of five, and 5-11 his first year in New England (with Drew Bledsoe at QB). That was Brady’s 1st season and he threw 3 passes. The next year Bledsoe got hurt and they were forced to go with Brady. Low and behold the won the super bowl that first season. In fact, they’ve come in first place in their division every year since, except two. One was Brady’s second season when they went 9-7, and the other was the year Brady was injured and Matt Cassell was the QB. So now, is anyone shocked that the 49ers, Rams, and Jaguars are interested in interviewing McDaniels? Ok everyone, you can open up your eyes now. That darn Google. They’re just full of facts. Sometimes they ruin a good fantasy.

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