Kirk Cousins doesn’t sound willing to do a team-friendly deal

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Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan essentially wants quarterback Kirk Cousins to negotiate like Tom Brady. Instead, Cousins seems to be prepared to negotiate like Peyton Manning.

Unfortunately for Washington, Cousins is a long way from playing like either.

Regardless of where he currently ranks among other quarterbacks in relation to quality, Cousins has leverage that comes from a franchise tag that would cost the team $23.94 million in 2017. The alternative is to sign him to a long-term deal based on his market value.

He seems to be intent on figuring out exactly what his market value is, and maximizing it.

“[T]here’s other quarterbacks that come after you and it would be almost a selfish move to hurt future quarterbacks who get in a position to have a contract,” Cousins told 106.7 The Fan in D.C. on Monday. “And if you don’t take a deal that’s fair to you, then you’re also taking a deal that’s not fair to them and you’re setting them back as well. So there’s different reasons. You just do the best you can.”

That’s a far cry from McCloughan’s preference that Cousins do a deal that leaves other money for other players, so that the team can thrive. Cousins has a plan for that possibility, albeit an unrealistic one.

“[F]rankly, once you sign the contract, there’s no law saying you can’t renegotiate,” Cousins said. “If you signed a deal and you end up coming away from two seasons saying, ‘Hey, not only did we not win, but I think the reason is that I’m taking too much,’ then you can always talk about changing that, but I don’t a need to do that on the front end.”

The problem with this logic is that it’s unlikely that the two sides ever would agree that: (1) the quarterback’s contract is holding back the franchise; and (2) he should reduce it accordingly. Typically, players will take less money than they’re contractually entitled to receive only if they know that no one else will offer them as much or more.

“[Y]ou want to find your value and then be able to play off of that accordingly,” Cousins said.

If Washington won’t be investing $23.94 million in a quarterback whose interception helped doom a playoff run against a Giants team that had nothing to gain or lose, Cousins will find his value in the two-day window before he becomes a free agent. And if Houston’s experience with Brock Osweiler makes another team leery about a proverbial pig in a poke, Cousins will find that his value isn’t what he hoped it would be.

No matter how it plays out, the message is clear: Cousins plans to sign a contract that reflects his market value, whatever it may be and whether Washington likes it or not.

Cousins has every right to do that. He should do that. But he shouldn’t act like he’s making a sacrifice for the benefit of future quarterbacks.

He’s getting every dollar he can while he can get it. And he should admit that he’s being justifiably selfish when it comes to his own income instead of creating the impression that he’s looking to grab every dollar not for his own benefit but for the benefit of the quarterbacks who come after him.

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  1. The Brock & Tyrod debacles have no bearing on Kirk.
    Kirk has performed for two years, without getting a long-term contract.

  2. He’s a decent quarterback but I think he lacks vision on the field. Can’t excuse some of his overthrown downfield shots and he misses open recievers (yesterday missed a wide open crowder) sometimes and clearly doesn’t read defenses well sometimes. But for the skins, he’s about all they got right now but I fully understand why they can’t justify signing him to the long term.

  3. There’s no way the Redskins can sign him to a long-term deal at this point. He just hasn’t shown that he’s more than a mediocre quarterback. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of demand for mediocre quarterbacks and teams that are ready and willing to over pay for one. In my opinion, a 2 year contract around $18-20 million per year would be the best case scenario. The Skins have a short term solution as they continue to look for a franchise QB if Cousins doesn’t become one, Cousins can prove he’s a franchise QB and cash in if he is.

  4. Cleveland
    NY Jets
    San Fransisco

    Are all teams that would pounce on Kirk Cousins. he has a market and Washington is a dysfunctional mess. Has been since Danny Snyder bought the team

  5. LOL…he’s doing it for the good of the future QB’s. Give me a break KC. What a clown response that was. I never liked nor disliked him because he’s not my QB. Now I do dislike him just based on the utter nonsense that he had the nerve to spout. He must think everyone is stupid.

  6. Signing him means losing other offensive talent and he won’t be able to make up for it. I think Skins should wait it out. His talk is his agent’s talk. If he leaves via free agency it will be for a team with probably less talent and his play will drop off.

  7. Criminy, if Houston can give Osweiller mad money, why shouldn’t Cousins seek the same? Teams have created this mess. They should have to deal with it.

  8. Weren’t they 1-3 in December?

    They regressed after 2015 playoff season.



  9. The Redskins can’t afford to not pay him. Sorry but someone will pay him. Let’s see who could use him – Bills, Browns, Jets, Bears, Vikings(maybe) Broncos and San Francisco – OFF THE TOP OF MY head. Comparing him to Osweiler is stupid. His body of work is longer and better. He’s not great – but who is. Look at what Flacco or Tannehill or Sam Bradford are making….He’ll get paid. PS – Tom Brady’s wife makes $50 million a year. 50! If he was the only breadwinner he may not be so nice about his contracts.

  10. He’ll be the best of the fa qb’s and will command big bucks. There’s always some owner with deep pockets willing to part with some of their $$.

  11. It’s hard to have any sympathy for Dan Snyder, a billionaire who has created a monopoly on parking, takes cheap shots at media members, and repeatedly tries to use unpaid volunteers whenever possible. I’m happy to see that Cousins is maximizing his leverage against the team.

  12. It’s been so long since the skins have developed a qb, just pay the man already. We need to make our bed with Kirk and let him and Jay grow together. You don’t sign a qb based off of what you think the downside is.. And while the risk is real for Kirk, the reward could be there too. Skins will be kicking themselves way more if he leaves and wins playoff games than if we sign him and it doesn’t work out.

  13. If you tag him it’s another year of stability with coach and QB, otherwise the cycle continues and you can expect a HC coaching change next season when the new QB can’t get it done. Why not try and draft a QB and prepare him to take over after 1 season of sitting?

  14. I thought Cousins was very team friendly in his last game, if that team was the Giants.

  15. pay me or let me walk…hes gonna stick it to them cuz they had that long song and dance last yr

  16. Why should he settle for less? They will let him go once he isnt useful anymore. I never see a reason for a player to go less than their market value, and I applaud him being honest.

  17. From a negotiations viewpoint, it would be foolish of any free agent to say at the outset, “I am willing to do a team-friendly deal” because it would result in him getting totally lowballed. The only way he should do a team-friendly deal is if he insists that the team guarantees his contract for 3-4 years. Otherwise, you try and get paid as much as possible ASAP, because we all know that 99% of these contracts are not guaranteed.

  18. are you serious? he’s arguing that he’d be selfish if he DIDN’T take every penny he could squeeze?


    I understand the business side of things, but that’s one of the stupidest arguments I’ve ever heard.

  19. First of all, I don’t believe one word of the script Cousins was reading. He just might want out of Washington. He’s married. Maybe his wife doesn’t like Washington. Maybe they want to raise a family somewhere else. He’s young. He’ll be around for a while. Whether he’s average, good, or great, he’s going to make more money than he’ll ever need. The Redskins are bringing in guys like DeSean Jackson, Vernon Davis, and Josh Norman. Cousins might not believe you can win with guys like that. You hit the ceiling and never win a championship. He certainly wouldn’t be the only one with those views. Scot McCloughan brought in a lot of questionable character guys in San Francisco. Remember Mike Singletary’s famous “I want winners!”. Cousins might just want to go elsewhere.

  20. Cousins is a middle of the road QB, he’s not great, but he’s not bad either. But he’s not worth Manning/Brady/Brees money. But, let’s not pretend that this is Cousin’s doing. He’s doing what anyone would do in the same position, a position created by Dan Snyder (Jerry Jones Jr.) when he completely overpaid for Cousins.

  21. Skins can win with Cousins. They should pay him because the alternative is far worse. Right now they only have Colt McCoy and Nate Sudfeld on the roster. Plus they’re going to need WRs with Garcon and DJAX free agents and #1 Josh Doctson dealing with two achilles. The defense remains a weakness. Why add QB to the list of needs?

  22. Daniel Snyder knows about taking less than you can and should be applauded. After all, the team only made Maryland taxpayers cover 30% of their current stadium cost, made local taxpayers only foot $10 million for the practice facility in Richmond, and will only push Virginia to pay for the lion’s share for a new stadium there. This is a man that understands taking a little bit less for the good of all. Clearly, Cousins is the selfish and unreasonable one.

  23. Oh, how magnanimous of him! He’s “doing it for future QBs”? HA HA HA… oh my, that’s good! I’ll give him credit, I’ve never heard it spun that way before!

  24. The argument is constantly made that Brady takes less but what he really does is play on cap friendly contracts. While Brady could certainly make more than he has the truth is in the history of the sport the Manning brothers are the only 2 players who have ever made more. Not even Brees who falsely gets hammered for his purported greed has out earned Brady. NE has a symbiotic relationship with their QB. Brady’s contracts are constantly torn up well before they ever get to their last year and he gets the bulk of his money up front because the team believes in him and he in turn trusts them. It is good business and has worked out very well for both sides but it shouldn’t be portrayed as largess on the part of either. Brady and the Patriots have simply done quite well by each other.

    He is being disingenuous at best when he presents the argument as some form of paying it forward, he knows damn well there are many ways contracts and compensation can be structured and dealt with. There is no way Cousins and his representatives don’t know that.

    FWIW I am a Giants guy and I love me some EZ Eli but I have to admit I find it obscene that he is the games top active wage earner.

  25. We all know it is Brees telling him it would be selfish.

    He told everyone to hold out for more money so lower players could make more. He then went for max money, making sure everyone playing with him wouldn’t be able to get a bump. Now they can’t afford anyone good…but he got his so who cares.

  26. Look, if Kirk wants to get the biggest contract possible, I encourage him: with the way these players can end up crippled for life and the way owners can treat them like disposable parts, I think players should get as much as they can while they still can.

    But please Kirk, please… don’t give me this “It would be almost a selfish move” to future QBs to take a lesser contract. Get over yourself. You aren’t testing free agency to help future QBs, you are testing free agency to help yourself. Period.

  27. Brady gets additional money from sources not directly linked to the Pats but flow from the same sources, therefore he takes less in his contract. One of the reasons why the Pats can be more stocked than other teams. This loop-hole needs to be closed. If the Pats ahd to pay Brady like all other teams have to pay their QB then they would have more holes like any other team.

  28. Is it me or is he talking like he just won the game that put the Skins in the playoffs? ———————————————————————————————————————
    There is a severe shortage of staring caliber QB’s, but I’d think long & hard about 24mil for a guy that came up short at home when it mattered against a team that had nothing to gain or lose

  29. Why add QB to the list of needs?

    Because having a mediocre, or even a good QB (look at Rivers and Brees), won’t make you a contender. Heck, some people even believe Rodgers is the best QB in football and he hasn’t been able to overcome poor management and a depleted defense the last 5 years.

    When you have a mediocre QB taking 20% or more of the salary cap, it becomes almost impossible to fill the rest of the holes on the roster that having a true franchise QB can make up for.

  30. See, here’s the problem. The guy is gonna get paid. The market for QB’s is so thin that anyone remotely competent is going to be paid big just so that a team isn’t having to put out three variations of crap at QB. Kirk Cousins isn’t crap. He’s not great, I wouldn’t even call him good, but he’s not bad.

    Every team, every fanbase is victim to it(or will be). Take the Bills: they’d be insane to get rid of Tyrod Taylor. Is he great? No. Is he good? Maybe. Even if he isn’t, x number of years of average QB is better than twice that number of years of crap QB followed by an indeterminate number of years of stellar QB.

    That is the position the Skins find themselves in now. They could have a good run of average QB, or they could blow it up until they find a great one.

    But no one ever said you can’t look for the great one while you are playing your average QB. Tom Brady was drafted as a backup.

  31. Redskins have much bigger issues than QB. Cousins may not be top 5, but if they don’t get him under a market value contract, whatever ridiculous amount that will be, they will have one more hole to fill either in FA or the draft. I hope they keep Cousins, ever though the price will feel painful. Can’t stop the run and can’t run the ball. Get a run stopping DT, a FS who understands angles and can tackle, a RG and C on the oline. Lots of positions are much worse off than QB. They have plenty of cap space next year. Pay the man, fix the defense, and figure out what it is going to take to get a consistent running attack.

  32. “He just hasn’t shown that he’s more than a mediocre quarterback. ”

    That’s crazy talk. He’s clearly a top 10 QB – nobody who has been paying any attention disputes that. But he wants top 5 money. That’s where the problem is. And while he’s found justification one step above “I have to feed my family,” it’s a tiny step and comes across as intellectually inept.

  33. If they don’t pay him, what else are they going to do? Forget that he’ll get paid somewhere else (and he will) if they let him get to the FA market. More to the point, what else are they going to do? Go into next season hoping they just find a QB somewhere? They don’t grow on trees, that’s why he’s going to get paid in the first place.

    Just bite the bullet, sign him, pick a WR (Garcon or Jackson) and re-sign him, and put every other penny available into the defense.

    The team definitely has plenty of holes, and is going to have to be creative to fix them. Cousins is going to get paid more than he “should” in a vacuum. But the alternative is to start over from scratch, tear down the roster completely and clean house

  34. I think people are underrating Kirk Cousins and I strongly disagree with the idea that he is a “proverbial pig in a poke.”

    Kirk Cousins just threw for nearly 5000 yards, was #7 in the NFL in QB rating and threw 12 interceptions all year.

    Last year he was #5 in rating, completed 69.8% of his passes for nearly 4200 yards and 29-11 TD/INT. That is a very solid 2-year body of work for a 28-year-old player. Is he Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? No. But he’s pretty much Matt Ryan. So he just had a very difficult time with a defense that is playing extremely well right now, that decided to go guns blazing to stay hot knowing they would have to travel on the road for a wildcard game. So now all of a sudden Cousins is mediocre? What did the Giants do to the Dallas offense a few weeks ago? Is the Dallas offense no longer any good either?

    I don’t know whether Kirk Cousins is worth $24 million per year and basically 15% of a team’s salary cap. I don’t know if Washington is better off paying him or continuing to build the entire team. But I know that Cousins has now established himself as a very good quarterback. Comparing him to Brock Osweiler is ludicrous. Cousins has a 2-year record of performing well above NFL average. Wherever he goes he will probably continue to do the same.

  35. Last year as a Redskins fan I wanted the team to just sign him to a $20 million per year deal. I always worry about forcing a player, especially a player at premium position, to play on a franchise tag because if they perform well enough they always have the upper hand due to the 20% increase to franchise them again.

    Right now Cousin’s body of work is enough that teams like Jacksonville, NY Jets, Minnesota, Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Arizona, would all at the very least pause and consider signing him.

    Buffalo and Jacksonville have enough young talent to compete for a playoff spot if they upgrade at QB. Denver could automatically be a Superbowl contender again if they upgrade at QB. A young QB Who the past two seasons averaged 4500+ passing yards, 67% completions, 27tds 11 int, and 99 rating the past two seasons is going to command a monster deal on the open market. The numbers are just too massive to ignore.

  36. Get all that you can guaranteed ! The team will move away from you when your skills drop, and not give a damn about you.

  37. The Cowboys have Prescott
    The Giants have Manning
    The Eagles appear to be set with Wentz

    If the Redskins don’t sign Cousins they will be unable to keep up with the rest of the NFC East. They can’t afford to step backwards at this point.

  38. Cousins is worth a fortune because he’s proven he can produce consistently in that offense. If they move on from him, everyone in that organization will get fired in 2 years. QBs don’t grow on trees.

    It’s funny, I don’t even need to read who the author is to know a Florio piece, because about three sentences in there is usually some smug passive aggressive insult hurled at someone. Your dopey one-liner about him not being Manning or Brady is ridiculous. Who is? This is the way Free Agency works, guys set the market, and the stars blow it out of the water when its their turn, rinse repeat.

  39. Jets QB tried to play hard ball and it almost worked. Lucky for them because they found out he is average at best. Sure there is big time money out there for the QB position problem with Capt. Kirk is he’s not a big time QB.

  40. Season on the line and he choked with a bevy of pass catchers at his disposal. Who cares about his meaningless stats against losing teams. I see my team being mentioned as a team that should “pounce” on him but no thanks. He can go to another team.

  41. Tom Brady has made more than his fair share and has a wife that makes more money than he does. Taking a team friendly deal doesn’t hurt Tom financially. Cousins is a new face on the block and is trying to get his first big deal. Can’t blame the guy.

    Be cautious though, Kirk. Look what happened in New Orleans when Brees ate the whole cap.

  42. My two cents. He turned down an offer betting his play would command more money at the end of the year and he could listen to other offers. Considering his record this year he lost money whether his agent agrees or not.
    I dont see teams vying for this guy, he is avg at best.

  43. Kirk already did the team friendly thing by signing the Tag and not making it an issue all season.

    The time for a team friendly long term deal was last year. At this point, they know what they have. If the Redskins want Cousins, they are going to have to pay him.

    He will get paid by someone. And if the Skins let him walk, they may end up using 3 first, and a second to pick up another RG3.

  44. Look at all the keyboard cowboys here today! Please, the next time you sit down with your boss for a raise negotiation, please see how friendly a deal you can get for the business. Maybe you can take a pay cut for the good of the company. Get out of here!!

    And he is correct. If a similar QB comes along and it’s time to get paid, cousins salary will be the basis for that. Maximize, maximize, maximize. Personally, I say Cousins should walk. The redskins aren’t all that and the fan base sucks. If you are going to play for a tier two team go play for one that will pay you and has fans that won’t hate you and put the failure of the team on your shoulders.

  45. Sign him or not, up to you. I would tell him to hold out for every dime! This is a business, and the owner will maximize profits any way he can. Its up to you to maximize your earnings.

  46. Forget about Kirk’s stats, only important stats are W and L. Playoff appearance s

    Cousins int. cause the Skins a chance to win the game and march into the playoff.

    Owners pay for Wins, not market value. Not buying a house

    Let him walk!!!

    You like that!!!!

  47. In that same interview he also said he looks not at the contract $$ but at the % of the salary cap his contract eats.

    He has a point. The fair thing would be to take whatever the contract % of the 2014 salary cap Andy Dalton’s deal was and use that multiple on the 2017 salary cap to construct a deal for Cousins.

    The problem is with the guaranteed money. Scot is in a tough position. It doesn’t seem like he is sold on Cousins being a championship caliber QB.

    He views Cousins like many view Cousins….a checklist QB that has to have everything from the play call….. to the pre-read… the clean pocket….to the route runners be on schedule. His game has a ceiling and there is a higher chance that his play regresses than him breaking thru that glass ceiling.

    One more stat that I look at which tells the entire story on Cousins. He passed for 5,000 yards and 25 passing TD’s. It took 200 passing yards for every 1 TD pass. He’s great at getting chunks of yards that predominantly comes from play design in between the 20’s… but once inside the redzone he doesn’t have the decisiveness necessary and kills plays far too often.

  48. Statistically, he’s a middle of the road QB and should be paid as such. But if he gets crazy money, its not like he will be the first Redskin to fleece Synder.

  49. Zero reasons why he should take a team friendly deal. Does billionaire owner Dan Snyder give friendly deals to the other sides in his business deals outside the NFL? Did the GM take less $$ when he came to the team a few years ago? Not very likely. It’s the GM, front office cap people, owner’s roles to build a good team within the salary cap rules. Kirk shouldn’t have to help them do their jobs. While very few people will agree with him, he is right that he’s setting an example for future QBs in their contracts. Do you think an owner in the future just might, maybe, bring up Kirk’s contract & say to the guy they’re trying to sign to a team friendly deal, Hey look what Kirk Cousins did with the Redskins in 17! You should do the same and take a little less this time & we promise to redo your deal next year! Promise!

  50. Yeah, he definitely didn’t help himself with yesterday’s game but he has all the leverage because the redskins have no choice but to sign him. Their backup option is colt mccoy. Kurt has his faults but if the defense played at a higher level then they would have made the playoffs this season easily.
    I would love it if they got rid of him. He absolutely shreds the eagles everytime we face him.

  51. Any deal he signs he’ll probably want at least $24M per year. No way is he worth that. He may find that his market value is much lower than he thinks, especially after the Brock Osweiler signing. Teams will be leary of paying big money for a QB. I think they’d be better off drafting a QB and getting him to camp early so they can start getting him ready to start from day one. I wouldn’t break the bank and lose a bunch of other players for Cousins.

  52. The owner hates cousins and doesn’t won’t him. many skins fans appear to be as dumb as their owner.

  53. Colt McCoy can do everything Cousins can, they’d be fools to pay a glorified backup.

    You don’t pay a guy elite qb money who can’t win when the pressure is on. He has proven again and again that he’s only good against bad teams.

  54. Cousins’ best chance for success (WINNING GAMES) is in Washington. He is the Redskins best option at qb, at least for the next year to three years. So they should stay together. Stick them in a room and make them work it out.

  55. He clearly wants to be a Chicago Bear since he grew up in Barrington, Il the 1st 12 years of his life.

  56. There should be a clause in the salary cap that states that no one player can receive over 10% of the salary cap. Would solve a lot of problems.

  57. It is insulting to the QB position to even try to compare Cousins signing a big contract like Osweiler. Cousins has had 2 solid seasons in a row on a team with absolutely no running game.

    That being said, seems like 3 years 50 million could be a reasonable number unless he wants a 5 year deal

  58. he doesn’t want to disappoint the guys behind him?? So he wants to continue the ridiculous trend of signing mediocre QB’s to team crippling contracts which results in an even worse product and even more bad teams?

    This all started with the Eagles.

  59. Kirk is honest and said the truth, but some of you people are just too cynical and jaded to believe the man at his word. Kirk should never have been put in this position in the first place. You can’t blame him for being a smart businessman and he would be a moron to take anything less then the maximum he can get.
    This a business and the Redskins made him gamble on himself and guess what, he WON! Guess what else, Cousins is going to get paid big time whether you like it or not. If you’re a true Redskins fan you will be hoping he continues to improve like he has over the last couple years and become the best QB in the NFL

  60. I am a Cousins’ fan, but he has now demonstrated he is only worth between $12 – $15 million max per year.

    He is a middle of the pack QB who needs a very strong running game to be more effective.

    I do implore the Redskins to work to keep him, but at no more of a rate than I’ve noted. This team can work with Colt McCoy with a strong running game.

    Cousins had a chance to put on his big boy pants and he looked like a clown in them.

  61. Let Washington sign fan favorite RG me and let Cousins go to a team that appreciates him.

  62. If the Redskins let him walk, who do they have that can step in & produce anywhere close to him…
    5 years 90 mil with 65 guaranteed sounds reasonable….. That would be time enough to draft a future QB in the next couple years & yet still remain competitive in their division & NFC….
    That’s a decent amount of guaranteed cash & non crippling to the teams cap

  63. To get a player to commit to the Skins and Daniel Snyder, you’ll probably have to pay the player more, not look for a bargain.

  64. The Skins could be a .500 team with Colt McCoy. Why waste so much cash to finish 1/2 game above that ?

  65. Fact
    The Giants were playing for pride they had nothing to gain
    The Skins were playing for life after Sunday
    They are Dead
    How you like me now

  66. zygizag says:

    Brady gets additional money from sources not directly linked to the Pats but flow from the same sources, therefore he takes less in his contract. One of the reasons why the Pats can be more stocked than other teams. This loop-hole needs to be closed. If the Pats ahd to pay Brady like all other teams have to pay their QB then they would have more holes like any other team.
    What the bleep are you talking about!? Brady gets X amount from the Pats, all of it is written in contract, X amount from the NFL from jersey sales, X amount from endorsements, as other players do and his wife makes about $25 million a year.

    With his wife being extremely wealthy allows TB to sign for less than he is worth so the Pats are able to sign other players. Then the team win SB’s which helps TB to get more from $$ from endorsements.

    TB’s wife is the ONLY $$ that he gets that other players don’t! There is no “loophole” you delusional nut bag!

  67. Trade him. Draft a QB or get one for time being when you do. This guy loses big games. What he does all season long is not relevant. He needs to go.

  68. washingtonians want their cousins badly, and are willing to pay a lot of money.

  69. If the Redskins don’t pay him market value, there’s a real chance he ends up in Cleveland next year. I mean, they would struggle to meet the minimum spending requirement if they’re not paying somebody $20 million per year.

  70. When the dust settles he will be a Redskin. I can’t see this playing out any other way. Every good franchise shares one thing in common. Consistency. The Redskins haven’t had it at QB or Coach for a LONG TIME. Do Cousins and Gruden have flaws? Clearly… but the team is better off if they stay together and work to resolve it.

    Spotrac and OvertheCap has the Redskins pegged between 63-67 Million in cap space. Top 7 overall in space. If they design the contract right that gives them more than enough room for Cousins, a ton of defensive help, and a WR.

    I don’t expect this to resolve itself quickly, but I’m going to be very surprised if this ends any other way except him signing a long term deal.

  71. Good for him. Be selfish Kirk! “Team friendly” deals are a joke. Pro sports teams have proven repeatedly that the loyalty they so frequently try to publicly shame their players into showing is a one way street. The second their production drops off, they’ll kick them to the curb because “its a business.” Cousins owes it to himself and every pro athlete who comes later to squeeze the Redskins or whatever team he ends up with for every penny he can get.

  72. Comparing Cousins to Brock Osweiler is unrealistic….
    Osweiler started a TOTAL of 7 games for the Broncos….
    Cousins has started 41 games for the Redskins, … a MUCH safer bet than Osweiler.
    Denver had an elite defense, (affecting Osweiler’s play and numbers), something Cousins never suffered through with Washington.

    In the last 2 seasons, rated Cousins #3 and #7…. that makes him a top 5 quarterback for the last 2 seasons in the NFL SOMEONE will pay him.

  73. I chuckle when I see numbers like 5 year $90 million thrown out as reasonable offers for Cousins. The time to have make that offer was last year and even then he likely wouldn’t have taken it since it ages $18 million per year and the tag was $19.9 million.

    The price has gone up. The team didn’t believe enough in him to offer a deal in that range last year and made him play on a one year prove it franchise tag deal. Now he will cost the team at least $24 million if tagged again OR the market will set his worth. With Osweiller commanding $18 million per season and being no where near him in production or talent and Bradford also commanding $18 million per season, not to mention being traded for a first round and 4th round pick, I would say Cousins has all the leverage.

    Any deal that’s signed will cost the team at least $21 million per season. Why do fans always always always underestimate how much a player can pull in when it’s as easy as looking at the comps and franchise tag?

  74. I’m not a union guy (knowing what they did to this country’s manufacturing sector) but I can’t abide someone calling Kirk a hypocrite for taking on a union value — after all he is in the players union. I forget the term but unions always have major collective bargaining agreements set the market in a particular region or industry. Kirk owes it to other players to hold the line. It’s a free market (partially) and free great country again. Don’t hire him if you don’t want to pay what he’s asking. We’ll take him back home here in Bear Country. And he might just give us that hometown discount as people here never have bad mouthed him by saying he’s “good not great.” Fine if you don’t think he’s great then play Sudfeld all preseason and hope he turns into another Big Ben.

  75. Regardless of if the Redskins sign Kirk Cousins or not, Kirk will get his contract. Other teams need a QB and will pay to get one. I’d place Cousins as a top 10 QB, but I’m also admitting there’s not 2 Brady, Brees, Rodgers out there. But Cousins doesn’t have to be another QB. Not keeping Cousins would be a mistake for the Redskins, as it will set them back. Neither free agency or this year’s draft have Cousins’ equal.

    Ask yourself how all the teams in the NFL fare without at least a decent QB. They typically don’t have winning seasons. By the way, to say the Redskins season hinges on that last interception is not exactly true in my opinion. The Redskins team, not just Cousins, didn’t play good enough against the Panthers or Cardinals. Either, or both, of these 2 games with winning outcomes likely changes the importance of this Giants game.

    The Redskins have lots of holes to fill, don’t add QB to the list. Keep Cousins either by signing him to a long term contract or the tag. I don’t really care which, but it’s needed to keep this QB. Then focus on LG, C, and IMPROVE THE DEFENSE!

  76. Someone who throws for 4500+ yards in a season is not a “middle of the road QB”. He has shown he can move the team up and down the field. Red zone issues are a red flag to be sure, but is typically an issue of running an offense that is predictable and has a second classs running game. Sure, I’d love to have him under contract for $1.95 and a ham sandwich, and theSkins had that opportunity before they made him the starter. (See Colt McCoy’s pay.) But someone else will pay for him if the Skins don’t, so the Skins are on the short end of the negotiating stick. Get him under contract, give him the guaranteed money he wants and move on to filling other holes in this team. (center, DT, NT, free safety).

  77. smalltownqb says:
    Jan 2, 2017 7:36 PM
    The kid bet on himself and won. I would not budge either.

    So going 1-3 in December, including losing an elimination game for your team against a team that had nothing to play for is “winning” to you?

    Dude put up a bunch of stats but choked HARD down the stretch and threw a horrible INT on 1st down to blow the season for his team. That is called “losing”.

    When people show you who they are believe them. KC is a in between the 20 yard lines stats guy that sucks in the red zone and plays his worst football against winning teams and is 0-2 in elimination games. McCoy could be that for the Skins, for tens of millions less.

  78. @ bigbluefan1


    Since when is your opinion a fact? I never can laugh enough at people who say such things – TOO funny!

    “The Giants were playing for pride they had nothing to gain”

    True, pride and revenge to beat a team that is a divisional rival and that beat them earlier in the year.

    “Nothing to gain” is a laugh – they wanted to gain the momentum that you get from beating a team that beat you, and to keep their streak going, and to prove that they can win on the road, as they have been a so-so team on the road all year (3-4 before that game).

  79. @ harveyredman

    “KC is a in between the 20 yard lines stats guy that sucks in the red zone and plays his worst football against ”


    Redskins WR’s are what? 5’9? You need height in the red zone in todays NFL with all the big DB’s, and you also need a running game to keep the D guessing.
    The Skins have neither. Red zone is 30 yards deep MAX (20 yards if you on the 10 yard line) which leaves no room for the receivers to get open fast enough when the defense KNOWS you are going to throw the ball, and jump balls are out of the question cause they have no height.

    The “between the 20 yard line stat guy” is hyperbole from a sports writer doing what they do, which is spew garbage onto media sites to sell their advertising slots. They went to school to learn how to write, not how to analyse sports…

    Redskins fans have been talking about these issues on the fan sites all season, it is not news. Kirk may not be a god, but he is better than people like you give him credit for. It is a TEAM game, and the losses as well as the win’s are a result of the TEAM, not always the result of the QB.

  80. So what are people thinking about for a contract?

    Agent starts at 120M, 5 years, 80 guaranteed?
    Redskins start at 100M, 5 years, 60 guaranteed?

    Meet at 120M, 6 years, 70? Or is that unrealistic?

  81. @fanme57
    Brock Osweiler may not be good in Houston, but I think he would have done well in the system he learned behind Manning. I also think the Broncos would be in the playoffs, if they kept Osweiler. Would have been a win win.

    About Cousins, there is something to be said about staying in the system that you thrive in. These guys aren’t Manning, who bring their system with them.

    I hope the skins can work it out with Cousins, Its best for both. How many years has it been since the Skins had a decent QB for 2 seasons?

  82. kenmasters34 says:
    Jan 3, 2017 11:44 PM
    So what are people thinking about for a contract?

    If McVay and K.Shanahan, who were both strong supporters of Cousins, the price tag is going to continue to rise. Its about what the MARKET is willing to pay him.

    Cousins was a top-10 quarterback in Pro Football Focus’s grades this season. He earned an 85.9 grade that ranked eighth overall. PFF has a metric called Big-Time Throws that tracks every time a QB executes a high-degree-of-difficulty pass, such as making downfield throws with good timing and accuracy or fitting the ball into a tight window when under pressure, or throwing a receiver open when facing tight coverage. Cousins’s Big-Time Throw percentage was 7th in the league. His Turnover-Worthy Play percentage (the number of times a QB commits a turnover or near-turnover) was 12th-lowest in the league.

    Are we all pissed at the late season decline and the bad INT to end the year? Yes. Get over it. This guy is going to command top money and the Redskins need to give it to him. Stop wishing on a star that the next guy we get is going to be Brett Farve or Tom Brady and realize that Cousins is good enough to make the playoffs every year (Hello Eli Manning) if you build a team around him. How many years have they been searching for a QB as good a Kirk? The market will decide his value, but they just need to pay him and move on.

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