Kyle Shanahan to interview with Jaguars Friday

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The Falcons earned a bye week in the playoffs by virtue of their prolific offense.

And that also gives offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan a chance to interview for jobs.

Via Albert Breer of, Shanahan is tentatively scheduled to interview for the Jaguars opening Friday.

The Jaguars have already interviewed former coach Tom Coughlin, and figure to make a lap through the usual suspects of young, offensive-minded coaches.

The Falcons led the league with 540 points scored this season (33.8 per game), and Shanahan has clearly been a big part of that, which will make him an in-demand name this week while the Falcons wait to see who they’ll play in the divisional round.

8 responses to “Kyle Shanahan to interview with Jaguars Friday

  1. Although there are a lot of vacancies, JAX should be a hot spot because the owner is patient and won’t fire a guy after 1 bad season. Not to mention they have a high pick and are loaded with raw talent.

  2. I hope they sign him. And I hope all the teams with head coach vacancies will go after the “hot” assistants. That will leave Tom Coughlin available for the Bills.

  3. Funny how last season most fans wanted him gone, now look at the turn around of their offense. Mainly due to Matt Ryan’s propensity for ill-times turnovers. That’s been absent this season, and that’s due to the brilliant signing of center Alex Mack. I’d say that move was the #1 signing in all of free agency in 2016. If the Falcons can keep it going and make it to and possibly win Super Bowl LI next Month, I’d say the Mack signing has more to do with the Falcons resurgence than anything else, and shows that Thomas Dimitroff may not be quite the complete dumbass that so many of us have thought he was.

    But all that said, this is the Falcons….they’ve been here before only to lay an egg. For their sake, I hope that’s not the case this playoff season. It’s time they get that 60 year old monkey off they back, especially with their move to the SphincterDome next season.

  4. Jags job seems like the best one available, IMO. Patient owner, willing to spend $$, roster with good bit of talent (Def, WR, TE, etc) AND play in a relatively weak division, where just being average is good enough to win the division and go to the playoffs every year.

  5. I like Kyle and I think he will be a great HC in due time but right now he is too young. I heard something about if he takes a job he’s going to want his dad in whatever teams front office, he needs to stop hitching his wagon to dad before I take him seriously.

  6. This would be a perfect fit. The Jags are building a solid roster and already have a bunch of young studs on defense. Blake Bortles is a talented young QB with a few holes in his game. Kyle Shanahan is a QB Guru, and like his father, will bring out the best in any QB. The Shanahan’s aren’t “one-size-fits-all” type coaches. They coach according to the guy’s strengths and weaknesses. I think Bortles has a higher ceiling than Matt Ryan, and Kyle is the guy who will bring it out. This is a no-brainer.

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