McCarron open to potential trade, chance to start

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Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron cleaned out his locker like the rest of his teammates did Monday, and McCarron left knowing he might not be back.

A fifth-round pick in 2014, McCarron has one year left on his rookie contract. And with Andy Dalton firmly entrenched as the Bengals’ starter, McCarron knows he might be traded this March. In fact, he sounded like he’s rooting for it.

I definitely wouldn’t be distraught at all,” McCarron said, per “Like I told [Bengals coach] Marvin [Lewis] and all my coaches in my exit meetings, I appreciate everybody in this organization. I really do. From the bottom of my heart. They gave me a chance when a lot of people wouldn’t. They all treated me unbelievably and I really do care for every one of ’em and respect all [of them].”

McCarron and Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo, also a member of the 2014 draft class, are the potential trade targets that come up most often related to quarterback-needy teams as the offseason officially begins. Browns Coach Hue Jackson coached McCarron in his first two years when Jackson was the Bengals’ offensive coordinator, though it would be probably take a whole lot in return for the Bengals to trade McCarron within the division.

Either way, the Bengals figure to field some calls. And McCarron knows all he can do until then is wait.

“Nothing I can do,” McCarron said. “I try not to worry about it. You’re always gonna think about it. I’d be lyin’; whoever told you that I wouldn’t, or if they were going through the same situation, you’re going to think about it. Because you want to play as a competitor.”

McCarron sat out his rookie season due to a shoulder injury. He was pressed into duty in Dec. 2015 after Andy Dalton broke his thumb, starting the final three games of last season and a wild playoff loss to the Steelers. He threw six touchdowns and two interceptions over those three regular season starts.

He did not take a significant snap this season.

“The coaches know…how big of a competitor I am and I want a chance to play,” McCarron said. “But, if [a trade] doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.

“It’s out of my hands.”

32 responses to “McCarron open to potential trade, chance to start

  1. Thought he played well last season . If not for the great Jones and Burfict Cincy would have advanced last year against my Steelers . I wouldnt give anything better than a 4th rounder for him .

  2. I wouldn’t be opposed he’s worth a 22nd rounder and maybe another mid round pick. If the Bengals get a reasonable offer I would take it. I like AJ but I feel like they need to look into it before he does leave via free agency and the Bengals have some holes to fill. I hope he succeeds where he goes.

  3. He would at least give the Bengals a chance to win a playoff game….in fact he did his part and had the game in have until two bone-heads gave the Steelers are free 30 yards in personal foul penalties…

  4. Drew Brees PROBABLY doesn’t have much left in the tank. I’d LOVE to see my Saints make a play for him; IF Cincy wants REASONABLE compensation.

  5. A lot of teams still have questions at QB so some team will definitely take a chance on him even if it’s just as a back up.

  6. AJ McCarron deserves a chance to be an everyday starter in this league. AJ could beat Andy outright in an open competition but we all know that average Marvin will only play his red headed pea shooter.

  7. Do the Bengals feel comfortable with Jeff Driskel as a backup, yet? If so, then AJ could be traded. I like Driskel and he might be Andy’s successor, so go ahead and roll the dice.

  8. If I’m the Bengals, I fire Lewis(or coax him into retirement) and trade Dalton. Dalton’s contract isn’t that bad. They could probably get a 2nd for him. They have the 9th pk in the draft and could use McCarron as a cheap placeholder for a yr. If McCarron can play, extend him during the season.

  9. I appreciate a competitor. This kid would be smarter to just accept backup money and stick around for 15 years, but he wants to compete. The problem is if he gets on the field, he might be out of the league in two years. I’m sure he knows that, but he still wants to compete. I like this kid. He should go to Cleveland and be RG3’s backup. He’ll end up playing 15 1/2 games.

  10. “McCarron and Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo…are the potential trade targets that come up most often related to quarterback-needy teams as the offseason officially begins.”

    Hmm…I feel as if Zac Jackson is forgetting someone pretty important there. You know, some pretty decent guy who plays for a very visible team. Can’t think of his name though…

  11. My favorite part of this story is the Bengals cleaned out their lockers Monday. The only thing that would read better would be the Ravens cleaned out their lockers Monday.

  12. A team offered a 2nd and 4th last year for McCarron and we countered with a 1st and 4th according to Lapham. Rumors have it the Browns are considering trading us their 2nd first round pick and a 4th.

  13. Its like the people who post on this site don’t watch the sport. If you think Dalton sucks, you’re an idiot. He’s not Tom Brady or Drew Brees but he is a lot better than most QBs in the NFL. If you think that if they tried to trade Dalton, all they could get back is a 2nd round pick, YOU’RE AN IDIOT. Dalton would command at least a 1 and a 3, probably more.
    If you think they should trade Mccaron for a 4th round pick, you’re an idiot. They would never trade him for that. He would probably get a 1 or maybe a couple of 2’s. Better to keep him as a backup and see him walk next year than trade for a 4 before the season even starts.

  14. “ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Jan 3, 2017 4:09 PM
    Still laughing at Burfict’s epic flop Sunday. Manchester United would be proud.”

    Burfict din’t play in the last 2 games. Nice try.

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