Panthers had some problems with the Bucs’ “bush-league” video boards

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The Panthers ended a disappointing season in Tampa on Sunday with a 17-16 loss to the Buccaneers that featured kicker Graham Gano missing three-of-four field goal attempts over the course of the afternoon.

After the game, Gano had some complaints about the way the stadium’s video board was being used on his kicks. While there was a Bucs logo against a red background for Roberto Aguayo’s kicks, the board showed a live shot of Gano getting ready that the kicker said made his job more difficult.

“You look out there, there’s two [sets of] uprights you’re looking at,” Gano said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I know the league talked to them about it before when we played here a couple years ago. So it’s a bit bush-league. But once again, it’s not a reason why I performed poorly. It just adds another element.”

Gano wasn’t only one calling the Bucs’ video board operations bush-league after the game. Coach Ron Rivera took issue with replays of a hit by linebacker Thomas Davis on Bucs wide receiver Russell Shepard after a play that saw Jameis Winston scrambling. The play was not penalized and Rivera took issue with showing the replays to rile up the crowd.

“Well, first of all I think that’s bush-league, to show that play up on the screen,” Rivera said. “What are we trying to incite here? Let’s don’t do that. That’s got no place in the NFL, as far as I’m concerned. TD did something that, the guy scrambles around and he saw Jameis break through. So at that point you can eliminate receivers. I wish it didn’t happen, but that’s a part of the game. But I really do mean that. I don’t think you put that type of play up on the screen. I don’t think that’s right.”

On the list of things that went wrong for the Panthers this year, rogue video boards are somewhere near the bottom of the list but it goes to show that it wasn’t their year to see them on the list at all.

20 responses to “Panthers had some problems with the Bucs’ “bush-league” video boards

  1. Stop crying about a video board. Anyone who has ever kicked looks at the goal posts then head down eye on the ball all the way thru your kick. Not to mention you are a highly paid pro kicker. One of 32 in the world. Well not much longer cause 1 out of 4 with a 1 point lose you won’t be kicking next season

  2. What a bunch of crybabies…wow. nothing better than watchin cam the sham eat it this year…so much for your gold mvp shoes and dancing in the last superbowl..the panthers got owned in every way possible this year…so cry about cam not getting calls, cry about video boards, and simply just cry if you are luke concussion kuechly…owned…bye bye panthers enjoy bottom feeding for the next several years

  3. Shut up Gano! I can’t think of a Panther that I would love to see get cut more than you… you are paid to make kicks. I can’t help but think the season would have been better if you would have made the game winning kick in Denver.

  4. Don’t get the fans riled up with video boards. That’s what dabbing and Superman celebrations are for. Good thing RR has his priorities in order.

  5. So basically they said ‘WAH!!! We’re crybabies that couldn’t get the job done and are looking for any type of excuse’
    Now if they had made an issue out of the sound problem, that sounded like some type of horn, which essentially iced Gano on one of his tries they may have a point.

  6. I find this whining hilarious.

    Home teams can’t show whatever they like on their video boards? Can’t use them as part of their home field advantage? Give me a break. If winning is “bush league” then I’ll take a bush league team over a group of prima donna whiners every day.

  7. If the Buccs violated league rules after being warned, then the league should dish out some punishment. Maybe take away a 5th round pick.

  8. Showing that play on the video board would not have bothered Coach Ron Rivera if there was truly nothing wrong with it. Why would he want to hide a “good play?”

    As to the kicker situation…I can understand not wanting them to show something yellow waving around (like fans used to do in NFL games), but showing live video of the play?

    Give me a break!

  9. Well, you don’t hear any basketball players whining about those guys waving pool noodles behind the backboard when they’re shooting free throws. Tuck your head down and kick that ball, son!

  10. The play in question was an illegal crack back block on a defenseless player….and it was the kind of cheap shot that would make you embarrassed to be a panther fan. So yeah Ron….you might not have wanted everyone to see that.

  11. Well kick through the actual REAL uprights….lame excuse….maybe he needs glasses if he can’t distinguish the actual uprights vs the uprights on the video board

  12. Ron, Miami watered their field and messed with the Patriots’ headsets – now that was Bush League. Bills habitually allow their tannoy and 3rd-down horn to go past the 15-second cutoff when visiting teams have the ball, and they used to open the stadium gates during opponents’ long field goal attempts – that is Bush League. Colts pipe in fake crowd noise, and lied about their own QB’s injuries and falsely accused Brady of deflating balls – now that is fraud and bush league. What you are whining about is called a scoreboard showing your guy making a cheapshot.

  13. Tampa was probably doing the same thing last year, but the Panthers didn’t notice it because they were too busy organizing their “team selfies”

  14. Why was Benjamin not on the field for the two point conversion. Until the Bucs called timeout on the sidelines Benjamin was standing in sidelines. Are you kidding me? Someone should be fired for that kind of mistake!!

  15. This is the same coach who complained about the “bush league” move by the Bucs for showing HIS own guy throwing a cheap shot and injuring Russell Shepard on the video board. Didnt care that the hit was completely unwarranted as Winston was already sacked/down and Shep was no where near Winston, no he was mad the Bucs dared to show it on the big board. So really no shock he’s still complaining about the game.

  16. All Gano has done here is illustrate why we need a new kicker. We would have had a winning season if it wasn’t for this fool. He personally botched both the games with Tampa plus the Denver game. (And of course, there was that interception by Eric Berry where the entire Panthers offense forgot that you have to TACKLE a guy once he intercepts a pass.) So Gano, just shut up.

    And the “sounded like a horn” noises? I can’t believe so many people, including the broadcasters, couldn’t figure it out. It was feedback from the stadium speakers. Somebody was asleep at the sound board.

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