Raiders expected to sign Garrett Gilbert to round out QB group

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The Raiders saw a second quarterback get injured in the last two weeks when Matt McGloin left Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury.

McGloin was starting for the first time this season as a replacement for Derek Carr, who fractured his fibula in Week 16, and was replaced by Connor Cook. Cook is the only other quarterback on the active roster or practice squad for Oakland, which left the Raiders in need of a healthy quarterback with a game against the Texans coming up on Saturday.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Garrett Gilbert is expected to be that quarterback. Gilbert was a sixth-round pick by the Rams in 2014 and spent time with the Patriots and Lions before landing on Oakland’s practice squad last year. He’s been out of the league since getting released by the Raiders in the spring.

For now, Gilbert is slated for a spot on the practice squad but will be promoted in the event McGloin isn’t well enough to go against the Texans.

9 responses to “Raiders expected to sign Garrett Gilbert to round out QB group

  1. carr should really be considered for mvp…w/out him this team is putrid!

    brady lovers will say hes the mvp but the pats have one no matter who was at qb

    the cowboys have had 1000 yd rusher last yr but w/out qb play stunk it up last yr so that should be a nod for Dakota

    if neither carr or Dakota I say it a-rod, he put the team on his right shoulder and followed thru on running the table and getting them to the post season in spite of that awful defense

  2. McGloin is too small to take that punishment.. Plus he looked off from the beginning…

    Connor Cook looks legit so far. He’s got good size and a great arm….


  3. Raiders vs Texans could end up be the lowest scoring playoff game in history.

    Has there ever been an NFL playoff game that the final score was 3-0 in? I guess you can’t have a 0-0 time when its the playoffs lol

  4. I concur that McGloin was off even before he got hurt. The play before he got hurt he missed a “WIDE” open Cooper for a TD, and before that missed one over the middle to Crabtree. The delay of game on the first drive was his fault as well….just never look like he settled down. Just not sure if Cook knows it his game , will he get the jitters all week as well….but based on yesterday I would have to say Conner Cook presence in the pocket look a lot better than my Scottish cuz McGloin

    Bottom line….GO Raiders!!! Beat the Refs!!!!

  5. A lot of ifs but that Cooper non-TD, if he was even within 5 yards of hitting him on the route it would have been a huge play. Then with the Raiders getting dominated Cook comes in and fires a strike for a first down to Wolford who hot potato’d it.

    Cook impressed me, for being the #3 and dressing for the first time, forced into a game against Denver on the road he handled himself well. You could tell the pass rush was going 10x’s too fast for him but he has the look of a guy that can play.

  6. Well who didn’t see Reggie getting Garrett Gilbert? Boy the picks were few and far between. He came from Texas so you know how they love to air it out.

  7. How devastating and humiliating would it be if Brock O takes down the Mighty 12-4 Raiders in the Wild Card Game? Nation, you called down the thunder and now you got it! Remember that next time when you run your mouths so reckless

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