RG3 thinks he proved the doubters wrong

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Whether the Browns or any other NFL team believes Robert Griffin III can be its starting quarterback in 2017 remains to be seen, but Griffin himself believes he has shown he’s up to the task.

Griffin told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that a lot of people wrote him off and thought he couldn’t play anymore, and he believes he proved those people wrong.

Sorry, but Griffin didn’t prove anyone wrong. Griffin needs to do two things if he wants to prove he can be a franchise quarterback:

1. Stay healthy.
2. Play at something close to the level he played at as a rookie.

Griffin did neither of those things this season. He got hurt in Week One, returned and got hurt again, and was ultimately healthy for just five of the Browns’ 16 games. And when he did play, he didn’t play particularly well, managing just two touchdown passes and 886 yards in five starts.

So while Griffin may think he has proven the doubters wrong, there’s a good chance that the Browns will go in another direction this year.

I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Griffin said. “All I know is that I feel like I can help this team win games. We didn’t get it done today. But every week I was able to get better, from my personal performance, and just feel like with Coach [Hue] Jackson and [associate head coach-offense] Pep Hamilton, I’ve seen the game better than I ever had. I think that shows in the play.”

Griffin’s play shows he still has a lot of work to do. And his words suggest that he might not realize that.

77 responses to “RG3 thinks he proved the doubters wrong

  1. Good luck RG3 but when you Finnish the season winning and healthy then you got my vote.

  2. Looking back on this season, its clear the Browns went with RG Me to help them with their top priority, which was securing the 1st overall pick.

    Perhaps RG Me knew this, and feels like he helped the team accomplish this lofty goal by missing so much time and performing poorly.

  3. The only ingredients that he consistently possesses are self-confidence and self-love.

    Why do I feel like he has his own A-Rod type centaur painting within 10 seconds of make-out distance somewhere in his home?

  4. There’s a huge demand for QBs that get hurt all the time and can’t win games. I’m sure his phone will be ringing off the hook from teams dying to sign him this offseason.

  5. Wrong RG3. You made the doubters look like geniuses. You’ve been on IR most of your career, and that’s exactly why you were doubted in the first place. Nobody ever doubted whether or not a healthy QB with your speed could win in the NFL when healthy. You’re a physical freak. They doubted that you’d be able to stay on the field with your dependence on your running ability, and your inability to protect yourself. You can dominate college with your 40 yard dash time, but not the NFL. What’s Tom Brady’s 40 time? NFL quarterbacking is played above the shoulders, and that’s not your strength. The guys that drafted you got fired.

  6. I want to know how his brand is doing as that’s all he cared about when he was with the Redskins. Unveiling new brand logos and marketting. The football stuff was supposed to take care of itself.

  7. Being a bit part player proves nothing. We all know he can play but can he sustain a full season again. It takes more than talent. Imo it takes embracing a big workload, endurance, luck, study decipline, mental toughness when things wrong, and taking the blame when you feel it’s not your fault and above all to play that position at a high level you have to be bright regarding football IQ. You have all that you will be a superstar.

  8. watched him the last 2 weeks, he stinks…badly…

    as for the Browns with 4 of the top 50 picks…so ???? they could use 4 on the oline alone….

    diff between browns and steelers- browns draft coleman rd 1 steelers get ayers rd 7. he has played in 2 games..yes he had a drop, but looked superior to that stiff Coleman….watch Coleman on reverse, comes to complete stop before getting hit…safe egg…put an egg in his shoulder pads. it won’t break

  9. I love it – he played just well enough to create a mini QB controversy in Cleveland for next season. People will point to this game where he ALMOST beat the STEELERS, in Heinz Field no less, as ‘proof’ that he should be their starter. LOL!

  10. as for best wr in college last year…so…big12 plays zero d..

    ask Steelers fans about best wr in college…Troy Edwards….stiff , better than Corey Coleman but still a stiff

  11. Of course he does. Very Tebow of him. Did you know Timmy once threw a 3-yard slant that D. Thomas took 80 yards for a TD?

  12. Sigh… There he goes again – RGIII has one decent game and out comes the all too familiar haters/doubters victimhood shtick. Isn’t this exact attitude part of the reason Redskins fans ultimately soured on you in DC? Gotta stop doing the crap, man.

  13. eagleswin says:
    Jan 2, 2017 11:05 AM

    I want to know how his brand is doing as that’s all he cared about when he was with the Redskins. Unveiling new brand logos and marketting. The football stuff was supposed to take care of itself.

    He probably has a whole new logo ready to go. Just waiting for Nike to call. Any day now….

  14. Come on, read the statement. He said people thought he couldn’t play anymore; last time I checked, he did actually play somewhat. 4 games? There ya go, 4 more games than most people thought he would play. Personally I thought it would be 1 and then have a season ending injury, but I guess he proved me wrong! #factoryofsadness

  15. RG me is as delusional as Hue Jackson. The fake QB competition was a fine way to start training camp.

  16. He’s delusional.

    Crazy fact, in the 21 years of the Big 12, their top 2 NFL QBs are Ryan Tannehill (former WR) and Vince Run Young. That’s pathetic.

  17. The Danny Amendola of QB’s. Glass jaw and the opposite of Brady and Rothisberger when it comes to taking a hit. Never plays more than a third of a season since his rookie year, when he and Shanahan blew his tires out.

  18. kws001 says:
    Jan 2, 2017 11:06 AM
    He’s a smart guy that was a political science major at Baylor. How can someone so bright be so delusional?

    I’m sorry but polisci for football players is essentially the current day’s version of basket weaving. It’s the wink, nudge version of “going to school”.

  19. RGFragileEgo never had the mental toughness for the NFL.

    He’s a one trick pony that doesn’t understand how to read defenses or work from the pocket. Once there was a season of film built up on him defensive coordinators all over the league solved how to beat a team with him at QB.

    He’s awful. The Redskin’s trade to get him was the worst trade in the modern NFL that’s ever been made.

  20. it is better to be thought of as a fool (in this case a bad qb, teammate) than to open one’s mouth and erase all doubt. if i were close to rg3 i would tell him to shut it, put his head down and go to work because there is a lot of room for improvement, cavernous amounts of room.

  21. The Steelers could have beat Rglll into the ground if they had anything to play for. But it was obvious that Tomlin was protecting his players when he went for the first down instead of kicking the field goal. Get the game over, win or lose, it didn’t really matter. We have bigger FISH to fry next week.

  22. Must be awful to be a Browns fans. They were supposed to have a shot at picking #1 and #2 this year. But the Eagles didn’t cooperate, when it’s all said and done, they got the #8 in 2016, the 12 pick in 2017, and a 2nd in 2018 for the #1 pick (with a 4 going each way). Not exactly the haul it was made out to be at the time

    Did the Browns look a bit better with RG3 than without? Sure, but that doesn’t say much about him, it says more about the other QBs. There are a few good QB’s coming out, decide if one of them are “the guy”, pick the one that is, then use the rest of the draft to find guys to protect him

  23. Other than Joe Thomas, who is still great, RG3 had some of the worst offensive line play I have ever seen in front of him this season. But that only served to exacerbate his tendency to tuck and run at the first inkling of pressure. Nothing I saw this year tells me that he is the future of the Browns. A competent #2 QB and fill-in starter, yes. The face of a franchise, heck no.

  24. Nothing has changed. This guy is as self-deluded as he was in Washington. He isn’t saying anything that hasn’t been heard already by Mid-Atlantic sports fans.


  25. The narcissism of RG ME reminds me of that someone who spent New Year’s Day tweeting about how great his legacy is leaving the White House. Narcissistic personality disorder.

  26. The ALMOST talented RG3 ALMOST won an ALMOST important game at Heinz Field against the ALMOST Steelers. The Steeler first stringers would have eaten the Browns alive.

  27. 43 comments on a RGme article and nothing from logicalvoice? The Giants laying the wood to the Skins must have been too much for him

  28. sashi brown or whomever the browns GM will be the enxt couple months do us all a favor and release him and Kessler START OVER literally try n talk mccown too stay and be true rookie QB tutor

  29. If he can’t even evalute his own film, how can he be expected to evaluate an opponent’s?

  30. “I’m glad we moved on.

    -Every redskins fan”

    Lol except poor Logical. He was on an article last night proclaiming the Skins would have won easily with RGFragileEgo at QB and what a horrible mistake it was to get rid of him.

    Logical is most likely a young nephew of Bob or some other teenage family member of his.

  31. I want to see the guy succeed. When he was great (regardless of how brief), it was fun to watch. I think any football fan will agree. But to think he proved ANYTHING positive to ANYONE is laughable.

  32. In the limited amount of time that I watched him, he made a couple plays and showed decent speed but had a significant reduction in agility/elusiveness from his rookie year. When he stood in the pocket to throw the ball, it seemed he was way too stiff. It was like he planted his feet, straightened them out and then threw the ball using only his arm (no fluid motion or torque). His decision making looked no better to me either.

  33. He is starting his 6th year in NFL, and still working on pocket fundamentals, and runs at first sign of pressure.
    If he stays in NFL, it’s cause they need a back-up.

  34. In recent years Browns have started Griffin, Manziel, Weeden, and Colt McCoy.
    Eventually they’ll figure out Big 12 QBs aren’t NFL material.
    Miami will someday realize that as well.
    (Vikings get a pass – they were desperate)

  35. Damn RG3 you got some weak goals….won 1 game and knocked out of 3 and played in all of 5 with a QBR of 72.5 smh,

  36. I think Griffin surpassed virtually everyone’s expectations. I mean, once he got on the injured list, I figured he was done for the season. Didn’t you?
    I heard one of the guys on NFL Network say Griffin has a sprinters body, not suited for tackle football. As long as he has some athletic ability, someone’s going to give him a shot.

  37. I think RG3 was destined to fail from the get go. Cleveland’s offensive line is awful and he was running for his life most of the time. You can hardly blame concussions from getting sacked due to bad protection on him.

    That being said, he showed plenty of flaws of his own in throwing form the pocket, accuracy on short/intermediate routes, and decision making. I think if Cleveland revamps their line, he can be a serviceable QB.

  38. There are 32 fan bases that if they were told RG3 were the starting QB for 2017 season they would tune out and begin looking at Mock Drafts. He just isn’t a starter nor a backup QB for NFL competition.
    He will do just fine on the Heisman circuit and game days at Baylor.

  39. Here is the real facts, if the Steelers would have played all their starters,Ben , bell,brown,and the rest the Steelers would have won by 40.

  40. RG-ME stinks. No pocket awareness, not accurate enough and fragile. He certainly doesn’t offer anything for the money or to keep another option from playing. He only made a bad team look worse.

  41. These posts show the Deadskins are out in full force. I can tell by the way they post and the haterization that goes on against this young man. I just wonder why they are still following him. They click on anything that has his name on it! They should be busy posting against that fools gold of a QB who they keep pumping up as if he is really on a fantasy football team. They continue to rave about paying this guy who needs a giant dinosour as a target in the end zone to even attempt a pass. He chokes all the time against the better teams, and he has his entire career in Washington. You had better be worried about all the money and time you are going to be wasting with this fools gold.

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