Sean Payton “definitely” plans to return to the Saints

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The annual “Sean Payton is leaving the Saints” rumors have hit fever pitch, with multiple reports linking him to the Rams. After days of silence, Payton has finally pushed back.

Appearing Monday night on WWL in New Orleans, Payton said he intends to return in 2017.

My plan is definitely to be back here,” Payton said, via Mike Triplette of “Shoot I’ve got four more years on my contract here. And I plan on honoring that.”

Payton has resisted responding to the various rumors, many of which are planted by sources with an agenda to ambitious and/or desperate national reporters unwilling or unable to say, “Sorry, boss, I don’t have anything new today.”

Some will parse his words to suggest that Payton’s “plan” can change. Others will suggest that perhaps this is part of a dance between Payton and the Saints, with the coach trying to get the team to reduce its compensation expectations or to eventually sever ties, allowing him to go to a new team without the new team giving up anything to get him.

Perhaps the simple truth is that Payton was trying to avoid being presumptuous, given the reality that the Saints ultimately decide whether or not he actually continues in the job.

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  1. It would be less than judicious o Payton to do anything that might tweak Mickey Loomis. Any GM that can survive saddling his team with $75M in dead money and get the fans and media to not only never discuss it but actually blame their star QB for their cap situation is obviously very influential with the owner. Like unnatural pictures with barnyard animals kind of influential.

  2. So from what I gather this coach is so good other teams want him yet he is under contract that he renewed instead of being on the market and presumably the team either wants him or they don’t. So my question is why has this been a story for 2 years? Ask the 49ers if good coaches are easy to find. If you feel you have one then you keep him. End of story.

  3. Imo Mickey Loomis (who SHOULD be canned) is an “idgit” and would probably let Sean Payton go without getting FAIR compensation.

    If we did let Payton go, I DOUBT if we can get him but I wouldn’t be upset if we lured Jim Harbaugh from Michigan. Imo, he’s an a**hole of a personality but he KNOWS how to coach. I hope we don’t make the same mistake as SF and get rid of the coach when it’s the GM that REALLY needs to go.

  4. You would think Payton would have a lot of loyalty to the Saints franchise. After all, they could of easily dumped him after the whole bounty-gate thing, avoided at least part of a PR disaster, and probably lessened their penalties from the league. Meanwhile, he’d of most likely been unemployable for a year or two

    I also think he truly believes that as long as Brees is healthy, his team has a shot to win it all (personally, I disagree, I think Brees is past that point in his career, and needs more around him, but it’s not about what I think). As long as that is the case, it’s going to be tough for him to “want” to go to a losing team, that is going to have to give up draft picks to get him. All those teams can really offer him is cap space, which unless they are giving him full control, would seem more enticing to a GM than a coach

  5. greendogblitz says:
    Jan 2, 2017 9:06 PM
    5 winning seasons, a Super Bowl title, and exciting offensive play aint exactly Jeff Fisher 2.0.
    Perhaps he could have 6 winning seasons like Jeff if it were not for the one year suspension? Some how Sean is getting paid more than every coach taking their team to the playoffs this year.

  6. In a league desperate for good qbs, this clown manages three straight losing seasons with a future HOF qb. The Saints should be putting him on the next flight to LA.

  7. People’s patience for coaches is absurdly low. Between the comments on every Payton article comparing him to Fisher, and people taking shots at Tomlin, you’d think every team was coached by Joe Walsh or Vince Lombardi right now.

    The nature of the NFL, with its incredibly short season (in terms of number of games) compared to most team sports, as well as the relatively short shelf life for its players, is that every team is going to experience ups and downs, and that has been even more true in the salary cap era when teams can’t just buy talent back when someone gets injured.

    The Patriots are a relative anomaly that’s helped out by a once in a generation QB, a weak division, and, most importantly, unprecedented continuity among management. Every other team that’s had success in the last ten years, from the Packers, Steelers, Seahawks, Niners, Saints, Colts, etc., has experienced down seasons in that time.

    Tomlin, Payton, and Carrol have taken a lot of heat as of late for allegedly underperforming (despite two of these teams being in the post season, and one of them looking like a legitimate threat), but honestly, other than New England, how many teams would pass on them? Maybe Miami? Maybe Oakland?

  8. Jeff Fisher’s teams are all defense no offense. Payton’s teams are all offense no defense. If you could somehow combine the two coach’s strong suits you would have the greatest coach in the history of the world.

  9. “I think Brees is past that point in his career, and needs more around him, but it’s not about what I think).”

    Have you seen his numbers from this year?

  10. Drew Brees 2016 stats:

    5208 passing yards
    37 TDs
    15 Ints
    70.0% compl
    QBR 101.7

    Past that point in his career? What point? He’s a top 5 QB in the NFL.

  11. Why would teams be “fever pitched” over a perennial 7-9 coach? Have any of them watched Saints games? I watch all of them. This is a POORLY COACHED team! This is a media conceived notion, nobody wants Payton. That’s the reason he isn’t going anywhere.

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