Top 20 picks in 2017 NFL Draft order set

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For 12 teams, the NFL season now enters its most exciting month.

For the other 20, plans can now be made for the 2017 NFL Draft, with the selection order set for non-playoff teams.

By virtue of their 1-15 record, the Browns will pick first if the season ended today.

(Oh my God, the season actually did end today, and we’ve been making this joke for six weeks. Now what will we do?)

They’ll be followed by the 49ers, Bears, Jaguars and Titans, as Tennessee nets a top-five pick from dealing with the Rams for Jared Goff.

The Jets, Chargers, Panthers, Bengals and Bills round out the top 10. There will have to be a coin toss at the combine for the 14th and 15th spots since the Colts and Vikings (who owe their pick to the Eagles) have identical records and strength of schedule numbers, since that’s used as the tiebreaker for draft order.

Here’s a look at the complete top 20, with the rest of the order to be filled in as playoff teams fall by the wayside.

1. Cleveland 1-15
2. San Francisco 2-14
3 .Chicago 3-13
4. Jacksonville 3-13
5. Tennessee (from Los Angeles) 4-12
6. New York Jets 5-11
7. San Diego 5-11
8. Carolina 6-10
9. Cincinnati 6-9-1
10. Buffalo 7-9
11. New Orleans 7-9
12. Cleveland (from Philadelphia) 7-9
13.  Arizona 7-8-1
t14. Indianapolis 8-8
t14. Philadelphia (from Minnesota) 8-8
16. Baltimore 8-8
17. Washington 8-7-1
18. Tennessee 9-7
19. Tampa Bay 9-7
20. Denver 9-7

13 responses to “Top 20 picks in 2017 NFL Draft order set

  1. .
    The top of the draft is like the famous line from the movie, Casablanca :

    ” Round up the usual suspects ”

  2. I love that the titans have the 5 pick but 18 is lowest weve picked in years. We need a corner and receiver but i really wouldnt be mad if good ol J.R. took 2 top notch corners or corner/safety …..we have to give mariota the same type of defense seattle gave wilson and give lebeau some weapons to play with in the final years of hia career.

  3. “By virtue of their 1-15 record, the Browns will pick first if the season ended today.”

    What if the season ended after super bowl who would pick then?

    Sarcasm… but why add the qualifier?

  4. This should be very easy for my Bears. If the #1 or 2 team reaches on a QB, the pick is Jonathan Allen. If Garrett and Allen are both gone, then it’s either tradedown time or Jamal Adams to fill a gaping hole at safety where the Bears have literally not had a quality starter in over a decade.

    If you pick a QB in the Top 10 you are expecting him to be a Day 1 starter as a rookie and none of the prospects coming out this year is at that level. No question the Bears need a QB but they can find a guy in the high 2nd who has plenty of potential to develop into an NFL starter, without being a reach. I hope GM Ryan Pace has figured this out as their rebuild cannot afford another draft like he had in ’15 where their top 3 picks are giving them little or nothing two seasons in.

  5. Gee thanks, Jeff Fisher and Les Snead! Not only did you blow your #1 QB draft pick, but you gave away our future picks. Nice “job”. Good riddance to Fisher. And Les is less.

  6. LOL how many spots did the donkeys lose yesterday by getting dirty and head hunting the Raiders qb? sure they “won” the game, the Raiders played flat and the donkeys played ghetto ball, but much like talib and guns – they only seem to shoot themselves!

  7. Dear Buccaneers, I’d really appreciate RB Dalvin Cook to go along with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans; and if he’s gone, I’d love a brand new WR so that Mike Evans doesn’t receive triple coverage every play.

    Signed, an optimistic Bucs fan, who typically calls for O and D-lineman, and doesn’t normally call for the shiny red sports car picks, but this year thinks you guys can make the playoffs in 17′ with a new weapon on offense.

  8. I fondly recall back in August that when the Vikings shipped out their 1st and 4th rounder for Bradford, the Viking fans were saying that the 1st rounder would be closer to a second rounder when the season finished.

    Like usual, they were dead wrong and the Philly fans would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for a top 15 pick.

  9. Browns are taking this next draft so seriously, that they are bringing in scouts from the NBA and NHL to attend the Combine, and another computer guy from Wikileaks.

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