Tyrod Taylor has “no clue why” he was benched

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Bills interim coach Anthony Lynn said last week that the decision to bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor was a business decision made at levels above him in the team hierarchy, but Taylor didn’t seem to get the same information about the move.

Taylor said that he met with General Manager Doug Whaley briefly when the decision was made last week, but that he left the meeting with “no clue why it happened.” Taylor said he’s heard it was to look at EJ Manuel and Cardale Jones and he’s heard that it was to keep him from getting injured, but said that was an issue all season.

Whatever reason, Taylor said he “didn’t see where it was fair” and that he feels it shows a lack of confidence in him as a quarterback unless the team does a better job of explaining why they went that direction.

“That’s what it showed,” Taylor said, via NewYorkUpstate.com. “That’s what I think it showed. But at the same time, the conversation wasn’t detailed enough to know if that was the case or not. Hopefully we can have that conversation this week. Maybe it’s today. I’m not sure. We haven’t met as a unit yet, nor have I met with the people upstairs, so maybe it will be clear what’s the direction moving forward.”

Taylor said it was a possibility that he’d agree to renegotiate a contract that calls for him to make $30 million in guaranteed money, although any decision on that front will have to wait until the team’s rationale for the benching is “actually explained to me.”

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  1. If the Bills let Tyrod go they`re going to regret it. They haven`t had a decent quarterback since the Kelly/Reich days.

  2. E.J. is at the end of his contract, so getting a bit more film on him gives them a last chance to decide whether to extend him.
    It also gives them a chance to move from ~14th to ~10th draft pick.

  3. schwamtek says:
    Jan 2, 2017 11:05 AM

    If the Bills let Tyrod go they`re going to regret it. They haven`t had a decent quarterback since the Kelly/Reich days.

    Drew Bledsoe had a nice year or two (I think they went 10-6 once). Regardless, I think TMobile can really play and the system was conducive to his success. Imagine if that defense was decent? Or if the Bills were properly coached?

  4. Oh, I forgot Flutie. Flutie’s benching for Rob Johnson really got this franchise on the fast lane to futility.

  5. I thought the Jet’s were in disarray. However, after watching the Bill’s play yesterday and hearing about the confusion with Taylor, I have to say they are undoubtedly the worst managed organization in football.

  6. PFTCommentSectionIsFullOfBigotry says:
    Jan 2, 2017 11:04 AM
    Will will do the same article when Oakland starts Cook over Matt next week even if M.M is healthy?
    Why would you expect them to? Deciding between a guy who attempted 15 passes this season vs a guy who attempted 21 isn’t exactly fomenting a QB controversy.

  7. it was all about the money I dont understand why you do not understand.

    you are a decent QB, but need alot of work to get rid of ball or should we say you need to have a offensive system in place that you can thrive in.
    running away is ok but its only a matter of time till you get whacked
    So Mr Taylor you are not a 30 million dollar QB period

    that’s why you were benched

  8. Bills looked good without him. Only game with 3 turnovers this year… seems like a smart idea to cut him for what is average QB money over next 2 seasons… or maybe keep best but not perfect option.

  9. With competent ownership and management, this team is in the playoffs this year, with this QB.

    Instead, we have disastrous money management, unsustainable contracts, (understandably) unhappy players, and a team that really has no better answers at QB or coach, but is hedging its bets on a nearly yearly basis.

    From the outside, it’s so obvious – don’t know why it’s so hard for team leadership to see it. This is the QB you need right now. Support him. Stabilize a team around him and find a course you can stay on for a few years. Add a smart draft, and this is how teams get good, not by hitting the panic button every year.

  10. He knows who made the decision and the reasoning for it. He may disagree with it but he’s not going to trash them in the media because he knows where his bread is buttered. Nothing to see here.

  11. A fine example of a player who does not understand the NFL is a business, not simply a sport.

    People don’t hand over 30 million dollars to people on a team that has underperformed unless they have no other options.

    Not to mention the new head coach may flat out not want you as his QB.

    Hope he’s been careful with the money he’s made already, but something tells me he hasn’t.

  12. The Bill’s Offense was 7th in scoring this year with Tyrod Taylor at QB. His upcoming contract would have him the 19th highest paid QB in the league. If the Bill’s have a better option they should grab it. But there are 25 other NFL teams wishing they scored as many points as the Bill’s did last year. To paraphrase James Carville political analysis into Bill’s football ” It’s the Defense stupid”

  13. I never got the sense that Tyron was the problem, or even one of the biggest problems, in Buffalo this season. And I say that as someone who has been highly critical of his ability to ever be good enough to be an NFL starter, which I was obviously wrong about. The Bills are really botching this situation.

  14. I’m sorry Tyrod but we’re you actually at the games you did play? Did you watch film of them?

    There’s your answer…Now if you get hurt worse than you already are, then we have to pay you 30 million times more than you’re worth. Understand now?

  15. What a bad deal. You give Lynn an interim job and then tell him who to play at qb. Buffalo should be ashamed of themselves for putting him in that spot. Now he looks bad because he couldn’t make his own qb decision, but if he played Tyrod, who’s to say he doesn’t get blackballed from ever coaching again? Bullcrap situation.

  16. If the Bills REALLY want to keep him and if he REALLY wants to stay a Bill, they can work out a new deal. I’d like to see a new HC, new GM, and new experienced, QB to push Taylor or to start.

  17. If you’re a lousy QB, sooner or later you will get benched. The only reason Tyrod played in the first place is because the Bills have a GM who doesn’t know the difference between a QB and a door knob.

  18. It was dumb to give him such a contract, the team should have shown more restraint. The screwed up part of it is that he’s probably a decent starting QB but that dumb contract will have forced the team to make a decision before it had enough body of work to base such decision on. Tyrod may be better than decent but he wasn’t exactly set up for success with that prior staff.

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