49ers will interview Kyle Shanahan this weekend


Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan looks like a prize attraction on this year’s coaching carousel.

Six teams are looking for a head coach right now and four of those teams have already reached out to set up an interview with Shanahan over the weekend. Shanahan is free to interview with the Falcons off until the second round of the playoffs after winning the NFC South and earning the second seed in the conference.

As noted on our tracker of all the coaching moves, the Jaguars, Rams and Broncos moved quickly to add Shanahan to their list of candidates. According to multiple reports, the 49ers have done the same. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Bills interim coach Anthony Lynn are also slated to be interviewed.

Shanahan’s father Mike spent three years as the offensive coordinator for the 49ers and helped the team win a Super Bowl after the 1994 season before moving on to the Broncos. He won two more rings as the head coach in Denver, leaving Kyle Shanahan with familial connections to two of the teams considering him this offseason.

12 responses to “49ers will interview Kyle Shanahan this weekend

  1. I’d love to hear the sales pitch. “Come coach our talentless roster for a year then we’ll can you after 1 season like our last 2 coaches when you don’t turn around our pathetic franchise immediately like Harbaugh did before we ran him out of the door like a bunch of incompetent idiots.”

    I mean, this vacancy is probably good to gain some HC head coaching experience before you interview for desirable jobs. But, you’d have to be crazy to take it. A lot of the guys being mentioned for this job are going to get much better opportunities elsewhere. In my opinion, it’d even be worth waiting an extra year or two for a different HC job.

  2. He needs to go where he has a good QB to work with. The draft this year doesn’t have any great QB’s so Jax or LA makes the most sense. He can pull his dad along ass a consultant and overcome any rookie young HC comments.

  3. Good like attracting a quality GM who apparently won’t be able to hire the HC of his choice. He should supply all of the groceries but not hire the head chief.

  4. The most important hire Jed will make is the guy they hire to scout QBs. When you look down the list of HOF coaches, many of them had losing records when they didn’t have a HOF QB. Just getting Baalke out of the office will be a huge lift for the entire organization. Baalke never had the credentials to be a GM, and he just took advantage of the young Jed York. Jed has learned a lot over the years. Hopefully, the most important thing he’s learned is that it’s ok to call your uncle and ask for his advice. If Jed can swallow his pride and do this, he could have a lot of success as an owner. Jed, call Eddie before you make another move.

  5. No way in hell a hot commodity like Kyle Shanahan goes to that dumpster fire in Santa Clara that has no chance of winning in the next 5 years or more. Bad team, horrific ownership, terrible front office led by stooges with no experience in football, no QB….
    Kyle Shanahan and any coach with options will avoid the York Niners at all costs.

  6. So, when you interview for the SF job do you have to sit at the little kids table and have cookies and punch?

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