Chargers ask for permission to interview Dave Toub

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The trend lately is for teams to look for offensive head coaches, but the Chargers are going to take a look outside the box.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Chargers have asked for permission to interview Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub.

Since the Chiefs have a bye, he could ostensibly interview this week.

Toub’s name has come up before, but faces a lot of the same prejudices other special teams coaches have in the hiring cycle. Among current head coaches, only Baltimore’s John Harbaugh comes from a background of special teams coaching.

Perhaps more teams should look at them, however. They’re the only coaches who have to work with every position group, and are accustomed to adapting on the fly because of the shifting nature of their personnel (injuries to offensive or defensive starters can wreck their best-laid plans since backups are their starters). And because much of their work is done in time-sensitive situations, they’re often better able to make decisions quickly.

Whether that gets more special teams coaches in the door remains to be seen.

16 responses to “Chargers ask for permission to interview Dave Toub

  1. He’s probably the best in the business as far as special teams coaches go. The Bears had him for a decade, consistently had great ST, and creative plays that scored (the misdirection punt return with a fake on one side and catch on the other—yeah, that’s him). He left and the Bears Special Teams fell apart. It’s not shocking that KC has a great unit now. The guy is good, and I hope he lands something.

  2. Team’s not bad but who knows where they will be playing next year. No thanks until the new home of the Chargers has been established.

  3. Cowher, Dungy, Martyball, and I think Chucky all had special teams heavy pre HC experience, and I think Cowher and Martyball were hired directly from the special team coaching ranks. All of these are pretty good coaches IMO.

  4. Wow, what an inspired choice. I’m SO excited.

    The last time the Chargers hired a head coach, The Chargers interviewed both Andy Reid and Bruce Arians. But since they are the Chargers and instead of hiring a good head coach, Dean Spanos chose Mike McCoy.

    It’s not important to San Diego to hire a competent head coach, what is important to the Chargers front office is hiring someone that John Spanos can control…..

    I fully expect John Spanos to hire someone on the cheap and controllable.

  5. spanos looking hard for their next yes man.. they dont really like strong coaches, fired two of their most successful already.. Marty/Boss Ross.. and love their weak ones – nerf, mccoy, riley, henning, and the list goes on and on.

  6. Bears fan here. He is a quality guy and a tremendous coach who has never come close to being even adequately replaced in Chicago. I hope he gets his shot at HC but for his sake it needs to be a situation where he can succeed. I’m not convinced any of the current openings meet that criteria so it might be best for him to stay put for now.

  7. He’s like the featured performer in the Dave Chappelle sketch “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”.

    Their weird thing about this was I had a bet with a buddy about who was going to be the first one arrested this off season, Pacman or Aquib Talib – I picked Talib and lost.

  8. Who would want to coach for that cheap owner who nickle and dimes all his draft picks? Have fun waiting until week 8 to get your first round picks into the game.

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